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Welcome Back 9 years ago
I never had problems with raid, and I'm using it for over ten years now. I guess you just need the right hardware...
Only once had one disk failure. It took only 4 hours to recover about one Terrabyte.
But sometimes one can be unlucky I guess.

I'm just glad things will return to normal soon.
Icompers in concert 10 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'm realizing that it takes a lot of time to organize this. But behind the scenes, we're working really hard to get the show on the road so to speak.

I found a technician who has worked in the past with home recording artists jamming on a stage. And he has some good ideas to realize the project.

I contacted PM to let hem know what were up too.
I'm still looking for sponsors, so if anybody could help us with that.

Now there is one thing I forgot to mention, it is not in any way mend to be a commercial thing. If there will be any money flowing it'll be given to a good cause. So people who like to join, don't expect to make money out of it.

Keep this forum alive, more news follows.

Take care,

Icompers in concert 10 years ago
Things are going very well at the moment!

oOo offered a place to play (and sleep too!)(In the Netherlands...)
And even our friends from Argentina (Vegetal) and New York (Barretok) want to fly in.

oOo Mentioned a financial worry and also if it can be done in the name of Icompositions...

I quess everyone has to pay their own ways of travel... Now, equipment, the video, personnel and the stage can be arranged at very low cost or even for free! Icanzib wants to carry stuff smiley It seems a lot of people want to do their bit.
Still it would be great to have a sponsor.


Just keep the ideas coming! More news soon.

The IComp Movie Project 10 years ago
I would like to join too! I can do a video bit and/or music...

Is there a deadline for this project?
Icompers in concert 10 years ago
Don't forget KCsGroove and Bingsolex! I can arrange a stage and equipment. If you don't mind coming to Zwolle (Holland)
Icompers in concert 10 years ago
That's great Ian, keep us informed and if I can do anything to support please contact me!

And the devisions idea is cool too T2! I'll be in the Europe devision then.

Keep those good idea's coming!
Icompers in concert 10 years ago
That would be very hard Moses, sound and video are too much for the technical capability of the Internet.

No, I mend an Icompositions thing on stage. Jamming with 30 Icomp artists or so. Doing their thing you know?

I'm sure we can meet somewhere... Let's get organized! smiley
Icompers in concert 10 years ago
I was thinking if it could be possible to do a live performance / jam with some artists here on Icomp.

I know about the distances, but we could do a Asian concert, American concert, North pole concert as far as I'm concerned, put it on video and release it on Icomp!

Well something like that...

Any suggestions?

Rock Chicks 10 years ago
I'm with B. And to add a fine rock chick, what do you say Wendy Orleans Williams from the plasmatics?
Wow smiley
MISSING BOTTLES 10 years ago
Thanks Jan,

Phew, so i shouldn't have uploaded it a day later then. I feel very lucky! smiley
MISSING BOTTLES 10 years ago
Hi TC,

I,m not offended in any way, though I am a bit confused.

I wrote my message here on the 24th of September in a reaction on a subject you posted here on the 23th of September. In that message you say there are 3 bottles missing. Hurray I thought, I wanted to do a bottle, So I took my chance and wrote number 36. I've posted it only once.

Now you're talking about a newer version, and that my original is already included. ?
All I know is that bottle 36 was originally done bij Macoco. Though I could not find his bottle on Icomp. So if you mean the Macoco original, you should remove my name from the composers list. Or if it is my bottle, just leave it there.

I'm dazed and confused, but don't have the blues. smiley


99 bottles statistics 10 years ago
How about a karaoke version... smiley

Thanks for all the work Tom en Jan!
99 BOTTLES ARE COMING 10 years ago
Wait, I have a question.
If everybody send in, lets say one minute, shouldn't it be ninety nine minutes? Just curious.
Email us 10 years ago
Well, I already receive a lot of mail, man. And besides that I think that it's more fun to search for unknown songs. I'm afraid that you will run in circles if you only listen to you're favorite artists. If you know what I mean.
99 BOTTLES ARE COMING 10 years ago
Bohemian Rhapsody 10 years ago
Well, Jimi always embraced new technologies.
So i bet he would post on Icomp. Maybe he is! smiley
Sir Elton John Hates Us All! 10 years ago
Sir Elton just doesn't know how to use a computer properly. smiley

I was making music on my computer before the World Wide Web even started. It's just a new revolution you know, and i really like it. I also remember the big stars were trembling in fear when they found out that you can actually download music for free! Damn. no money to collect by selling albums anymore. Now they have to go on stage and actually earn it. although i do think that making an album can be art, i just don't like the commercial sh#t around it. If you know what i mean.

Hail to the internet, for everyone (with an internet connection) can now enjoy real music and post there own! Look around on Icomp. So many different styles and ideas, that would never break through if commercialized.

B.t.w. bashing stones together can produce a great rhythm! smiley
Which was your first CD? 10 years ago
It's fun to share you're first experiences... So,

1st 45: Blondie, Denis Denise
1st Vinyl: Deep Purple, Live in Japan
1st cd: Sly and the family Stone, Fresh
1st Cassette: James Brown, Greatest Hits
1st Music VHS:AC/DC, Who made who
1st Music DVD:Woodstock, 3 days of peace and music
1st paid MP3: Yet to come..... (NOT!) smiley

It's remarkable how influential this music has been for my taste of music. Or is it how my taste of music influenced my purchase...?
B.t.w. i never owned and i never will own Brothers in arms. I can't stand Knopfler singing. smiley
RiffWorks users? 10 years ago
So, more than a year later i'm reacting!

I've been using Riffworks together with guitarport for more than two years now and i'm very satisfied. It's very easy to use with a lot of possebillities and also a lot of things you can't do. The biggest thing i miss in it is the fact that you cannot import Wav files. So i use other programs like ableton to do that.
But besides that it's a wonderful application. It has so many effects, there is always the sound you need. Not only for guitar, also bass, keyboard, mike etc. It's very easy to mix or change the effects in a later stadium. And all with just one or two clicks of the mouse. Very little latancy. So i'm happy with my gear! smiley


MISSING BOTTLES 10 years ago
If i'm right 36 was missing. So i tried some experimental here, hope u like it smiley