My claim to fame is that, as my name states, I am married to the wildly popular I hang around in chat a lot and wait for the day when Ed is ready to do another collab with me.

I love all the great music I get to listen to and all the interesting new things I've learned while chatting.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Beowulf Collab Music Videos Jul 8, 2006 1416
The Other Side of Night Collab Music Videos Jul 9, 2006 2297


Title Genre Released Plays
Beneath The Eyes Of Heaven Spiritual/Gospel Feb 11, 2006 2133


Title Artist Genre Plays
Morning Walk Mystified [+1] New Age 2132
TRYING TO FIND powermac Wallace_Landreth [+2] Electronica 5327
Old Windows enicholsIC Folk 2830
My Sideshow Life bigt93to98 [+1] Rock 1900
El Guappo Bossa Nada Baboon [+1] Comedy 2275
Jayman Blue jayman [+1] Jazz 3589
The Channel UncletupeloFan Folk 3252
Nothing But The Blood enicholsIC Inspirational 2710
-1990-One More Time with Feeling Wallace_Landreth Alternative 2517
Gnossienne 1 (E. Satie) ChristopherAllen Classical 6648
Gnossienne 2 (E. Satie) ChristopherAllen Classical 3471
Morning Walk (slideshow) Mystified [+1] Music Videos 2919
Gnossienne 3 (E. Satie) ChristopherAllen Classical 4530
Gnossienne 4 (E. Satie) ChristopherAllen Classical 7082
Loopsy lilichi Other 2379
Sea Chanty (Ship and the Sea Revisited) Baboon [+1] Folk 5053
Shadow in the Mirror eurostrike New Age 2797
Tir N'a Noir AnangaRanga Folk 10000
My Child, My Love ChristopherAllen Other 1537
HaHaEhHehHehHeh Baboon Other 1547
Gnossienne 5 (E. Satie) ChristopherAllen Classical 5097
Gymnopedie 1 (E. Satie) ChristopherAllen Classical 7171
Gymnopedie 2 (E. Satie) ChristopherAllen Classical 2343
Send Me Down An Angel WRG Hip Hop/Rap 1728
let me get that 4 u j0j0 [+1] Ska/Reggae/Dub 1866
Gnossienne 6 (E. Satie) ChristopherAllen Classical 1373
Gnossienne 7 (E. Satie) ChristopherAllen Classical 4887
First Embrace Mystified Rock 1573
Alone God Sufficeth Mystified [+1] Inspirational 2419
Irish Hymn - Be Thou My Vision Baboon [+1] Inspirational 11494
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Baboon [+1] Other 5207