Dynamic, Passionate, Emotive, yet understated and unassuming. A few words to describe the man who is now known as Mute Albino.

Stip Vanstiphout began drawing at an early age and developed a unique style of his own that is reflected in his cartoons, graphic illustrations, designs, sculptures, and just name it. If its creative, he has done, does, or will do, and does it exceptionally well!

Being an artist in other media, he seems to add a certain visual magic to his compositions, he began expressing himself years ago when he set his pencil aside for a while and picked up the guitar.

He named his musical alter-ego Mute Albino, an irreverent self remark to losing his hair due to Alopecia has evolved into a defining embodiment of what this instrumental genius is about.

L. Estrada

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Simmetria Francese (A French Symmetry) Rock May 4, 2005 633
Therapeutic Depression Rock May 7, 2005 603
Flies On Oranges Rock Dec 5, 2005 571
Proxy Nails Rock Dec 7, 2005 614
Welcome To My Head Rock Jun 29, 2006 677
The Mole's Vision Alternative Aug 9, 2006 453
Elsie's Philosophy Alternative Aug 4, 2007 501
Paris In Veil Rock May 16, 2009 675
Omerta! Rock May 21, 2009 451
Paris In Blur Rock May 25, 2009 396
Ch'eder Ha Hamtana (The Waiting Room) Folk Jun 5, 2009 545
The Waiting Room Folk Jun 7, 2009 469