Myng holds the ring of power, controlling mind-altering states of consciousness. If music is the power to take you away to another place, a DJ holds the ring of power - the circle of turntablism, the circle of the loop, the circle of the circle, loop of loops the mix and the remix. If music is the power, the break is the opposite, the power of stop, the power of control.

All DJs can be a DJ Myng, but only one DJ can be the DJ Myng, who spends hours a day for countless years thinking of ways that he can improve on sound and ways that he can share it as well, who loves connection with people and always felt that he wanted to be connected to this and his music in its deepest way. "As a DJ its an amazing feeling to control this. I am very intuitive and can feel out a crowd very quickly." "When I make music I stop and look for the essence. Its all about essence! Its like fishing. The studio is the habitat, the essence is the fish and I await the strike." Myng

I make all kinds of music: Down-Tempo, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Ambience, House and Experimental. I hear the duality of life the music and the break - from the samples I use. My music is dark & beautiful with a kiss of turntablism.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
You Didnt Even Notice Other Apr 7, 2009 1348
Everyone Pays Explicit Other Mar 11, 2009 780
Wedafuture Collab Other May 22, 2008 686
Tears in the Rain Other May 22, 2008 532
Root of All Evil Other May 22, 2008 451
Dream of Chimera Dance May 22, 2008 500
Lifted Other May 22, 2008 470
Solice Other May 22, 2008 771
Simpatico Other May 22, 2008 399
"NYC"off the coming EP"Noir York City" Collab Other May 21, 2008 847
Mind Meld Other May 16, 2008 805
Every Thousand Years Electronica May 16, 2008 708
Summer Trip Ambient May 16, 2008 420
Ripwomb Other May 16, 2008 426
Tyranny Other May 16, 2008 518
Temporal Observationz Ambient May 16, 2008 504


Title Genre Released Plays
Still Electronica May 11, 2008 1026


Title Artist Genre Plays
In Your Car DanielLambert Electronica 918