NUUUTE sounds like newt or flute

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My name is Dennis. I'm from California. I am self taught in Piano and guitar (I tried with classes but I was too far into my bad musical habits and gave up trying to learn the correct way). I don't read sheet music but I still love playing. I enjoy banging on a real piano but now with Garageband and some headphones I can play at any hour.

I remember my first keyboard I got when I was around 12. My parents gave it to me for Christmas. It was a Casio. They said I was always playing on pianos of friends when we would visit so they thought I would like one. I would plug my headphones in and bang away for hours playing the same irregular, made-up, simple tunes. It had 3 drum beats and 4 instruments. None of them sounded like what they were labeled though. When I was 21 a girlfriend gave me her much nicer keyboard that she knew she would never use. It was such a step up from my original keyboard, that I was still using, that I couldn't believe I had it. This one had a recording feature and I was at last able to try a harmony with some of the made-up tunes I kept playing.

I was involved as a leader with a high school group at my church. We had lost our guitar players and I decided to buy a cheap guitar(still use it) hoping to learn to use it. Patrick knew how to do it and he got me started.(Can't thank you enough) Some of the songs I post(and now archived) I learned in this group.

Then came Garageband in 2005 and a Keyboard for it.(Thank you Maria!) Holy Cow! I love Garageband and what I am now able to do. I've never had a drum machine or played anything with complex drums so Garageband is absolutely great. I keep learning slowly and I am very greatful for all the input everyone gives me.

I wish I could make everyone laugh. A laugh is more rewarding than a compliment on a song. I don't know how to write funny songs though.

BTW: "Nuuute" comes from the name Manute Bol (7' 7" NBA player). I picked up the moniker in high school on the playground. People shouted "NUUUTE" when I had the basketball hoping to see me dunk. I did many many times.

**** You can see me Dunk in 1991 ****
**** You can see me Dunk in 1991

NUUUTE was here ---> X

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Gonna Marry Her Inspirational Aug 9, 2017 373
Floating On Green Other May 2, 2015 565
Tune for My Maria Other Dec 27, 2014 575
Dirt Rust and Rock Rock Sep 21, 2014 511
Liberty or Death 1775 Inspirational Jul 1, 2014 969
Big Feet Walkin' Fast Collab Rock Feb 22, 2014 689
Remain Forever Positive Inspirational Feb 5, 2014 561
My Heart Can Dream Inspirational Dec 25, 2013 357
Afflicted with Sounds Rock Nov 3, 2013 528
Victory YES! (Joyfully) Inspirational Oct 16, 2013 1700
Mike Is Walking Inspirational Jun 12, 2013 578
Some Good Times Rock Nov 29, 2012 602
Strut'n Out Signals Rock Aug 12, 2012 628
All Your 'BASS' Are Belong To Us. Rock Aug 7, 2012 1339
Here's To Summertime Rock May 18, 2012 502
Macaroni and Paste#23 (v1.2) Rock Apr 21, 2012 464
Happy Birthday Chris Holiday Apr 4, 2012 678
Remember Your Love Spiritual/Gospel Feb 2, 2012 3304
Happy New Year (Brian's Bass) Rock Jan 1, 2012 674
Closing My Eyes Rock Nov 5, 2011 389
Macaroni and Paste#16 (v2.0) Rock Aug 4, 2011 721
Macaroni and Paste #16 Rock Jun 25, 2011 465
Not Done Raining Collab Rock Mar 20, 2011 667
Golden Anniversary ( I Do! ) Music Videos Jan 22, 2011 621
Penny In Pocket Inspirational Dec 20, 2010 592
Holy Is His Name (w/vox) Spiritual/Gospel Oct 2, 2010 1914
Sheppardville Peasant Song (v2.0) Childrens Sep 3, 2010 1389
Macaroni Art #10 Rock Aug 29, 2010 1979
Bass of CJ Electronica Aug 12, 2010 555
Sing Alleluia To The Lord Spiritual/Gospel Jun 19, 2010 1775
Burn Rubber Blues May 5, 2010 799
Target-FIRE! Rock Apr 10, 2010 773
Pass It On (1969 Christian) Spiritual/Gospel Jan 23, 2010 5857
Macaroni and Paste #3 Rock Dec 10, 2009 673
Macaroni and Paste #1 (repost) Rock Oct 15, 2009 733
Decade of Dedication Inspirational Aug 12, 2009 684
Since I Opened Up (w/o vox) Spiritual/Gospel Jun 19, 2009 884
I Am The Resurrection (w/o vox) Spiritual/Gospel May 25, 2009 1653
Bless Them Lord Spiritual/Gospel Apr 1, 2009 957
1970's Police TV show that I never saw because it was never made and it would have been on after my bedtime in 1977 anyways, Theme song Other Mar 25, 2009 3111
Connecting Old Friends Inspirational Mar 15, 2009 1131
Glide Long Plus (+v2.0) Rock Nov 7, 2008 3180
Red Raw Thorns Other Sep 9, 2008 1054
Now Joe, Now! Inspirational Aug 10, 2008 1167
Brothers (Collab draft2) Collab Spiritual/Gospel Aug 8, 2008 1006
Jazz Experiment Jazz Jul 9, 2008 902
When I Look Upon [FINAL] Inspirational Jun 25, 2008 1021
With or Without U (stealer) Other Jun 16, 2008 974
New Year-(Clean Slate) Rock Dec 30, 2007 977
Reflections on our Dad Inspirational Nov 24, 2007 941
7 Layer Dance Dance Nov 21, 2007 929
Hand In Hand (forever) Inspirational Oct 21, 2007 5132
Night Out On The Town Jazz Sep 14, 2007 820
Sheppardville Peasant Song Childrens Jun 5, 2007 1088
Farruca Collab Latin Feb 23, 2007 1328
They will know we are Christians Classical Jan 5, 2007 6209