Floating blog.. starting ..!!!
June 24, 2011 | 11:06 pm

So it has began..... Im writing music again....

Im finding things extremely simple. Words with a melody. However, horribly emotionally hard, as I have to get in touch with base emotions that I don't want to get in touch with.. I want them safe.. Im finding that song writing pulls on these emotions.

Humility is also a big factor... Being able to post , even if it sounds like Im a beginner... Its all very exposing... because I am beginning, and not much better then anyone else at putting basic words and melodies together... , at least at the traditional craft level.. Im so afraid that I will be found out... I will be nice when all of this ego stuff is faced, and I am willing to post what where Im at truthfully.. Im getting closer.

I have all of this art stuff attached to approval seeking, people pleasing and status worth... I will loose my status if I post something that doesn't shake people like an earth quake... looks like what you think of me is more important that what I think of myself... Im going to brake through this.. Is slowly happening...

Thanks for listening if you did...


Its never about the music....
ITs always about the music....



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good stuff Omni
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