Having Searched the world for creative genres, Scott has been taking new approaches to writing music for four years now. He started playing the piano at five years old, took classical lessons until he was eighteen and played the trombone all through high school. At 16 he started sequencing and recording his own ideas and at 18, bought his first professional sequencer and synthesizer. Since then Scott has been attracted to various styles of music including heavy metal, rock, and classical. Each new composition of his must sound different than any one before it and having recorded hundreds of songs, Scott has a strong library of instrumentals ready for film or video game scoring. He has now completed his second year of music at Selkirk College as a composition major.

Scott has worked with many other metal musicians in Kelowna including Brent Gallant, Nils Mikkelsen and Ryan Cessford. He has played in bands including Atre Este, Valathalion, Metal Storm, and Metal militia. He continues to submit his work to various music competitions and organizations around the world in hopes of becoming a professional film scorer.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Winter Trek Inspirational Dec 20, 2009 506
Legionaries of Vires Classical Oct 27, 2009 316
Water gardens Ambient Oct 27, 2009 372
Star Garden Classical Apr 15, 2009 509
King of lemuria Classical Apr 15, 2009 392
the Antagonist New Age Apr 15, 2009 362
praeludium Classical Apr 27, 2008 357
clearsticks Ska/Reggae/Dub Jan 15, 2008 440
wyvern snow castle Metal Jan 13, 2008 1082
starland Rock Jan 11, 2008 423
Estribillo Ambient Jan 11, 2008 383
ice angels Rock Jan 11, 2008 458
power shift Rock Jan 11, 2008 365
purple moon Electronica Jan 11, 2008 714
Shadow of light Classical Jan 11, 2008 637
trilla terror Ambient Jan 11, 2008 626
zeloso Rock Aug 4, 2007 433