This is our second year putting together an album to raise money for OXFAM an organization that is committed to famine relief and addressing human rights issues that effect poverished people around the world.

Here is a link to their main website:

Ponkey is spearheading this project so he is the man to see about getting your song put on the CD or any other general questions that you may have about the project. Ponkey has been soliciting help in the FORUMS.


MORE INFO HERE: (Submissions)

We really want to make this years campain a HUGE success! We have alot of talented people within our community. This is a GREAT way to do something for your fellow man and get your music heard.

We hope that you will choose to participate by either donating a track or making a donation by purchasing the album when it is complete.


"The OXJAM 2007 Project Coordinating TEAM" smiley

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Comments about the "Album" or "Project" (YOUR PERSPECTIVE) November 24, 2007
Here is a place to express your opinion about the album, being part of the album, or just the project in general.
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How do I purchase the Album? October 26, 2007
As the project comes together purchase info will be posted here.
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How do I submit a song for the album? October 26, 2007
Please submit questions that you may have about submitting songs AFTER reading the links above.
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Title Genre Released Plays
Faces of Tears Version II Spoken Word Sep 3, 2009 2166
"King Of Cold" Rock Jan 5, 2008 2193
Have You Ever Heard (Forgetting Windows For Light) Pop Dec 17, 2007 2035
OxWood....for OxJam Other Nov 20, 2007 1508
...and then there was merchandising (Oxjam) Pop Nov 19, 2007 1080
Let It Float Other Nov 12, 2007 883
The Last Night (The End) Rock Nov 5, 2007 642
Round March Electronica Nov 5, 2007 1008
It's Up to You Rock Nov 4, 2007 2598
NIGHT CAT Rock Nov 1, 2007 2795
Not Thinking (Oxjam Mix) Rock Oct 31, 2007 2140
I Need To Know Rock Oct 29, 2007 5257
We are bidden to love Spiritual/Gospel Oct 29, 2007 2770
Hello. Crash. World. Other Oct 26, 2007 1245
Under The Rainbow Jazz Sep 29, 2007 2497


Title Artist Genre Plays
We are bidden to love dirigent [+2] Spiritual/Gospel 2770