I am married to a wonderful man, a mother blessed with a beautiful wonderful son with high functioning autism, a singer/songwriter and a dreamer. I have been writing songs since I was a little girl growing up in India, where I was born and lived till I was 25 years of age. I have performed in many venues there. Then one fine day I got married and left the country. I Lived in Japan for almost seven years where I performed at various events. Currently I live in the United States, where I created my only Album, "Unborn Star" and have not performed live till date. I left singing professionally years ago. Long story. Today, I sing for the sheer joy of it, because it is healing for me and makes me happy. smiley

When it comes to song writing, I am not prolific. I find myself going with the flow whenever an inspired creative work flows out from within me. I love to sing and I have my own unique style of singing. Many find similarities with other artists, but I myself follow no one, because while each and every artist I have listened to, including my own mother, who is a fantastic Indian Classical vocalist, contributed toward my musical growth, I came to the conclusion that I can only sing like myself. smiley So here I am. smiley

My greatest inspiration is BEAM ~ "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier. After having journeyed this far in my spiritual quest for the Truth, I have finally found it through him and the Plejarens.

I wear many hats, the most important ones being: a mother and singer/song writer. Until 2013 I had my own private wholistic practice, where I offered, Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology & Reiki.

I live my life in concert with my deepest values. Exploration of my inner and outer landscapes, gives me the greatest joy. For me it is all about observation, reflection and application, never taking any one or any thing for granted and mindful of keeping myself free from becoming complacent in life. I have realized that becoming too satisfied with what life provides, leaves little room for growth and improvement.

"Every atom has a frequency pulsed by the breath of the Universe. Every spirit has a song awaiting the season of the illuminated heart." ~ Charlottemarie

Namaste. Salome.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Awaken - From album SUPPORT by Piyali &Abyss New Age May 18, 2016 999
My Song Jazz Nov 16, 2015 605
Come On Human Collab World Aug 10, 2015 754
A Touch of Softness (Dedicated to abused women) World Aug 10, 2015 582
Love of a Woman World Apr 5, 2015 684
Light Is On Pop Apr 5, 2015 462
Nature Boy Collab Jazz Feb 18, 2015 1045
Wind River (For Annabelle) (Updated) Pop Dec 4, 2014 1678
Wind River (For Annabelle) Pop Dec 1, 2014 498
Where The Wind Blows Rock Nov 14, 2014 785
Journey Of Life ( Updated ) Collab Jazz Oct 26, 2014 1617
Journey Of Life Collab Jazz Sep 30, 2014 1046
Unborn Star Other Sep 27, 2014 665
Ocean An the Rock World Sep 27, 2014 430
Today of All Days Other Sep 27, 2014 578
Dripping Tears ~ Cry ~ Other Sep 10, 2014 736
Flying In My Dreams World Sep 10, 2014 667
I'll Be My Own Hero Other Sep 10, 2014 1030
Beast Of The City Collab Other Sep 10, 2014 657
Like A Breeze Other Sep 10, 2014 529
Insomnia Collab Alternative Sep 10, 2014 546
My Lovely Friends Other Sep 10, 2014 615