I've played it all, but SLAP BASS is my thing. Every time I sit down in front of iCompositions, there is always something new that inspires. I am surrounded by talented artists who provide the fuel for my funk.

Musical roots came from my grandfather who was a guitar and mandolin player. I started playing piano when I was about 9, and finally ended up playing bass guitar in high school. I was INSPIRED to learn bass after watching a SLAP great named Mark King, from the band Level 42. Other bass influences of mine include Marcus Miller, Stu Hamm, John Patitucci, Stanley Clarke, and Tetsuo Sakurai. I love and have played all styles of music, but my preferences are Funk, Fusion, Jazz, and Progressive Rock. I've played in busy cover bands for years.

Today, I have been married for over 17 years, and a father of 3 amazing little kids. The ride never slows down for me, but I'm glad I can spend a little of my time with all of you.

Some personal favorites to discover from my musical resume below are:
FDF Doggie Style, Vitruvian Jam, Emotion+2, Blade Of Grass, I Need To Know, W.S.P Piano&Bass, and SICK.


PlusUltra's Basses:
Sadowsky 57' Burst 4-String, Kubicki X-Factor 4-String, Steinberger M-Series 4-String, Fender Amer. Jazz 60th Anniv. 4-String, Fender Amer. P-Bass Deluxe 4-String, Fender Mex. Jazz Fretless 4-String and a Fender Amer. 60th Anniversary 4-String P-Bass.

PlusUltra's Strings:
DR Marcus Miller Signature, Dean Markley SR2000 Will Lee Signature, GHS Double Ball, GHS Bright Flats.

PlusUltra's Amp:
UK made Trace Elliot AH500-7 Head, UK made Trace Elliot 4x10 and 1x15 Cabs, and a FX pedal board to make your mouth water.

PlusUltra's Computer Setup:
Apple G4 Tower, Garage Band-iLife, M-AUDIO FireWire Solo, Sadowsky Bass PreAmp.

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New Live Band - Monkey Wax March 22, 2008
Love, marriage, kids, work, life. It's taken some time for things to finally settle down for me, but I'm finally back in a LIVE cover band, and it's better than ever.
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Bass Place - Video Extravaganza! May 15, 2007
I like to study how others play the instrument, and have put together some various video clips that may be of interest. Also added some other funny ones, related to bass.

Please feel free to add yours!!

More to come.............Enjoy.
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Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
HigherGround Collab Blues Feb 28, 2010 1215
Doing The Funky Monkey Collab Funk Jul 12, 2008 2751
Empty Reflections Collab Rock Jun 20, 2008 2347
Funky Monkey Funk Jun 16, 2008 1078
Emotion+2 Collab Pop Jan 15, 2008 2830
Voodo Chile 2K7 Collab Rock Nov 25, 2007 1983
SICK Collab Rock Oct 20, 2007 1917
Bounce Collab Jazz Oct 2, 2007 1485
Bee On My WindShield Funk Sep 11, 2007 1527
7 Bottles Of Beer Funk Aug 19, 2007 1035
TT-SlapVideo Music Videos Jul 4, 2007 1746
Tonsil Trot Funk Jul 3, 2007 1865
Disco Soiree Sensation Collab Dance May 20, 2007 1722
Sock It To Me Too Too Collab Funk May 6, 2007 1715
Zero8 Ultra Collab Funk Apr 18, 2007 1263
Illuminated Blues Collab Blues Apr 16, 2007 1324
Daddys Funky Music Funk Apr 1, 2007 1320
Thumper! Collab Funk Mar 18, 2007 2047
D:FUNK Funk Mar 11, 2007 1793
Red Alert Experiment Electronica Mar 4, 2007 1098
FDF Doggie Style Collab Funk Feb 25, 2007 3010
Vitruvian Jam Collab Funk Feb 12, 2007 1811
W.S.P. Piano&Bass Collab New Age Feb 4, 2007 2202
Jacob's Delicate-Ultra X Collab Jazz Dec 30, 2006 1574
Fairy Dog Funk Funk Dec 26, 2006 1496
Helios Progression Ambient Dec 22, 2006 1546
Geisha Funk Funk Dec 18, 2006 1963
Empty Reflections LIVEGIG Rock Dec 6, 2006 1734
In This World Rock Nov 27, 2006 1892
Everything To Me Pop Nov 22, 2006 1006
Not Enough Time Rock Nov 21, 2006 1149
Blade Of Grass Funk Nov 13, 2006 2312
More Beyond Jazz Nov 12, 2006 1856
Headboard Concussion Rock Nov 4, 2006 1973



Title Artist Genre Plays
Whatever Youdo DonovanFraser [+1] Rock 1101
Good Bye To You My Friend II vegetal [+2] Pop 3402
Riverside brothers UndergroundHangama Folk 1101
Lazy Day MickD [+2] Pop 3090
Awake (piano acoustic) amateurpro Ambient 1649
Emotion BlendWellMusic [+1] Pop 1706
Funky Woman Sweet_T Funk 1199
Thanks for Billy Evans JodyGrenier Jazz 1296
Silly Song RolandOfGilead [+1] Other 1496
It's Up to You BossHook [+1] Rock 2492
Wayfarin' Stranger ScottCarmichael Folk 2545
I Need To Know JD [+5] Rock 5110
Funky Backing Track JTC Funk 6507
DREAMLIKE TheOmegaProject Jazz 1702
Divinity RayLaVeau Rock 2143
Purrfect guitar55 [+2] Ambient 2733
starship trooper (cover Yes) ScottCarmichael Rock 6415
Cold As Ice Revisited AaronTodd Rock 1748
This Womans Work-2 (Kate Bush Cover) jptiptonsr [+1] Other 1269
Mr Jones AaronTodd Rock 2510
Faces of Stone MusicLeft [+1] Funk 2227
The Walking Philosopher mapmak Funk 1233
Meditation IIII (When She`s Lying Next To Me) guitar55 [+2] Ambient 2728
Fractured Mind FractalGarden [+5] Rock 3097
The Valley (Still open Collab) Surak [+1] Jazz 3521
PERFECT STORM ScottCarmichael Rock 3719
Mercy ScottCarmichael Rock 3522
Wicked Annya (Dona Nobis Groovem Mix) JD [+2] Funk 2269
Slowly teddyelliot Pop 2508
Funk Jam SomethingforNothing Funk 849
Island of Forever pete Folk 1802
FAVORITE: Smooth Chill (summer re-issue) georgeptingley Jazz 1251
Fly baby fly fromano [+2] Rock 3045
B3 Blow Out #1 JodyGrenier Jazz 1183
Take Your Mama Out + RC MikeRC [+2] Pop 2045
Rolling steps MusicLeft [+1] Funk 2511
My Gift To You JodyGrenier New Age 1350
Once Again fizodan Rock 1073
The Terrace TheTiler Other 1100
SEARCHING (Featuring Kirsty) Bampot [+2] Pop 3256
Shades of Gray AaronTodd Ambient 1893
The End Leahbanicki [+1] Blues 3446
Trance (premix) maurovoconi World 903
Convoluted Blues BossHook [+2] Jazz 2263
Thanks My Friends - Guitar (premix) maurovoconi World 1144
Mystified AaronTodd Pop 1405
Confuzed fromano [+2] Rock 2986
You're not alone CollisionTheory Metal 955
She'll Feel Alone BossHook Folk 2761
D:FUNK Shred [+1] Funk 1006
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