I was born sometime after winter ended and before spring began, in 1971, at a little hospital in the village of Sainte Anne de Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. My natural mother was a 14 year-old full-blooded Mic Mac First Nations citizen, my father a 17 year-old Acadien. I was placed for adoption, with a pseudonym of Etienne, my fourth of seven names, and was soon adopted by a couple of newlyweds, who were in their late 30s, who had no idea what they'd signed up for.

Twenty years ago, I left the isolated northern New Brunswick town of Dalhousie, to spend six years in Halifax, two years in Michigan, eight years in California, a year hopping around eastern Canada, a year in Toronto, and the last two and a half, taking a breather from the epic amount of living I'd crammed into the 18 years I was away, to compensate perhaps for the utter boredom I experienced in my first 18 years.

I've joined iComp more as an enthusiastic appreciator of the site and the works of the amazing people who have made this site as appealing as it is.

Thank you, everyone.


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How Time Flies When You've Had Fun October 19, 2009
I'm trading my DSL in for a gym membership...
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R.E.S.P.E>C.T, Find out what it means, really. July 6, 2009
A commentary on the tendency for the definitions of important terms, some often key to personal happiness. An inflated or unrealistic definition for one of these key terms can make the difference between personal fulfilment adn the unpleasant alternatives.
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Chirp of a Bat Music Videos May 11, 2013 344
Vocode to Joy Classical Mar 16, 2013 404
Not so Lost in the Translation Spoken Word Aug 8, 2012 230
Lost in the Translation Spoken Word Aug 7, 2012 350
Chirping Birds (Wide Diaphragm Condenser sampling at 96000 Hz and 32 bit Float) Other Jul 12, 2012 974
E-Flat scales w/ a curious result Other Jan 8, 2012 280
"The Friendly Giant" Theme Childrens Dec 18, 2011 359
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Sax, Big Band Style) Holiday Dec 17, 2011 633
Joy To The World Holiday Dec 17, 2011 451
O Holy Night (var. 3) Holiday Dec 10, 2011 280
Silent Night Holiday Dec 7, 2011 359
O Holy Night (Cleaner ending) Holiday Dec 7, 2011 474
We Three Kings Holiday Dec 7, 2011 563
O Holy Night Holiday Dec 3, 2011 395
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Holiday Nov 17, 2011 381
Angels We Have Heard on High (2nd Remaster Holiday Nov 17, 2011 391
Deck The Halls (2nd Remaster) Holiday Nov 17, 2011 320
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem (2nd remaster) Holiday Nov 17, 2011 325
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (2nd remaster) Holiday Nov 17, 2011 305
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (2nd Remaster) Holiday Nov 17, 2011 360
Oh Come All Ye Faithful (2nd remaster) Holiday Nov 17, 2011 395
Funky Deck The Halls, Recording #2 Holiday Nov 17, 2011 873
O Canada! World Sep 15, 2010 761
EineKleine Natchmusik Electronica Sep 14, 2010 554
Joyful Low-pass filtered Classical Sep 14, 2010 492
Joyful, Joyful Classical Sep 13, 2010 635
Nevtune Freestyle MP3 Classical May 11, 2010 582
The Moose Song (Chipmunk Vocals) Explicit Comedy Aug 22, 2009 2908
The Moose Song (No Vocals) Comedy Aug 18, 2009 532
Heart & Soul, Extra Large Other Jun 3, 2009 687
God Save The Queen Classical May 12, 2009 650
A poem, "The Step" Spoken Word May 2, 2009 983
Snippet of Bach's Fugue Classical Apr 8, 2009 675
A Rambling Christmas Medley Holiday Apr 2, 2009 570
Minuet in G with backing vocals Classical Apr 2, 2009 648
Dr. Suess on PC's. "When a Packet Hits A Pocket" Spoken Word Mar 25, 2009 2425
Abort, Retry, Ignore? Spoken Word Mar 16, 2009 654
Organic Organist (Tune to separate Canadians from a crowd) Dance Jan 2, 2009 918
John Keat's poem "Fancy" Spoken Word Dec 25, 2008 676


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Icomp Flag After Show Skype Session Music Videos Nov 8, 2009 1473