Well it all started about 32 years ago. It was very dark and I heard a voice saying push. It's been downhill ever since.

-Joey Baggadonuts

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READ IT! (pretty please! You know you want to!) October 8, 2008
SO there is new awesomeness to be read!
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New wit and wisdom... or something October 5, 2008
new blog!
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And it came to me then that every plan is a tiny prayer to father time September 15, 2008
Some mind bending lyrical awesomeness

Mood: thoughtful
Music: Death Cab For Cutie: Transatlanticism
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Holy @*#& I can't sleep. September 5, 2008
The title is SO self explanatory it would make the baby Jesus cry if I explain it again.
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Music Snob Lesson Plan September 4, 2008
I originally wrote this for a friend who is a teacher. She teaches special-ed, and I figured music snobs are kind of retarded, so win-win. It's totally a joke of course.
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Title Genre Released Plays
Oh no! They Are Cylons! They are Invading Caprica! Ambient Dec 28, 2007 1495
Modernistas in Jazz Jazz May 21, 2007 1817


Title Artist Genre Plays
Nothing Special [Howling Jam Mix] pharmakeus [+1] Rock 1256
Open Wide II vegetal [+2] Pop 1623
Storm On The Horizonline Venturesguitar Folk 977
{I Fell Down} the Linden Tree pharmakeus Rock 2103
Hooked On You Venturesguitar Folk 801
Gustav and the Devil thenownows [+1] Jazz 2197
The Girl from Verona MattFrance Folk 842
Walk Away zallaz [+1] Rock 5511
This Is Goodbye beforebeyond Rock 1363
Aleksandr dirigent Ambient 2364
Overdrifter/Grey Lily zallaz Rock 1743
Da Real Hip Hop Anthem Rodamental Hip Hop/Rap 2638
Henry Poole is Here hartimos Folk 1327
Poverty Rodamental Hip Hop/Rap 1678
Money is Power PinkFreud [+1] Rock 1733
Dread Fire KingMoody Ska/Reggae/Dub 873
Techne One Tribrix Classical 1255
Shades of Blue Mystified [+1] Jazz 1696
Ghosts blues69 Alternative 1819
Weapons (HUSH HUSH) letileti [+1] Electronica 3406
Sisyphus (un fragment) Justin_Case Classical 3874
Ugly Pup Prophecies Mystified [+1] Other 1689
Tight Knit Lies PurePerversity Alternative 1883
Lonesome Orphan Molly DayForNight [+2] Folk 1846
Bombs for Peace, Guns for Love oh2 [+1] Blues 950
Ride The Road GumboStu Country 1448
(Meet Me) Halfway (THE INTENDED VERSION) AaronTodd R&B 1895
Chicken Noodle Soup (Hold The Soda) (Redd Zeppelin Excursion Mix) JanaSaisQuoi [+1] Spoken Word 8538
Fall At Your Feet 8MonthMalfunction Rock 1324
Rhyme DappaDonDon [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 1372
Let Me Just Lie Here morkjt Rock 1340
Glowing Seams PurePerversity Alternative 2027
Brain Damage (Pink Floyd cover) osc4r Rock 2749
06 Dreaming of Paths Not Taken Celemourn [+1] Electronica 2357
Someone Somewhere DayForNight [+2] Alternative 1744
I Saw A Woman Walking DayForNight [+2] Folk 1627
Desolation stevel Alternative 1299
Hurt (NIN Cover) Geechi3 [+2] Alternative 4430
Desolation Row Dyl Folk 3527
A New England (Billy Bragg Cover) CaptSandwich Rock 2909