Hometown in Japan decimated by the quake & tsunami in 2011. Living in France, saw IS striking Paris on Nov. 13, 2015. I then decided to join iComposition and be active in music, remembering what a great man said:

"This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before" (Leonard Bernstein)

As to myself, music has always been part of my life since my early teens. Studied a lot of classic musical theories and instrumentation while learining to play instruments.

I am part of a project set up with my peer and bass player T. Yamaula, "Raison-d'être Analogique". Many other peer musicians are participation to the initiative.

All comments are welcome.
English, French and Japanese spoken.

Most of the songs uploaded are in 44.1/16/128 MP3. If you need a higher resolution or another file format, please get in touch.

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Podcast or not podcast December 20, 2015
The podcast service provided by oComposition is handy and may serve promoting your music, but with the downloading made possible, your works are quite exposed.
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Fender Japan Custom Shop Telecaster with a B-bender December 6, 2015
Fender Japan is no more. It has closed in March this year and we'll no longer find stocks of these guitars and basses, not to speak about the B-bender Tele I bought back in 91...
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Main guitars December 4, 2015
Three of my guitars I use often
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Changed to the unit name, Borasoumen -> ReAL December 2, 2015
The username was changed from Borasoumen, the alias of T. Suzuki, to ReAL (for Raison-d'être Analogque). Brought to you by T. Suzuki (Borasoumen) and T. Yamaula (Yamasan). Podcast:
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Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
FunkyHop! Funk Dec 20, 2015 267
Expressmail - the instruments Country Dec 16, 2015 286
Tho the Strat-o-sphere Other Dec 6, 2015 244
Defend Your Hopes (Right Now) Rock Dec 2, 2015 353
Yappashi Rock / やっぱしRock Rock Nov 29, 2015 262
Wakareno Kahori Rock Nov 29, 2015 193
Summertime is Coming Rock Nov 29, 2015 267
You, So Right/Me, So Wrong Rock Nov 29, 2015 299
Intracerebral meltdown 脳内分泌 Alternative Nov 28, 2015 218
Akai Hana (The Red Flower) World Nov 28, 2015 221
Get To Work ロクニハタラキモシナイデ Rock Nov 28, 2015 214
The faraway Shorelines Rock Nov 28, 2015 393
'Til Comes the Dawn World Nov 28, 2015 297
Future Glitters/輝きを心に Rock Nov 28, 2015 384