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February 24, 2008 | 1:28 pm

I finished my latest album, and am making it available for free download.

Click here to Download the New Album: "The Earth Opened Its Mouth" for Free.


The new album "The Earth Opened It's Mouth" is now out, and it's free! This album completes the trilogy that I started in 2005 with "The Gates of Mars", and continued in 2006 with "In Defence of the Madman". It follows the same post post-apocoliptic tale, and odd characters as my previous two solo albums, and finishes the musical story. This is all new material, that features a new and different sound than previous albums, and also has guest appearances by talented artists JT Hathaway and Sarah Wynne Taylor (White Raven).

I usually release one album a year, I did a side project called "Fan Fair" in 2007. But this year I decided to make the album available for free. I just got fed up with all the hassle to get albums listed on itunes and CDbaby, ect. and I'm really not in it for the money. So go ahead, download away.

~Richard Ringer



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Keep on doing what you are doing, Richard.
You rock!
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Icompositions is back and the magnanimous Richard Ringer has struck new ground with "The Earth Opened Its Mouth" and has offered us a spectacular feast of sonic delight and dismay. Almost finished with a first listening and loving it! Chalk full of exquisite lamentations and those groovy, minor-hued minimalist chord progressions that we've come to know and love from RR. "Ashes" provides a wonderful moody ambience that immediately pulls the listener into this whole album experience. "Wake up Jacob," "I Sing the Body Electric" and the title-track, "The Earth Opened Its Mouth" stood out to me as personal favorites from this first listening. Satisfying from the first note to the last.

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See my review.
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Downloaded today! Just listening to it now - it's blowing my mind!
Latest Song: Shadow of the Beast
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