New website and Shows.
April 8, 2009 | 8:33 pm and new show dates

Semi-new website: I say semi-new because it's actually been up and running for a few months now I've just not announced it anywhere because I was updating and tweaking it a little. Basically on the site there is one song for stream- a slideshow of albums as well as a review by Josh(pureperversity)and of course links to both full albums "The Earth Opened It's Mouth" and "13" for free download- so if you haven't downloaded those albums they are currently available via the website.

As for Shows- or I guess I should say "Show"- just got the word this morning that Club RPM has canceled all shows due to licensing issues with the venue... which means no RR show on May 28- which means I have to find something to do with three hundred fliers that include a nonexistent event...

But the show that I do have booked is at Sidewalk Cafe at 8:00pm May 12. The address is 94 Ave. A New York NY. I've spent a lot of time there listening to some seriously talented acts on there Monday night open mics- I really love that place. So come out May 12- it should prove to be a good show!

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