Hi, I am a microbiologist, specializing in medical science and drinking water quality. I have played in bands most of my life: rock, country, swing. See the link below to view a photo of my first band The Nightwalkers, out of Longview, Washington. We cut two records when I was in high school and toured the northwest playing dance and concert gigs.

I now write books for Amazon.Kindle and have a Triple J website with some songs on it. I am also involved with local theater and have performed in numerous musicals and plays. I have sung several TV jingles, acted in TV commercials and a short film. For nine years I wrote a weekly science column in the regional newspaper and for the past seven years have presented a science segment on regional ABC radio. I paint and have several canvases hung in various random locations. Shiraz is my favorite wine. Golf is my favorite sport.

For the past. 30-odd years I have lived in Australia.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Lookin' Other Nov 5, 2017 138
Super Jesus Freak Other Aug 10, 2017 178
Sunny Smiles on the Esplanade Holiday Jul 6, 2017 210
Texas On Your Mind Country Jul 6, 2017 173
Pocketbook Blues Alternative Jul 6, 2017 146
In The Dead of The Night Country May 31, 2017 242
Love Has Its Way Other Apr 29, 2017 281
Growing Pains Childrens Jan 10, 2017 381
Wherever you go Inspirational Dec 17, 2016 239
Rock the Cradle Softly Ambient Apr 6, 2016 251
Roy Rock Apr 2, 2016 237
I Think That I'm Falling In Love Other Jan 13, 2016 223
Lip-to-Lip Comedy Dec 19, 2015 233
Let the Children Play World Oct 27, 2013 357
Song of Africa World Oct 27, 2013 305
My Juliet World Oct 24, 2013 243
Little Girl's Prayer World Oct 24, 2013 253
Women are Strange Alternative Oct 23, 2013 288
This is Our Time Inspirational Oct 1, 2013 319