Me & my swagg is inseparable freestyle plays ;)
July 26, 2009 | 12:06 am

987 plays oh my

I am very please to have 987 plays, i am so excited i wanna thank ya my icomp family for embracing me wit love, ever since i created an account wit icomp i felt like a real musician the ppl on this site make me so much better as a person and as a artist.

soon, "Me & my swagg is inseparable" will hit 1,000 plays and quite frankly that's alot of plays...out of my whole library that track got the most hits....well then if the case then i am going throw that on my mixtape dropping sept. 11 officially this time no game followin my ep titled "first impresssion" i kno ya really dont hear new material from RODAMENTAL but that is cuz i had a minor setbak (real major) but bouncing bak slowly but surely but i will have new material posted very soon ok?! smiley

look out for these upcoming tracks

1. "wat u kno bout me" ft. Ktouch
2. Get it ft. Eudora (Final mixed down version) the 1 ya been waiting for.
3. "Deep, Deep, Deep down inside" guna b a banger (hit single)

and many more, but this are the latest i am wrking on rite this moment....thank u for listen to my songs, because of u the lister, u the listenr is the primary reason i do muzik i am gracious wit the results and the feedbak i've been receiving lately.

god bless ya icomp, RODAMENTAL
stay tune for new muzik -RODAMENTAL



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Love u man +
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Thanks man, that means alot to me smiley
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