Rodamental, born and raised in the harsh streets of Brooklyn New York, has always had a passion for all types of music. From The Temptations, The Rolling Stones, Ray Charles to Anita baker he has been exposed to every genre. Raise by his independent SINGLE mother he realized at a young age that music was the career he wanted to pursue. After graduating from high school he decided to put college on hold to begin his destiny. Rodamental is a mixture of the rapper "LL COOL J" with a little dose of COMMON. He is most certainly smooth with his words and sure is hell know how to recite them. If ya listen to a couple of his tracks u'll understand what i mean. As a aspiring artist RODAMENTAL wanted to bring back HIP-HOP AND R&B on a higher level he was sick and tired of the diluted garbage they play now a days so...RODAMENTAL decided to come out wit his own presentation of music he is a talented versatile artist with many goals and aspiration. He is one of the many artists that GEEK Production founder HASSAN is currently producing. Hassan, has notice his capabilities and urged him to use those wonderful capabilities in all of his tracks the way RODAMENTAL implements his style is incredible as of rite now, He's under a great production label that denotes for perfection and excellence He's here to make a name for himself and to grow as a individual and as an artist. Please do so and Take the time out to listen to errie last one of his songs and COMMENTS/FAVORITES if u me its worth the listen. I would like ya (ICOMP) to give RODAMENTAL sum positive feedbak all COMMENTS/FAVORITES and i mean all are gladly appreciated. In addition, Just 2 let u kno Majority of my tracks are rough drafts...sum are unmastered sum are mastered but i will b in the process of turning all of these songs listed in my library into hits. I'm in a transformation flow so wat u hear now is not done..!



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um, i b bak in a month so...dnt think i forgot this muzik icomp December 10, 2009
Rappers aware, cuz i been hearing ya muzik and im not impressed wat so eva. smh, wait to RODAMENTAL step on the scene excuse my expression!
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Rod is on haitus for a short while October 2, 2009
I jus wanted to let my fans kno that i been on hold cuz i didnt hav da funds n i recently lost my pc so i cudnt collab and read messages as i wud wanna but im in process of getting da nu one i gotta hav my mac but juz kno i b bak full effect in 2 weeks studio is ready and i got sum hot
nu muzik waiting for 2 ya listen. I wanna say thank u for all ya support including my non believers lol
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Hazali/Rodamental is on there GRIND July 28, 2009
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Um, Wonderful sounds of RODAMENTAL July 27, 2009
U gotta hear this track iCOMP smiley
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Me & my swagg is inseparable freestyle plays ;) July 26, 2009
987 plays oh my
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Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
My Swagg is Inseparable Freestyle Hip Hop/Rap Dec 24, 2008 10127
A.T.L.S. (Auto Tune Love Song Remix) Collab R&B May 15, 2009 2350
Da Real Hip Hop Anthem Hip Hop/Rap Jun 29, 2008 2022
Cant get Enuff Of You R&B Jan 8, 2008 1548
Poverty Hip Hop/Rap Jun 19, 2008 1343
Away Collab Hip Hop/Rap Dec 25, 2007 1236
Hurt so Good Remix Collab Hip Hop/Rap Sep 15, 2008 1088
Lord Listen Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Apr 16, 2008 951
F.L.L. [Rough Draft] Collab Hip Hop/Rap Sep 15, 2008 930
Inner Feelings Part 2 Hip Hop/Rap Nov 10, 2008 888
Smooth **** Hip Hop/Rap Dec 25, 2007 871
Music Is My Baby Collab Hip Hop/Rap Jun 28, 2008 866
Lyke Muzic Collab R&B Apr 15, 2009 834
Sarcastic (Club Version) Instrumental Pop Aug 12, 2008 821
Point Across Hip Hop/Rap Dec 15, 2008 821
F.L.L. [Upgraded Version] Collab Hip Hop/Rap Sep 29, 2008 812
This Gurl Collab Hip Hop/Rap Apr 16, 2008 790
Yesterday Dream Collab Hip Hop/Rap Jul 13, 2008 760
Emotional Collab R&B Apr 28, 2008 751
I Want You [[Snippet]] Hip Hop/Rap Jun 28, 2008 735
W.Y.B. (Snippet) Explicit Collab R&B May 22, 2008 717
Cant Wait Explicit R&B Apr 20, 2008 702
Mr. Lee Hip Hop/Rap Aug 30, 2008 694
Finding Love Collab R&B Apr 16, 2008 687
Lets Keep it Real Explicit Hip Hop/Rap May 22, 2008 677
Catch Up [[snippet]] R&B May 22, 2008 669
Wonderful Sounds of RODAMENTAL Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Dec 17, 2008 654
Bombs Away Dance May 6, 2008 651
Unstoppable [Rough Draft] Hip Hop/Rap Feb 17, 2009 650
Beginnings In the Dark Freestyle (PERSONALIZED TRACK) Hip Hop/Rap Aug 6, 2009 642
So Confused (Instrumental) Hip Hop/Rap Aug 12, 2008 641
Walking Away Ft. D.T.G (1st Draft) Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Feb 8, 2011 641
Who Smart & Who's Smartest Hip Hop/Rap Jan 8, 2008 632
Finding You R&B Jan 8, 2008 631
She's Fly Hip Hop/Rap Jan 22, 2008 622
Imagine Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Jan 18, 2008 617
Modern Day Slave Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Apr 16, 2008 615
Away From Me R&B May 11, 2008 607
BOMBs Away [[Drop it, Slide it, Glide It]] Hip Hop/Rap May 22, 2008 599
H!p- Hop Hip Hop/Rap Jan 8, 2008 597
Cry [Rough Draft] But Still Hot Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Nov 10, 2008 591
Catch Up [Updated Version] Hip Hop/Rap Sep 15, 2008 587
Complete Hip Hop/Rap Jan 21, 2008 580
Emphasis Feat. Mistro Hip Hop/Rap Jan 22, 2008 578
Get it, Get it, Get it! (Rough Draft) Explicit Hip Hop/Rap May 31, 2009 558
Inner Feelings freestyle [Rough Draft] Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Nov 2, 2008 536
Yes...Im Ready! Hip Hop/Rap Dec 12, 2008 510
Get it, Get it, Get it! (Rough Rough Draft) Explicit Hip Hop/Rap May 31, 2009 507
Work in Progress Snippet (Instrumental) Hip Hop/Rap Aug 18, 2008 506
Intro To a Movie Other Aug 18, 2008 497
Jungle Boy (Rough Draft) Final Version Coming Soon Hip Hop/Rap Feb 8, 2012 492
Touch Ya Body (Just Chrous) Hip Hop/Rap Aug 25, 2008 490
Second Chance [Rough Draft] Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Nov 2, 2008 482
a song im working on [rough rough draft] Hip Hop/Rap Apr 3, 2009 481
Stop Playing Snippet (Instrumental) Hip Hop/Rap Aug 18, 2008 480
To the top Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Dec 12, 2008 478
Starlight - Rough Draft Hip Hop/Rap Dec 24, 2008 477
Take Advice Snippet (Instumental) Hip Hop/Rap Aug 18, 2008 472
Heaven (Snippet) Part 1 (Instrumental) Pop Aug 13, 2008 460
Motivation (1st Draft) R&B Jun 30, 2011 412
Im Back snippet Rough Draft Hip Hop/Rap Jul 11, 2010 404
Im not ya average cat (rough draft) Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Apr 6, 2010 403
Of Course (1st Draft) Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Jun 27, 2011 395
Switch My Style (First Draft) Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Mar 16, 2010 393
Break You Off 2k12 (1st Draft) Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Feb 23, 2012 356
G.M.F Freestyle Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Apr 6, 2010 339
Walking In The Rain Explicit Collab Hip Hop/Rap Sep 2, 2013 330
TIme Is all We Have (1st Draft) Hip Hop/Rap Jun 30, 2011 325



Title Artist Genre Plays
Piano alone in the dark alexandre Hip Hop/Rap 6516
Take em' Down MIJProductions Hip Hop/Rap 4889
END OF MAY / JEDI MIND TRICKS alexandre Hip Hop/Rap 3073
A Letter 2 HipHop hiphopmoses Hip Hop/Rap 2815
you light my fire REALNOAH Hip Hop/Rap 2399
Goin outta my mind... DeadJuliet [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 1978
Judas (Instrumental) DeadGiveaway Hip Hop/Rap 1974
Lonely At The Bottom liquid [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 1973
On the eve of war alexandre Hip Hop/Rap 1930
Lifestyle of the ghetto child alexandre Hip Hop/Rap 1269
LIfe's a circus - Part 1 alexandre Hip Hop/Rap 1254
KING OF NEW YORK!!! Infamus_Da_Emcee [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 1222
Trying to hide alexandre Hip Hop/Rap 1217
What your used 2 hiphopmoses Hip Hop/Rap 1216
Keep it Straight Ears Hip Hop/Rap 1215
Ancient of the Ancients (Instrumental) DeadGiveaway Hip Hop/Rap 1171
Amazing Ft HAZALI Infamus_Da_Emcee [+1] R&B 1153
Dirty Ears Hip Hop/Rap 1075
slow jam jasonhunwick R&B 1055
FeelNothing -Instr DeadGiveaway Hip Hop/Rap 1050
Es Tan Difficil Infamus_Da_Emcee Hip Hop/Rap 1041
I Gotta Make It Out (Rough Draft) Infamus_Da_Emcee Hip Hop/Rap 1025
No way Spinproductions Hip Hop/Rap 1022
Bi-Polar Beat (Rough Mix) DeadGiveaway Hip Hop/Rap 983
Resignation(Open Verse) Verbalist Hip Hop/Rap 980
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly alexandre Hip Hop/Rap 973
Yesterday's Dream! Infamus_Da_Emcee Hip Hop/Rap 958
U Anit a Killa Freestyle!!! Infamus_Da_Emcee Hip Hop/Rap 953
Throw it at me (George W.Bush anthem) alexandre Hip Hop/Rap 947
Life As It Is MrFreeze676 Hip Hop/Rap 938
Struggle To The top jasonhunwick Hip Hop/Rap 921
Get it Out (Fresh) Ears Hip Hop/Rap 892
ANTHEM alexandre Hip Hop/Rap 884
Slow it Down MIJProductions Hip Hop/Rap 879
Not Today no Autotune cuddabrown [+1] R&B 877
none REALNOAH R&B 876
Looking For Love Rmx! Infamus_Da_Emcee [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 867
The Dogs Of War MrFreeze676 Hip Hop/Rap 844
I Don't **** Around jasonhunwick Hip Hop/Rap 839
Vision' n' Vibe alexandre Hip Hop/Rap 833
Silk & Ashes alexandre Classical 818
see REALNOAH R&B 811
Ground Zero jasonhunwick Hip Hop/Rap 808
Harp. - The Midnight Sun. DeadGiveaway Hip Hop/Rap 796
Life Verbalist [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 792
HIPELEKTRHOP alexandre [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 788
Begninnings in the Dark -Instr DeadGiveaway Hip Hop/Rap 786
If u Luv me Symplistik Other 784
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