I've always loved music ever since I was a kid but about six years ago my love for music grew exponentially when I started to learn how to play bass. I've played in lots of bands and groups and finally started making songs "solo" about a year ago. Two years ago I started taking audio arts production classes and began to love it. I'm really determined to become a producer/audio engineer. I'm starting to upload more of my production related work. I hope you enjoy my stuff!

I play bass in the band The Sea And The Sky (

I play guitar and keyboard in the band Falling For Daylight (

I am heavily influenced and Inspired By: The Receiving End Of Sirens, The Dear Hunter, The Beatles, Thrice, Explosions In The Sky, As Tall As Lions, Minus The Bear, Wax On Radio, mewithoutYou, Kiss Kiss, Incubus, Brand New, and the list goes on and on.

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Title Genre Released Plays
North Ambient Mar 31, 2010 1047
Dayman (For Fans of "Its Always Sunny") Rock Feb 10, 2010 6927
Just South of What Is Left Rock Nov 12, 2009 1055
The Approach Classical Jul 20, 2009 664
The Product of Agoraphobic Tendencies Electronica Jul 16, 2009 963
It Is Nothing Ambient Jun 9, 2009 1254
The World Will End Without Us Rock Jun 9, 2009 1766
After All The Things You Did Rock May 1, 2009 591
Bermuda Triangulated Rock Apr 17, 2009 973
Invincible by Paisley Spacesuit Folk Mar 8, 2009 600
Timing Is Key World Mar 8, 2009 520
Studio Video Music #2 Ambient Mar 8, 2009 607
Studio Video Music #1 Rock Mar 8, 2009 672
Come Back As Water Rock Dec 25, 2008 540
Buzz Lightyear Was Never My Hero Rock Oct 23, 2008 840
Sort Of New and Unfinished w/Vox Collab Rock Oct 21, 2008 830
And When The Sky Was Opened Rock Oct 21, 2008 661
Stop The Intolerance Ambient Oct 14, 2008 602
Falling For Daylight Ambient Aug 7, 2008 2166
Origarmy Ambient Aug 6, 2008 1291
Late Inspiration Rock Aug 6, 2008 824
Focused Rock Aug 6, 2008 592
To Persist In Delusion Ambient Aug 6, 2008 623
Unfortunately Folks, This is The End Ambient May 11, 2007 565