Help me decide what to record.....
August 11, 2009 | 11:58 pm


Hey everyone I was hoping some of you could help me out. I have the opportunity to start recording one of my songs in an amazing studio tomorrow. I have brought the options down to two different songs.... but I can't decide which one to do.

The first song is "Late Inspiration"

The second song is "The World Will End Without Us"

"Late inspiration" was one of my first songs that I wrote by myself but I think it says a lot about my tastes as a musician. I think it would be fun to record because it utilizes a bunch of different senses of space.

"The World Will End Without Us" was a song I wrote recently and it is a good representation of my musical personality at this point in time. This one is probably a better more "structured song.

I don't really know what to do because I love them both so much.






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Well Adam follow your muse, the better song is the one to go with, I will never tell you my preference because then it becomes someone else's opinion not your own, I know this is not much help, so get off the fence and make a choice smiley
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Both are very nice tunes. I'm with Shadow in that you need to make the final choice. And I can say for me, if you are going to have a live drummer working with you, do The World Will End Without Us. If you aren't, then do Late Inspiration, though the toms in the late middle part need to be worked on some. Edio and beforebeyond gave some good feedback on Late Inspiration, too.

My 2¢. smiley

Have fun and blow the doors off the place!!!

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I do a pastiche of them both andthen cojoin them,,,,

from,,,an avid caring listener,,,,,,,
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What song stays in your head more often?

I like both songs so it's really an issue of which one seems to be weighing on you more.
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So, which tune did you work on? How did it go?
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Pray.. God is leading you in a direction.. The question is what song he wants you to record , that you will end up going in his direction .. His plan for you..

OR, either song... They will both lead you to your destination...

Dont you hate it when someone wont answer your question..LOL..

have fun..

Peace out PAul Revere...
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