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Jimi by crissew 8 years ago
Killer guitar work dude.
What Does Love Entail w/ strings by crissew 8 years ago
Love the harmonies in this song. This is a great collaboration!
Trying it out by comakid 8 years ago
Your acoustic guitars sound very clear! Nice tune. I'd love to put bass and drums on it!
B**** Island by ThisIsLife 8 years ago
I'm digin it! Are those real drums?
kaminari by KnqulearShift 8 years ago
Great soundscape I'm inspired to do a purely ambient track myself sometime now!
A typical april song by bingsolex 8 years ago
I've been craving for blues lately and this was a great way to fill my need!
Sonic III by Filmscorz by Humaniversally 8 years ago
Excellent feeling guys! Really enjoyed this collab. Great melodies unfold in the second bit there and then it swirls back into the trip hop beat and really takes you to a great place.

ruins by rograbi 8 years ago
Wow I can't wait until I have a bunch of time to listen to all of your stuff because it sounds like we have similar tastes! We should collab sometime!
Project Anarchy by alanatomic 8 years ago
Overwhelming! But thats what anarchy is supposed to be like. Cool track.
Geo's Masque (Anto, Hernan, & Geo) by fatchance 8 years ago
Good communication here... what jazz is supposed to be like! Great jam.

Title sequence by rex 8 years ago
Enjoyable opening theme does it go to something in particular?
steam punked brothers by Lapskin 8 years ago
Quite a cool grove you have goin on here.

Prism (For Carla) by Filmscorz 8 years ago
Very nice I'm gonna have to check out Carla's stuff now!

Aquamarine by Tres 8 years ago
Wow what a great tune!
Fever w/Bampot by RubyDubidoux 8 years ago
Very nice collab! I only wish that the garage band horns didn't sound so corny. They are very well programed/played (whichever one it is) but I just wish they sounded like real horns! Very well done and I will most certainly be checking out more from both of you!
Oh Yeah! (Highway Rider) by MickD 8 years ago
Nice groove! Really digging this sound!
Upstanding Man by ClayPotts 8 years ago
what a driving rock and roll tune! Really nice guitar work and just a great performance in general.
It Is Nothing by SaveNibelheim 8 years ago
Thanks for the comments everyone! Thanks to Becwil to bringing to my attention the clipping in this mix I must have uploaded the wrong one. Once we finally put vocals on it I'll be uploading a new version.

James- Thanks for checking out so many of my songs!

Paul - Nice pun!

irok- I'd love to do some kind of music for a video and this comment gives me hope!

TB- I always try to compose my pieces so that they are interesting instrumentally as well as able to be vocal tunes. I wasn't so sure about the distorted drums glad that you dug em.

Rusty - Gonna have to check out Arab Strap sometime. Never heard them before!

Red- I'm glad that you enjoyed this song so much it is nice to know people are enjoying my music.

Gary- Thanks for the comment about the drums they are what I'm most self conscious about considering I'm not a drummer at all!

ciheins- this song holds some reoccurring themes that are going to appear in some other tunes with my bands next album glad that they are doing the trick!

A River In Between by RAVENS 8 years ago
Apparently I was the only one who didn't know about either of you! I could say so many things about this but I think everyone has it covered. Another great collab!
Futuristic World by RAVENS 8 years ago
Another great track. I think I'm going to go through and listen to every single song you have right now.
Whatcha Say? by RAVENS 8 years ago
I'm pretty sure what I just heard was sexy oozing out of my speakers.
The Betrayer by RAVENS 8 years ago
WOW! Most certainly one of the most impressive and extremely creative things that I've ever heard on this site. Good luck with whatever you go on to create, although I'm sure you wont need luck!
Stumbled by jl 8 years ago
Give me some more!!!!
Elizabeth by RedthruNthru 8 years ago
Nice celtic feeling! Nice orchestration and enjoyable story. Great collab.
that little star by Lapskin 8 years ago
I really enjoyed all the chopped up delays and notes. Did you program all of that or was it the certain delays you were using?
Wonderland (full band mix) by dvergar 8 years ago
I enjoyed this song as well. It seems like there is a slight auto tune on the vocals and it would sound great without the warblyness. Regardless its a good tune.
Flight of the Raven (A dedication) by Filmscorz 8 years ago
Beautiful song with heartfelt playing. Keep up the really great work.
A Forever Ago by jamesjrn 8 years ago
I'm liking the instrumentation and melodies on this track a lot!
Paradise Lost by jamesjrn 8 years ago
Nice song! This song lends itself quite well to this poem!
Bermuda Triangulated by SaveNibelheim 9 years ago
Should have mentioned that this is a instrumental song. Our piano player can sing but we suck at writing lyrics so we don't have them.
Running out of sand 0.2 by AdamStolterman 9 years ago
This is probably my favorite song that I have ever heard off of icomp. Nice job.
Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover) by PinkFreud 9 years ago
Nice twist on a song that I once found extremely annoying because of overplay. Because of the break I found this to be great!
Lipstick and Hat by pharmakeus 9 years ago
super enjoyable.
GarageBand 103: Creating the Future [Thoughts Become Flesh] by randolf 9 years ago
If you press control and then click in the grey space of your instrument it creates a region in which you can create MIDI information.
[Novation 25]-Hang Drumming by rex 9 years ago
I've been recently getting into the beautiful sounds of the hang drum. This really hits a special spot with me. Great work keep it up.
Gym Class by JakeLion 9 years ago
If you EQ the flute and bells cutting out certain frequencies in one and enhancing them in the other and vice versa it will give them both their own special place in the mix.
Zoomorphisms - Wild Turkeys by soulima 9 years ago
Awkward song for awkward creatures, great job I feel like you really captured the way they move and act.
Aurora Borealis by videoscore 9 years ago
An absolutely beautiful piece. I look forward to listening to more of your stuff when I get out of work.
[Cover] Shroud Of False by eido 9 years ago
One more for the night. This Sounds like a great band and I would have to say I think you did them justice. Your voice reminds me of a cross between Mikael Akerfeldt (when he is singing and not owning face with his beastly growl) and Maynard. I'm upset to see that this was done in January. I hope you haven't quit trying to sing since then because I was just curious how you might be improving. Well now I have time to catch up on listening to your tunes. Hopefully we'll all hear some new ones soon.
12-String Jam by eido 9 years ago
I'm making it a promise to myself tomorrow after work to listen to as much of your stuff as possible. Quite a departure from the other things I have listened to so far from you but still extremely enjoyable. This piece has a light and airy atmosphere to it. Very relaxing which is a great piece for me to end with tonight before I go to bed!

Glad I remembered this site and that we can continue to share our music.
[Shadows] Interlude by eido 9 years ago
I'm not usually one for too much dissonance but I really enjoyed the dissonant piano part in the middle, its creates a very tense feel.
This Is Goodbye by beforebeyond 9 years ago
Really incredible song. I loved how you brought down the volume of everything right before the end then brought it back up to really give a lot of emphasis on the ending. Great work.

Did you use garageband synths or your own keyboard sound / synths in creating this? Also what kind of interface are you using to go into garageband?
Focused by SaveNibelheim 9 years ago
woah! I uploaded the wrong version of this! I'll find the other version without the out of tune guitar ASAP!!
minn sólarupprás , hana sólsetur by DaedraLarsa 9 years ago

Beautiful! Great voice and great dynamics throughout the song. Mucho Enjoyable.
Force your way by DaedraLarsa 9 years ago
haha yes keep these coming! These really make me want to play the game again!
Man with the machine gun by DaedraLarsa 9 years ago
Nice! I love this game and you captured it well although your timing on some of the guitar riffs is a little off and in my opinion a little to loud in the mix. Regardless this is a well done cover.
Balearic glitch by 921 9 years ago

Great track very interesting minimalist approach. Really diggin' a lot of your stuff on here. Keep up the good work.