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Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago
So I've been here a while but never posted in this thread.... not that I can remember anyway.

This is the latest song that I have actually written. I'm very proud of this song and hope you can enjoy it. Its a progressive rock tune that has pushed my chops to a new level.

"The World Will End Without Us"
Ambient Colab Invite 8 years ago
What do you need? I play bass, guitar, keyboard, and can program just about anything!
How many bass or drummers are there? 8 years ago
I'm a bass player with a few different basses for different tones and I program a lot of drums with reason so if you ever need any help just send me a message!
Rewire? Anyone have it work? 9 years ago
I've never rewired Reason into GB but I have into Pro Tools a bunch. Make sure that your instrument in reason is routed correctly into the rewire slave and make sure you have the right input selected in rewire window. It may be different for GB though. I hope you can figure it out!
A Problem with Crystal.... 9 years ago
Hey could someone that uses crystal tell me if I'm just doing something wrong or if this synth has a huge flaw. I've got crystal running through GB and I'm getting sound.... but I can't use my sustain pedal! I've made some really great tones but I can't get them to sustain! Such a disappointment. Am I doing something stupid or does this synth let me down?