Ello all! I am Sierra or Sisi for short. I write lyrics and sing. Do I do it well? Well that is for you to decide.

Despite most of my music is pop or dance, I prefer rock and metal. My comfort zone vocally tends to be dark and haunting. Sometimes Jazzy and theatrical.

If you have any suggestions for me do not hesitate to tell me rather it is good or bad. You want to tell me that you dislike my vocals, do not hesitate. As a matter of fact I prefer you tell me the harsh truth. By doing so you are helping me. "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger," right?

I speak in 4 different languages:
-Bad English
-15% spanish (maybe less)
-Sisi (my own language. Can't handle my adorkableness than suck my rainbow)

I am american. Despite that I am a red head I do have a soul, I just don't like the sun. I am blunt and my own kind of special. I was born 1992 and I can't come up with anything else to add.

Also if you want to learn more well you can check out my facebook page, Cuteness! Join it, Like it, post to it, share it, whatever. The link to my page is bellow. Its just a way to see my soft side. Anywho I hope you enjoy my music and such and I may not know you but I LOVE YOU! Peacers!

I now has a sound cloud! WOO HOO!!!!

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Recovering! April 20, 2013
I got my tonsillectomy!
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Trained Woodland Creatures? January 30, 2013
Why do I feel like I just stepped into a fairy tale story today?
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The Fallen Evil (A nightmare) January 26, 2013
This is just for those of you who like to read into dreams or like crazy syfy type stories. But I will warn you this is from a nightmare . . . it may not be a happy ending. If you want you can come up with what happens next. Actually I sent this to someone on (DJ Anna Stars)and they want to use it in a story they are working on. WIN!

I also confess my writing skills are not the best.

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Hey There Zephie January 24, 2013
Written a year ago or so to remind my best friend how beautiful she is. Very sappy. I know it sound like a love song but it isn't. I used fake names in this as well that she and I came up long ago and never used. The names were going to be used in an RP we wanted to make but that never happened.
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And Only God Knows Why January 20, 2013
These are lyrics I wrote for a track Project_S made. I liked the title he already had for the track so I thought I would write lyrics to go with it. Luckily I already had an idea that worked out with it from an earlier experience.
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Sweet Poison Collab Dance Dec 21, 2013 536
Shalom Chaverim A Cappella Feb 17, 2013 494
You're the One Collab Pop Jan 24, 2013 492
And Only God Knows Why Collab Rock Jan 20, 2013 912
Hour Glass (Radio Edit) Collab Pop Jan 19, 2013 366
Hour Glass Collab Pop Jan 18, 2013 409
Round & Round (version 2) Collab Dance Jan 18, 2013 243
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Rebellious (Radio 2K16 Mix) Dance Nov 1, 2016 452
Rebellious (Demo) Pop May 16, 2014 465
Dreams & Fantasy (Radio Edit) Pop Dec 20, 2013 979
Dreams And Fantasy (Preview) Pop Dec 11, 2013 486
Cornered (Radio Edit) Dance Nov 23, 2013 734
SiČ - Freaks (Open Collab) Alternative May 5, 2013 286
Freaks (Open Chain Collab) Electronica Jan 30, 2013 640
For Whats to come within the year. Pop Jan 17, 2013 719
The Truth Remix 2 Rock Jul 9, 2012 754
Acid Rain Metal Jan 10, 2012 504


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Cornered (Radio Edit) Axelbreeze [+2] Dance 734
The Rat Chase KennethLavrsen Electronica 1091
The Link SeeHearNow Alternative 237
joseph - matching lifes ozgurcanalkan World 280
So Innocent Project__S Rock 328
Time Project__S Rock 392
Project X Bengod3 Electronica 215
JFKhan FadenFade Electronica 246
in pieces jacobsapple Metal 205
Free Love (Depeche Mode song) CharlyDeeCynthius [+1] Pop 2276
i want to say "love you" masafy Ambient 299
Hunt Of The Season (Radio Edit) Axelbreeze [+2] Pop 2879
I'm Late For My Love ZipZipper Electronica 533
Sit Back Fredriksen Rock 333
Rock Song January 23 2013 WITH GUITAR jonsmjohnson Rock 773
Blablabla (Preview) Bapta Electronica 273
Guardian SheLiesSleeping Electronica 273
g bounce Lapskin Electronica 340
Ride whispaz R&B 294
Atlantis (Revision) SkySentinel Electronica 244
Shutdown SkySentinel Electronica 252
For Whats to come within the year. Axelbreeze [+5] Pop 719
Kill SkySentinel Electronica 228
Morning Star DigitalRedux [+1] House 294
Kiss It Goodbye lifelessdead Rock 666
We Yes Speak Americano DigitalRedux Dance 276
Grabbin' Clouds ReadandReturn Pop 604
Road to Apocalypse PaulWilkins Classical 1703
Meme Song Uplink Rock 429
Hurt (Trance remix) Broken_Soul Electronica 380
Darkness (LIVE) Video CharlyDeeCynthius [+2] Music Videos 766
The Old You Was Hotter DonnaMarilyn Other 533
Fight Back ReadandReturn Hip Hop/Rap 345
So Happy Together (Cover Edit) Axelbreeze [+1] Pop 2201
All Your 'BASS' Are Belong To Us. Nuuute Rock 1264
Strangers - Single ReadandReturn Hip Hop/Rap 643
Masterpiece (Cover Edit) Axelbreeze [+1] Pop 1011
trippy tricky Lapskin Electronica 388
HourGlass (Radio Edit) Axelbreeze [+1] Pop 2628
None of the Above AngeloA Ambient 594
We Had A Fight (video) thenownows Music Videos 780
SkyDiving (UK Radio Edit) Axelbreeze [+1] Dance 633
The Sadness In Your Voice RevJoE Electronica 537
Mushroom Dream RevJoE Electronica 780
Perfect theblackdove Pop 279
Waves OddEO Dance 317
What Went Wrong Dyl Rock 1427
We're Not Gonna Take it (Collab) livelargemusic [+2] Rock 720
Set Me as a Seal (better mix) schubertiad A Cappella 438
Euro House ShadowofNine Dance 585
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