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is iComp dead ? or dying ? 3 years ago
ive been on here since 2005. iCompositions is probably my oldest active online account. i will continue to upload all my work here, if not for listens, then for excellent storage and backup.
Official Song Plugging Thread 5 years ago
Hey guys,

This is my latest track...Neighbor

Kinda low on the listens, thought i'd give it a shot over here.

thanks guys!
Uploading and Editing Songs 12 years ago
lol dang. I looked on the first page and didnt see it, so i started a whole new topic. k, i'll find it.
Uploading and Editing Songs 12 years ago
I bet other people have had this problem too...
It would be nice to have the option to upload a cleaner/re-edited version of a song we have already uploaded. Therefore, all the nice comments and ratings we have gotten for said song would not be lost smiley.
This would obviously be for remixing the song in minor ways; not completely changing it. Basically, the problem I had is that I uploaded a song, and then it got some nice comments, but then I noticed something I could fix, so i had to upload it as a different song.
Official Song Plugging Thread 12 years ago
first time posting in a self promotion thread, hehe.

remix of my pixies cover. leave a comment.
iComposition Custom Button 12 years ago
the only problem with those buttons is the size.

Also, maybe some users would like a more personal button.

but I have used the buttons featured on iComp before
iComposition Custom Button 12 years ago
Hi, I've been experimenting with photoshop, and I made this button: image

Tell me if you like it!
Unfortunately it was constrained to 88 by 31 on the site I used it on, but it turned out pretty well.

Show me any buttons you've made!

also, if anyone wants a button like this, or any kind of button, I would be happy to make some. They can be very useful for signatures on other forums.
Song Writing .. how do YOU do it ? 12 years ago
I make the music first. I generally dont have lyrics in mind.

Then, if I feel that a song could support lyrics, i write them very quickly while listening to the song.
Why do you hide your identity? 12 years ago

I dont hide my first name. I don't give out my last name over the internet however, as a rule of thumb.
Can I write music? 12 years ago
hey icompositions offers in the free software, a program that allows you to use your keyboard that you type with, as a midi keyboard. its called midikeys, i've made two songs with it. It isn't great, you have to press the arrow keys to move up or down the keyboard but its better than having nothing.