I am a multi-instrumentalist hailing from Canada. I am/was predominantly a guitarist. That was kind of my primary focus, but now my interest is almost completely immersed in the study/learning of tapping/free hands type playing a la the Chapman Stick. Think of Stanley Jordan or Emmett Chapman, and that's kind of where I am headed. Where I hope I am headed...

I hope you enjoy my musical explorations and ideas...

Tapicus Maximus
(Formerly Guitarius Maximus)

But my friends call me Scott...

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Notice Rock Apr 24, 2018 90
A Drop In Time Metal Apr 8, 2018 172
Spider-Man Riff (Rough Sketch) Rock Apr 3, 2018 152
Gee - Low Jazz Blues Jazz Mar 15, 2018 211
3rd Winter (Chapman Stick) New Age Mar 4, 2018 288
Out Of The Frying Pan Metal Jan 8, 2018 322
Mad World - Chapman Stick Cover Rock Feb 17, 2017 347
Mjolnir Rock Nov 6, 2016 466
Chasm Rock Oct 24, 2016 498


Title Genre Released Plays
A Monstrous Thing of Beauty Metal Dec 31, 2016 553
Spirit Chewality Rock Nov 20, 2016 469
Chromatic Jack Rock Nov 7, 2016 560
No one is like you Rock Oct 25, 2016 474