Just attempting to sing and write new lyrics.

My vocals and lyrics do tend to be dark. I suffer from a form of Epilepsy that runs in the family and have PTSD. No I am not a veteran, its not that kind of post traumatic stress disorder. My Epilepsy and my PTSD tend to make their way into my lyrics. Its a form of stress relief and coping for me.

I have recently learned that I have to be careful with what I do, listen to, or use lyrically because even one or two word can "trigger" me. And, no, I am using trigger as my trauma therapist uses it. I am not a fan of the term "trigger" due to people using it to ruin everything.

Learning my "triggers" and issues is a trial and error process. So if something upsets me out of no where, PLEASE do not take it personally. There is no way you would have know it would have had such an effect, and truth is I am just as confused by it the whole thing.

I did have an account as SierraRace. I deleted it due to an embarrassing break down and episode of crazy. I apologies for that. I also got married which is the main reason for the name change.

If you are interested in hearing demos, or early releases, my Soundcloud is Tera Nova and in the link below.


Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Behind the Night Dry Vocals A Cappella Mar 13, 2018 170
Undead (Dry Vocal Demo) Dance Sep 29, 2017 424
Submerge Collab Dance Sep 28, 2017 439
Inside Collab Dance Sep 28, 2017 326


Title Genre Released Plays
Behind The Night (Candlelight Mix) Pop Mar 14, 2018 218
All Alone Industrial Jan 21, 2018 300
Arachnus (Radio Edit) Pop Oct 29, 2017 381