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April 19, 2011 | 6:04 am

How would you describe my music?

I've been watching this video from the people at today. It's all about self-promotion. And they say the No.1 rule is to clearly define your music to new listeners. This is something I've thought about for a while, and I think having more opinions might help - so please let me know what you think. The video gives an example of something a specific thing some band might use - "disco funk for people who like to dance" - so I'm not necessarily looking for a genre here, just a phrase I suppose.

When I was with my band we would call it 'Acoustic Pop'. It separates the music from singer/songwriter which sometimes has a reputation for being a little boring... but then again, I think I would say that my music is similar to some people in that category.

Someone once described it in a nice way - I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was something like "Chilled-out funky pop-rock" , he might have said singer/songwriter, I don't remember. But yeah, I thought that was kinda cool!

I've been hearing the term "Adult Contemporary" recently. I think it might be just an american thing, but we don't really use that phrase here in the UK. From what I can tell, there might be certain elements of that in my music, but it's probably not quite right really.

I think there's also a "dark" element to a lot of my songs because of the dissonance I like to use in my harmony. So I think that's a good word for some of my songs, but not all of them by any stretch of the imagination.

So what do you think?



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To be honest with you Tess, i don't know too much about musical genres, as a DJ i'm more into the "electronica stuff" so ...

But if i should describe yours in one word, i'd choose "HEAVEN"

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I always thought the first rule was to enjoy doing what you are doing. Second rule follow the first rule. But in all fairness having listened too your songs. (mostly in secrete) I am like @FEAHM into the whole electronic department well probably more the experimental world. But too me your music fits the pop area more so than most plus you have similar tone too cerys matthews vocally in some of your songs at times. If i just caused offence with that comment i do apologies its meant as a complement. I shall now return too my cave and run amuck smiley
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Darkly Romantic with an Edge... smiley
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I think that "Pop" is a fine description for what you are playing (from the couple of songs I have heard). It's a wide enough genre that if you perform your songs with a different arrangement (adding strings, or electric guitar), unless you go string quartet, metal or punk, it'll probably still be pop.
I think identifying one's music with a genre assists in helping your potential audience find you. Also, If you have a web page, you may want to mention a couple of artists who have inspired you, so it may help people find you who share your likes and may be inclined to like your music immediately. Others will find out by word-of-mouth, exposure via local gigs, youtube, local radio, etc.
Good luck.
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