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icomper needs your vote! 7 years ago
Yes indeed. I believe I may get a phone call tomorrow if I win.

Thanks everyone smiley
icomper needs your vote! 7 years ago
Last few hours of voting now, voting closes at midday today (UK)

here's a direct link: http://www.battlefront.co.uk/battlefront-anthem/

Thank you so much everyone! smiley
icomper needs your vote! 7 years ago
Thank you so much! This is quite unexpected. But I really could do with all your help, my dream job is pretty much writing theme tunes lol so I was thinking this may be a foot in the door.

I'm sorry I kind of stopped posting here, I think I might make some new recordings to put up here just for you guys. And those of you who have been following me on places like youtube, it's very much appreciated!
Professional musician? 9 years ago
spootane wrote:
hey tess! thanks for the shoutout... haha. there's so much you could possibly do in music, from performance/creative to production, music supervision, songwriting/publishing, etc etc... but it is smart to have *something* to "fall back on," even if it means just having a college degree or a job in the music/entertainment business (which is still really competitive)... but I'd say do your research, read some books on the industry (look up Don Passman-- he's good), and go for it when you know you're ready smiley ... keep in touch!

I'm planning to have a good degree in about a year and a half and I've been planning to get the Donald Passman book for a bit as I used it for an essay recently and it seemed really usefull.

Right now I'm supposed to be contacting publishers... but its hard to know what to say.
What Is Your Masterpiece? 9 years ago
My favourite of my compositions is stranger:

I like it so much because there's nothing i don't like about it. The chords are interesting and uplifting, the lyrics are story-like and ambiguous, the melody is memorable and i've done a lot with the arrangement.

However it seems like the one i'm currently writing is going pretty well ... lets just say it's deffinately going on the album.

oooops! Did I Song Plug? 9 years ago
yeah lol i kinda learned my lesson in that respect.
oooops! Did I Song Plug? 9 years ago
I agree. Once i was in chat and i started talking to someone in the room who i think was a regular listener of mine and i was like "i've got a new song up if you're interested" so he asked for a link and next thing i knew i was being showered with insults and patronising comments. i was rather annoyed to say the least - i don't believe what i did was wrong because in my opinion the song plug thing is about spammers interoupting chat with links and such and i wasn't doing that, i was just letting a willing listener know that i had a new song up...

anyway, i don't dissagree with the rule i just wish it was a little more sympathetic.

Professional musician? 10 years ago
thankyou for this message modesto66, this is exactly what i believe in. All my life ever since i wanted to be a musician, people have told me "yeah! go for it! but make sure you have a back up plan" and i've just been like "NO this is what i want to do and i'm not gunna spend time making a back up plan for something im gunna be unhappy doing" i know i'm good enough so there should be no problem right? lol
.. and i dunno if you noticed but a guy above called.. "spootane" recently offered me some connections to his marketing/managing company. Hopefully this will help me get at least a foot in the door.

... So yeah. I'm very excited right now. smiley
Professional musician? 10 years ago
i can't find justin karpel, what's his username?
Professional musician? 10 years ago
Thanks alot for the link im reading it now smiley
Professional musician? 10 years ago
OK i dont know how many times i have to say it lol

I'm already doing my degree, i'm at a pretty highly respected college. Loads of contacts within the college since the majority of the lecturers have had a career in the music industry and decided to pass on their knowledge as a teacher. I'm hoping to take advantage of that.

A lot of the people on my course are souly performers, lecturers always telling us that the money is in composing. . .
Professional musician? 10 years ago
im sorry guys im kinda confused about how this is related to what i said but ill respond anyway.

my degree covers popular music history, theory, performance and studio techniques. and of course the main part of my course is composition.

My plans? I'm in my first year at the moment haven't quite worked out what my career is going to consist of when i leave but the idea of writing soundtracks for games sounds pretty cool. mainly for the reason that it may be a way around the whole deceiving music industry... possibly.

- tess
Professional musician? 10 years ago
Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if there are many people on icomp who have a career in music?

Studying music at the moment i hope to go on to be a composer professionaly. Recently a friend of mine suggested that being a composer for a games company may be a good idea, and i've been thinking seriously about it.

Does anybody know much about this side of the game industry? I've found out about EA's "Artwerk" record label that was created in order to pick up artists for the composition of their soundtracks. But I don't have a clue how to get into this, and i don't know much about the job either. so if any of you could inform me a little more about this that would be great.


- tess
Female composers needed for Pyro Fly 11 years ago
two of mine :
(whiskey on the rocks)
(search party)