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Title Genre Released Plays
She's my baby.(Cover) Rock Jun 13, 2012 465
Midnight Train Blues (original) Blues Jun 13, 2012 414
Midnight Train. Blues Jan 9, 2012 612
NO DRAMA- RIFF o RARMA. Metal Jun 13, 2009 690
DARKSIDE OF THE CITY. Other May 3, 2009 831
Electrobop Blues Blues Apr 25, 2009 657
Trigger. Other Apr 22, 2009 656
Electrobop Blues Blues Apr 1, 2009 758
GWION GWION World Mar 27, 2009 1370
I'm a dog. Explicit Country Sep 11, 2008 836
BEER Country Jul 26, 2007 1348
Ballad of Roy & Trigger. Country Jul 14, 2007 1066
The Great Decider Rock Oct 12, 2006 1269
Voodoo calling. World Sep 5, 2005 1789


Title Genre Released Plays
Halloween Cadavre Holiday Nov 4, 2006 2361



The RhythmRats formed in the early eighties playing a mixture of Country Blues / Southern rock /Rhythm and Blues, This band went on to join the Flying Fruit Fly Circus ,touring most major Australian cities and a four city tour of Canada , performed on several Television shows including The Midday show/ with David Frost , Good morning Australia, recorded a self produced album in '83 at REMAC records , winning that years best production award and receiving "Double J" airplay
The RhythmRats were also involved in several Theatre productions (during this period) with the critically acclaimed "Murray River Performing Group" working with well known national actors/comedians e.g.- Sally Upton, Denise Scott, John Walker.
The band then went on the road as featured artists and backing band with The Ray Kernaghan country road show , featuring his son the now famous "Lee" after several tours and appearances at the Tamworth country festival the "Rats" went back to their roots with a highly successful rock n roll show performing at B&S balls, festivals, competing with top national bands on the pub rock circuit, the last lineup toured N.S.W / Victoria and a highly successful four week tour of Tasmania.
Over the years the band had many lineup changes depending on the situation, bringing in top players from N.S.W and Victoria .
The latest five piece lineup includes Gary Melbourne (Buffalo Bronson) (vocals/harmonica), Bryan Dwyer (drums) John Gratton, (guitar/vocals) Terry Wilcox(bass). playing a mix of rootsy rock n roll, rhythm & blues. country-blues .
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