Hello dear friends
The Upper-class *******s is an alternative hard rock band from Turin (Italy).
In 2005 Charlotte S. and Dario put together this adrenalinic rock band with a refined sound that goes straight in your face.
After two months they released their first ep, Crash-Test. The *******s' music got in the italians ears as pasta Barilla did in their tummies years before...
The 2009 marks the debut of their first full lenght, No-Bless Oblige, promoted by Street Symphonies Records ( Noblesse Oblige has its ownn well known meaning in french language, really Upper-class indeed, and... kind of bitter as well.
This ain't enough for the Upper-Class, what about their ******* side? They then warped the title mixing English and French for an ironic-flavored result.
My lyrics are basically a way to express the 'dark side' of myself rather than states of mind. A way to avoid my 'Falling Down', I try to sing straight to the face my anger, my unrest against lots of things, I like irony, I like fools being treu to their name and not understanding and I like to laugh at plastic heroes... [Charlotte S.].
In 2010 The Upper-Class *******s release the new After 2 A.M. Everyone Sleeps ep.
At the present day the band is working on new songs, coming soon to any hi-fi or woofer near you.
The Upper-Class *******s are constantly promoting their music across Europe and North America, never overlooked by Radio broadcasts, magazines and fanzines.
Only a couple of countries has yet to be reached by their music, even though there's still a lot to do, their ambition still stands strong.

Let me do my very best to bring out the worst of me [The U.C.B.]

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Zombie Town Explicit Rock Feb 7, 2011 254
Scary Cherry Explicit Rock Jan 31, 2011 385