Vince Vance is the star and leader of Vince Vance & the Valiants, the ultimate party band, the USA’S #1 corporate attraction and a hilarious family show. He has a saying, “You can’t buy a good time, BUT you can hire me and improve your chances.” For 3 decades with his band, Vinnie performs hundreds of concerts yearly in 13 countries and 34 states making people smile, touching their hearts, and creating and re-creating memories. From the Waldorf to the White House, the super dome to the super Bowl, Bourbon Street to Broadway, Vince sparkles the world over with his magical tall hair, his band of Valiants and vivacious girls’ trio, the Valiantettes: Violet, Vixie and Velvet. No other major performer performs as many dates. Vinnie success formula:

"It’s the Rock n’ Roll music for sure. You give your audience the greatest songs ever written, throw in some of my own cool hits, add in the finest musicians playing those songs, get 3 beautiful, talented girl vocalists in cheerleader outfits grabbing people out of the crowd and bringing them on stage and top it off with a funny guy with an 18” hair-do, who does a dozen characters in an hour and a half… a guy who really knows how to get the party started, you have something totally irresistible. That is Vince Vance & the Valiants. I know. I’ve dedicated my life to it and that’s how I know it’s a winner."

Vince’s TV credits include: The “Showman” episode of “Only in America” on the Travel Channel, videos on TNT, TNN, CMT, and as a guest star singing a do-wop version of “Friends in Low Places” on the NBC Special This is Garth Brooks Too!

Vinnie, the recording artist, has released 21 singles, 11 albums and 2 bona-fide national #1s: “All I Want for Christmas is You” and “Bomb Iran,” both of which he was co-composer. Vinnie’s cartoon video, “Bomb Iraq” was an internet smash hit and was downloaded in excess of 5 million times just on one day! As president of Valiant records since 1981 and a member of SESAC, he was executive producer of the 1996 album release of Times Change by Edward C. Loftus. In ’96, he wrote and released the Disney Radio single, “The Frankenstein.” In 2001, with writing partners, Troy Powers and Ed Loftus, they released the nationally acclaimed “My Valentine,” and with writing partners, Troy Powers and Terry Houle, wrote and released the Gulf Coast blockbuster hit, “Cruisin the Coast,” which was selected as the official them song of Cruisin’ the Coast Festival. Vince is a voting member of NARAS (Grammys) and the Dallas Local of the AFM and international performing rights society SESAC.

2005, Vince Vance & the Valiants performed in Washington DC for President Bush’s Inauguration: A Red Hot Louisiana for the State of Louisiana. June 12, 2005, Vince Vance & the Valiants were inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. In 2003, Fullerton Books released Vinnie’s hard-bound family work entitled "The Vince Vance Rock n’ Roll Reader." His album dedicated to the Gulf Coast, entitled Cruisin' the Coast, was also released regionally in October 2002. On February 15, 2002, he was recognized by the Louisiana Music Commission for a lifelong contribution to Louisiana Music. In January, 2002, he was honored as Grand Marshal of the Orange Grove Carnival Association. In 2001, he was selected by the readership of the Gulfport Sun Herald as the “Person Coast Residents Want to Know More About.”

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
You're Such a Beautiful Girl (live piano version) Pop May 1, 2008 5394
You're Such a Beautiful Girl Pop Jan 3, 2008 2912
Without You Classical Feb 10, 2010 716
Without the Dream There's No You (Instrumental Piano Solo) Pop Apr 27, 2008 1161
Wienies, Weinies Comedy Jan 8, 2008 1190
When You Comin' Back? Rock Feb 4, 2008 2461
What Do Boys Want? R&B Jan 14, 2008 3066
We're Gonna Dance Rock Feb 3, 2008 992
We're Gonna Be Rich Spoken Word Jan 5, 2008 3104
We Were Afraid to Fly Electronica Jan 6, 2008 1416
We Don't Run Rock Jan 5, 2008 1049
This Little Girl of Mine Rock Jan 15, 2008 1111
There are Things You Can't Take From Me (live piano version) Pop May 2, 2008 1165
There are Things You can't Take from Me (produced) Pop Feb 10, 2010 792
The Earl of Duke Spoken Word Jan 9, 2008 973
Thank You, Mama Rock Apr 11, 2008 1289
Thank You Pop Apr 24, 2008 1046
Tamale Wagon Comedy Jan 4, 2008 1135
Take Me to the Land of Make-Believe Electronica Jan 7, 2008 1082
Sound Off Spoken Word Jan 26, 2008 904
Soldier Faraway from Home (Lonely Soldier) Inspirational May 21, 2008 2461
Sha-la-la-la Good-Bye Rock Mar 30, 2008 6799
Second Line Shake Pop Jan 3, 2008 1880
Saints Go Marchin' Electronica Jan 9, 2008 1354
Red Dress Rock Feb 2, 2008 3620
Please Mister Spaceman Pop May 6, 2008 2333
O, Brother, Come with Me Spoken Word May 20, 2008 1249
My Valentine Holiday Jan 5, 2008 1109
Merry Christmas to You Holiday Jan 3, 2008 1202
Keep on Smilin' A Cappella Jan 5, 2008 921
Jeaously Pop Feb 10, 2010 647
Jackie and Jill Rock Jan 4, 2008 3173
It's Me, Vinnie Comedy Jan 3, 2008 897
Isn't It Sad? Dance Jan 25, 2008 1075
I Wanna Be Wherever You Are (original version) Pop Feb 3, 2008 3626
I Wanna Be Wherever You Are Pop Jan 16, 2008 1101
I Wanna Be a Christmas Tree Holiday Jan 5, 2008 1514
I Need You, Joie Pop May 22, 2008 1394
I Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans Pop Jan 3, 2008 2119
I Got Stung (re-mix 1996) Rock Jan 4, 2008 1171
I Got Stung (original mix) Rock Feb 2, 2008 840
I Am New Orleans Spoken Word Aug 26, 2010 5806
Hot Sauce Rock Feb 3, 2008 808
Gris-Gris on the Other Team Comedy Jan 5, 2008 1795
Goodbye Johnny Electronica Apr 7, 2008 1487
Girl Crazy Comedy Feb 5, 2008 1146
Don't Touch My Hair! Pop Jan 3, 2008 1714
Don't Let Them Tear Us Apart Rock Jan 5, 2008 2084
Cruisin' the Coast Rock Jan 15, 2008 2519
Contents Under Pressure Rock May 23, 2008 979
Chili Christmas Holiday Jan 24, 2008 2747
Cheatah (undamaged download) Latin Apr 14, 2008 1172
Cheatah Latin Jan 6, 2008 1122
Carnival Time in New Orleans Pop Jan 4, 2008 1281
Can't You See the Moon? Rock Jan 25, 2008 4937
Boogie Rock Rock Apr 1, 2008 1137
Blackbird Rock Feb 2, 2008 2512
All I Want for Christmas is You Country Jan 3, 2008 4016