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Official Song Plugging Thread 11 years ago
Metal and Bossanova, two new(old songs):


Cinematic Collab (Cadavre?) 11 years ago
ok. D minor, 4/4,120bpm. See ya smiley
Cinematic Collab (Cadavre?) 11 years ago
Can I try too? smiley
Vocalist Envy Syndrome 11 years ago
Maybe I need some meshuggah style. Poly-rythmic and Aggressive. Are you in?
need soulful yet blazing guitar solo 11 years ago
Ok, here's your solo:

song + solo:


solo only (AIFF!)


If you see only strange chars, simply choose "files -> save as" and rename the .txt files in .aac or .aif

Hope you like it. smiley
6 Star Ratings 11 years ago
Powermac, I think you are right, but I was thinking about an improvement too, a "binary choose option".
A field where the people can say "yes" or "no", to a song, despite the rankings. Such as in the Coliseum. smiley
Often, to me, five stars mean yes.
I know this is very similar to favourite, but I know that many people doesn't want to exaggerate with their favourites.
Yes, no, ora Apple for Yes smiley

Just an idea, I hope I explained well what I was thinking.

I don't have a Mac. PLZ HELP! 11 years ago
Try m-audio Session, or Tracktion, they are good softwares to begin with. Otherwise Cubase SL. These are the cheapest! smiley
Cadavre Exquis - 3rd time is a charm? 11 years ago
YAY! I'm in. smiley
Sheet Music 11 years ago
Think about using Logic Express. It's very cheap and do all the things you need. smiley
A bit stuck..., 11 years ago
Do you study music? That will help a lot! smiley
Studing music gives us all new ideas and melody every day, every notions we studies adds to our musical compositions, and our tastes and abilities growths together. smiley

Piano/Synth needed (Wurlizter, Rhodes or Hammond) 11 years ago
Hi guys! I'm searching for a piano guy to add walking bass and harmony to my two-guitars version of Blue Bossa. Hope there's someone! smiley


Official Song Plugging Thread 11 years ago
I'm back! smiley

Post Your Music Videos/Concerts 12 years ago
Google video is free too smiley


Once I've posted a video of my band smiley


Free virtuosism smiley
italia 12 years ago
Perfetto, allora, scusate se ho immaginato male. smiley
italia 12 years ago
Per favore, se avete intenzione di copiare un sacco di software stracostosissimo, ho paura che avete sbagliato posto.
Official Song Plugging Thread 12 years ago

Blue Monk, in Monk's Mood. smiley
italia 12 years ago
No. smiley Ciao e divertiti!
ages of icompositioners? 12 years ago
21 smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 12 years ago
A new composition by me! A Classical One.

I've got the inspiration by playing Monkey Island 3 smiley

Official Song Plugging Thread 12 years ago
So, I'm goin to plug myself. smiley Two "strange composition".


Electronica, videogames style (no 8bit smiley)


Funky style, a la Interstate '76 smiley
no 12 years ago
I found it! Damn, it was not in the preferences, it was in the "set audio path" section.

Thank you guys!

no 12 years ago
I've got a question: Why does logic express doesn't record more than 15minutes of audio? Or it is a problem in my Mac? If I want to record more than 15 minutes I've got to enlarge the song's duration right? But even if I set tempo to 40bpm after 15minutes it stops.

Thank you for your help smiley
Musical typing 12 years ago
Do you need to write to sheet your music? smiley
Using music in my game 12 years ago
I would like very much to work with game developer. Send us info, or maybe contacts of other people like you who developes games/applications!

We can compose new stuff for you too, just ask what you want smiley
italia 12 years ago
Ci sono anch'io! E sono nuovo. Ciao a tutti smiley)

Ci sono topic di presentazione in Inglese?