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March 17, 2006 | 4:09 am

Would it be interesting...?

I was imagining an iComp Conference. It would be great to meet some of you. That's all. I hope that counts as a blog. I'm not sure how these things work.



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Great minds truly think alike!
I keep picturing a sunny afternoon in the middle of ... lets say Chicago , and I enter the outskirts of this giant organized festival wearing a t-shirt that says 'Homebrand' on it , smoking a cigarette and looking a bit edgy (as I'm from Scotland , Tiny land in comparison) And then suddenly People start screaming , and I look round to see you , Lilichi , Lwinston , Offbalance , Fortunato , Mysti etc. Everyone I talk to here all meeting and greeting me , and welcoming me to America and asking 'how was your flight' and stuff like that. Then during the course of the day I find more people from across the globe including Bampot and RdG and having a Great experience.
Then there is a live show , with Etgilles singing , EnicholsIC playing guitar , Scottydude on bass , Vaporman on backing vocals , Me on drums (might as well) and lots of other Compers adding their part to it!
There would be a classical section where artists like Fortunato , Mysti , Balok etc could all hang out , a dance section where the likes of you and me would be seen , drinking free champagne and dancing away , and a number of other sections for different listeners with different styles and tastes!
Of course , every piece of music played at this festival would be Original Icompositions from commited Musicians of this site!!!
We would all dance the night away... and have wonderful memories of the whole thing... depending on how much we 'celebrate'!
We would all see what PM looks like too! and Jlgerk and mattf!

Also , we could all talk about it in the chat room when its all over....

It would totally bring life to!

It might detract from the mystery of it all though , but it would be worth it.

So , yep I've though about that too WRG.
It's a good thought... hope it happens.

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(everybody is wearing t-shirts with their icomp names on them for recognicion)

(also , people start screaming when I show up because it's my dream and I say so!)
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are they screaming out of fear? terror? surprise? or just because? hehee

Anyway, there was a forum about this, started mostly by the UK folks asking to do an iComp concert... I don't think it happened... I guess a 'conference' might be easier to coordinate smiley
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Just because , Lili. Cause I'm in da house! woot! ....nah. I dunno
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