Sometimes I feel like a Shmuck
May 1, 2006 | 12:28 am

I wish I had ten sets of ears.

I log on to iComp a lot of times to find that I've missed quite a few songs from quite a few artists that I not only love to listen to, but from whom I recieve a lot of listens from. I'm affraid sometimes that I don't have enough time between writing and recording songs to actually listen to music. Mostly I feel bad about my not returning as much attention as is given to me on this sight. I do live for playing music and I truly apreciate this site and the community of artist here with all of their abundant talent. Who knows? Maybe my worry is unfounded and I should just stop. I have been flooded with awesome interaction here and it came while I'm building my boat, so most of my attention is commanded by my creating that boat and like the blurb says, I wish I had ten sets of ears to accomodate all the attention I wish I could give here. I do find a lot of time to be here and have commented my share, and I understand the nature of iComp in that it is a community of artists. The listeners are there, but this being our place to learn from each other I find most comments from other artist. Anyway, I'm begining to ramble and I think I've gotten my concern across. That I deeply appreciate being a part of iCompositions and cheers to all of you.
I appologize if I've missed you.
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I know the feeling. There is so much to appreciate here, it can be overwhelming. Just do what you can. In the long run, if you get back what you put in, then it is all fair. And don't forget that the rest of the world is also filled with wonders. Thanks for being here.
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I am forever in love with all the musician’s all over the world, you speak to us, feel for us allow us to live through your music and your words.

Not everyone can be everywhere, those who know you, know that you are supporting them, sharing the passion of music with them. You may have other avenues in your life you must tend to, this is how it is in life, we all understand.

I can see you are clearly surrounded by those who care about you and they know that your love of music and exchanging of ideas is a way of showing gratitude and appreciation.
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It is a tough thing indeed, I feel that way too as I also write poetry and have a profile on allpoetry so it is so hard to keep up.

Just do what you can when you can.

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