I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast surrounded by music. Country, Blues, Zeidico, Jazz, and of course Rock n Roll. I could be found at any heavy metal concert at the front row wishing like hell I was on the stage. I played drums but mostly played the car stereo. LOUD.
Over time the drums found new homes and I wound up with an old classical guitar. After teaching myself all the cowboy chords I soon grew board and started singing too. Now I find myself endlessly fascinated by the versatility of 6 strings and a voice to convey a song from any era. My set list reads from Patsy Cline's Crazy to Judas Priests Breaking The Law. Its all about having a good time with it and maybe entertaining someone along the way.
I have a little project/band called Bootleg VooDoo
Paycheck Friday is my "favorite" original.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Squeeze Box (COVER) Rock Jun 26, 2010 974
Purple Rain (COVER) Pop Jun 21, 2010 847
Don't Stop Believing Rock Jun 5, 2010 752
Paycheck Friday Collab Blues May 23, 2010 1909
Treasure That Is You Collab Blues Apr 26, 2010 689
Too Lazy Rock Apr 26, 2010 681
Friends And Time Country Apr 26, 2010 615
Tattooed on My Mind Rock Apr 26, 2010 574
It Hurts Me Too Blues Nov 29, 2009 814
Here I Go Again (Acoustic Cover) Rock Nov 28, 2009 506
Suspicious Minds (cover) Country Nov 11, 2009 684