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Sketch for Emily by eagle 22 days ago
In certain parts sounds like i was in the XVth century... but then, Ian Anderson came to my mind...

Lamento for violin and piano (2015) by georgeptingley 22 days ago
Beautiful! Well done!
Moochi Chu by RTe 22 days ago
Beautiful! That's Awesome!!!

Well done, Omar!
RAIN (2) by KCsGROOVE 24 days ago

Well done, KC.

DOO WAH REDUX by SISTERS 24 days ago
Very Good! Weil done. Very relaxing...

Indigenous House by RTe 24 days ago
Well done Omar!!
Nice work, as always!

Be cool.

Girl In White by Dyl 24 days ago
Well done, Dylan!
Ecstasy Eyes by videoscore 24 days ago
Very Nice!
Well done!

Be My Light by carlajpatterson 26 days ago
Lovely, as always. I'm flying through the clouds...

Exempli Gratia (for example) by Imekia 26 days ago
Well done. Cool sound.
The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You by themodernorchestra 26 days ago
Cool sound. Funkyyyyy.....
Where are your neon leg warmers? by Mjothvitnir 26 days ago
80's sound... cool!
dance with your heart by eagle 26 days ago
That is a nice touch. Well done. Love it
The Dance of Kintiuashi by themodernorchestra 11 months ago
Asia... AAAaaaahhhh.....


You must read about Zazen...

Poweful and intende. Well done!
The Dance of Tokawando by themodernorchestra 11 months ago
Very experimental... Awesome!

Well done!!
Lost Without Your Love [cover] by eagle 11 months ago
Bahama Mama (Cover) by Deebeesea 11 months ago
Soup Of The Dead by thenownows 11 months ago
Besame Mucho by carlajpatterson 11 months ago
Untitled for Anyone XIV by Ziur 11 months ago
Please do, Diane... you're welcome!
Untitled for Anyone XIV by Ziur 12 months ago
Many thanks for your lovely comments, KC, Carla, Makena, Eagle and Martin.
Loving Arms by Vixen 1 year ago
Love your voice and instrumental is impressive. Love it!!
Spring Song by ScottHorwath 1 year ago
Well done, love it!!
Tu Non Mi Conosci (You Don't Know Me) by carlajpatterson 2 years ago
Bloody hell!!! I never expected this from you. AWESOME!!!
Your italian is FAB!

A great Diva was born!

Beware!!! (LOL)

Love this!!
This is a Lie (Cure cover) Remix by carlajpatterson 2 years ago
Great version, this one...

Carla, this is awesome!!! Well done!

Love it!!
This is a Lie (Siatt Mix) by DJ_Siatt 2 years ago
This one is completely different of mine.
Great job! Well done.
This is a lie (The Cure cover) by Ziur 2 years ago
Thank you for your lovely comments, guys. I am happy to see good people that recepte so well this song.
This is a lie (The Cure cover) by Ziur 2 years ago
Thanks for your comment, Moses. Firstly i didn't known the original song so i did a first listening on youtube. Then i realize that i could make something completely different because Makena's voice has a different stylistic approach and, obviously, i know how to work with his voice since i have done so many songs with him.
snow on the moon [ Sheets ] by zarizarikun 2 years ago
Sounds great!! Awesome!
Here You Are (Do It Like That) by themodernorchestra 3 years ago
Very good!! Lots of electronic sounds, great voice (as always) with a different aproach. Awesome!!
Cover This! - Worse Things I Could Do by themodernorchestra 3 years ago
Well done! Sounds great!
Great track!
Untitled for Anyone XII by Ziur 3 years ago
It is hard to say. I feel this more like music expanded but i like to see how people deal with this kind of music, to see what they think about it. I never thought about Inteligence Dance Music. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, i don't know, but i apreciated your comment, Thierry. Thanks
Tintinnabuli Experience by Ziur 3 years ago
Hi Makena, long time no see...

Arvo Part is a estonian composer. If you see pictures of him seems like a monk...
Forgotten Trip by Elektro 4 years ago
Sounds cool. Well done.
Electric Avenue by Elektro 4 years ago
This sounds great. Not bad for your first time here. Have fun!
Waiting to Kill by Ziur 4 years ago
Thanks, Axel.
The Boys' Own Lament by carlajpatterson 4 years ago
Awesome job, Carla. Lyrics and choral mix very well and develop in a very balanced way. What a good surprise...
Dance In The Shadows by RedthruNthru 4 years ago
Reminds me some Smokey Robinson. It sounds great! Awesome.
Untitled for Anyone X by Ziur 4 years ago
Andreas, Vix, Axel, thanks for your lovely comments.
Chick With A **** by themodernorchestra 4 years ago
Well done. it was quite a long... Great mood!! Shake the But!!!
Sunblocks by MassGalactic 4 years ago
Reminds me Air with a little of Mick Oldfield
Sunset at the Mountain by Ziur 4 years ago
Thanks F. I Appreciate it.
Sunset at the Mountain by Ziur 4 years ago

Omar, always a pleasure to see your comments. Be cool.

Thanks for your comment, Carla. There is always a possibility for collaboration. At this point nothing came up to my mind about it. Lets wait and something could came up. xox

Hi David. It is a pleasure to see you here. Thanks for your lovely comment. About jampacks, of course there is something better than GB Orchestral jampack and the one you refer is awesome. Unfortunately is too much expensive for me. However, i didn't make any mix on this piece because i am thinking using real instruments and performers. The quality is always better than "machines".

John, Thanks for your comment. Your wright about what matters here. You know that it is difficult to create some dynamic perspectives with audio units and because of that i don't have the possibility to show what is really on my musical mind. I'm glad you enjoy this.
Sunset at the Mountain by Ziur 4 years ago
Thanks for lovely comment, Andreas.
Running by Ziur 4 years ago
Elaine, Andreas, Thanks for wonderful comments.
Running by Ziur 4 years ago
Hey Djev. Thanks for the comment. BTW, nice feature.
Running by Ziur 4 years ago
Omar, KC, thanks for your comments.
Burning Inside (for collab) by Ziur 4 years ago
I hope you have a pleasant trip, Carla. Thanks for your commet.
Burning Inside (for collab) by Ziur 4 years ago
Thanks for comment, Pharma. Always a pleasure to see you here.
Burning Inside (for collab) by Ziur 4 years ago
Many thanks to Djev, Andreas, David and beauty Red for the lovely comments.
My Clone Sleeps Alone by themodernorchestra 4 years ago
Reminds me Marc Almond. Well done, my friend.
Show Me Your Dance by carlajpatterson 4 years ago
i'm speachless...
Robo-Trader by NomadicMind 4 years ago
This is something between T-Rex and some electronic 21st century...
Strange mix but good to listen. Well done.
I agree with music_man. It has some flavour of old Genesis goodies and a little bit of funk, as Omar said. Good Job.
I'm Drowning by themodernorchestra 4 years ago
Great work, Djev. I listened to Carla's collab and i was curious to listen to this. The character of this is totally different.
Well done, my friend.
I'm Drowning (Djev Asnew Cover) by carlajpatterson 4 years ago
Great work, Carla. Definitely you're not drowning...
Awesome choral arrange.
Number One by jjbonney 4 years ago
Now this is totally different!!!... A SMASH!!!!
Great Job. Very anti-trust (LOL).
BeatHiveExp by Lusha 4 years ago
Interesting sounds. It is fun when we play with some loops. Well done.
Hold Your Breath... by themodernorchestra 4 years ago
Well done, my friend. Another great performance.
Great sound, Axel.
Congrats 4U Both.
eleanor rigby by eagle 4 years ago
Some months ago i made a arrange to the orchestra of my school of this piece with great result. Lovely result, Arend. Well done.
Hybrid by dirigent 4 years ago
Well done, my friends. Great work. Congrats.
Junk II by Ziur 4 years ago
Thanks for your lovely comments, guys.
Song for Jessica by jalanix 5 years ago
Beautiful song. Well done. Remind me some Tom Petty old songs. Awesome.
Is Tú Mo Ghrá (Dedicated to Garni's Wife) by OneVox 5 years ago
Great song, guys. The backing vocals reminds me something... i don't know what but, in my youth, i listened to something with that vocal effect (but that is a particularity...). Well done, my friends.

For Alanatomic: The mix of the instrumental part is awesome. For the voices i felt some dissociation with the instrumental part. I don't feel the song as an all part. Maybe creating a little delay on Djev's voice to create some profoundness could be enough and could create some spatiality on this song. I hope you don't be offended wit my suggestion because it is only a feeling that i have...
I am yours by JohnWerkema 5 years ago
Well done. Very spacial piece.
Intimate Confessions - Father Forgive Me by themodernorchestra 5 years ago
Well done, my friend. Something completely different...
In This Together by alanatomic 5 years ago
With some lounge touch. Great job, people!

Lost by OZIUR 5 years ago
Who are those guys???? (LOL)
Sway by themodernorchestra 5 years ago
You're turning a latin man... Pablo has the same last name as i am but it is not from my family...
Great performance. Well done.
Drops of Isolation - Drops of Isolation by themodernorchestra 5 years ago
Now this is different. Electronic experimentalism music... I did'nt expect it. Very good, my friend.
Trace the treasure-Triphop by AviaSunanda 5 years ago
Energic beat. Reminds me Kraftwerk.
Life in Peace by AviaSunanda 5 years ago
Well done,Avia. Remarkable.
Tears of a Happy Monk - For My Love by themodernorchestra 5 years ago
Well done, my friend. Great lyrics and very danceable (what a strange word?!...)
Tears of a Happy Monk - Black Coloured Soul by themodernorchestra 5 years ago
For me the cigar is the scandal of the week (LOL).
I have doubts about the genre... it has may genres incorporated.The result is beautiful.
Well done my friend
Database O by themodernorchestra 5 years ago
This is a new perspective for your sound. It is majestic and with some tension at the same time. Well done , my friend. With this new sounds it will be open to you many possibilities to exploring new worlds and to develop those you have created.
untitled by jamesxsrecords 5 years ago
Muito bem. Talvez falte alguem cantar... daria uma outra dinâmica à peça. Ouço algum ruído, não sei se será de algum som que usas ou se é dos auscultadores... uma solução é usares um compressor no som. Não precisa de ser muito...
De qualquer modo, está porreiro, pá!...
Keep on coming...
A Star Is Born by themodernorchestra 5 years ago
Hi Djev.

This reminds me a Pink Floyd song from "Animals" album. Great performance, as always.
In the Hand of Dante by Mikee 5 years ago
Well done. You really improve the clarity of some situations. Great ambience. Really cool.
Logic: Using the Built-In Vocoder by Mark_Hayes 5 years ago
So this is how it works... Coooooollllll.

Thanks, Mark!
james (aka tiago morgado) - sample and roll by jamesxsrecords 5 years ago
Musica de cariz repetitiva. Isto é bom material para uma obra maior. Mui Bien...
jamesxsrecords (aka tiago morgado) - MSR by jamesxsrecords 5 years ago
Now this is something different around here. Well done. Great ambience. Do you know Kitaro? It reminds me a little...
Ready to Roll ‘Em by dirigent 6 years ago
I'm so sad with the stocking...(lol)

Great song, well done.
In One Go by OZIUR 6 years ago
Awesome, my friend. This will be the beginning of something...
RAIN ON ME (THE VIDEO) by theVirtuals 6 years ago
Bloody hell!!!
What a nice surprise...
I didn't expect it.
Well done, my friends. Here is a proof that we can do things with friends in distant countries.
Great production and a nice breath of fresh air.

David by dirigent 6 years ago
Incredable. I am analizing with my students the "Messe de Notredame" of Machaut and there is something tremendous on is music. The rithm that he creates is something intemporal... Your version is great. I think the instrumental part creates some confusion because the rithm voices is so rich that the instrumental part breaks a little the balance. I don't feel the "time signature" (if we can call by this way...). However, this piece is so rich in terms of rithm that it is always a pleasure to listener like me...
Well done Andreas.
Keep on working...
Ballad of a Hard Man by pharmakeus 6 years ago
Not my kind of stuff but a very cool song. The instrumental part is very good (the solo guitar is very simple and effective and don't overcome the voice. That aspect is well defined.), the voice not so good (LOL - i am kidding...), for the style of the song, the voice is awesome because it gives a great feeling to the song. It reminds me some M.Jagger style. Great song guys.
Camels Nightmare by EEBTRB5 6 years ago
Nice atmosphere. It has some mixture of styles but i feel some chaotic structural organization behind it. However, some mix styles you have here are really cool.
Great job.
FEAHM vs W'aleed by Waleed 6 years ago

The idea is very good. It has good progressional develop that compensates some harmonical lack... The groove is what is interesting here, with lots of energy (maybe a little dated but very effective...).
Well done guys.
Enceladus Encounter by feenixx 6 years ago
In some way i see this like a mixture of genres, perhaps pop, jazz, folk, with lots of improvisations on melodic instruments. It has a simple and interesting structural forme on it. The inclusion of some space sounds reminds some late 60's Pink Floyd experimental songs they made.
Not my kind of stuff but sounds great. Maybe a little more reverb on the instruments could result better, in my opinion. This feeling is subjective because you must experiment this change and you could not like it.
Well done.
Sail by themodernorchestra 6 years ago
Well done, my friend. Sounds great.
After seen your project, if you need help please say so...

Awesome song.
Borboleta No Monte by themodernorchestra 6 years ago

Something completely different...
Well done, my friend. Great result.
rit by aruspika 6 years ago
Great work. May i advice to you the use of compression. It will make the distribution of frequency noises for all frequency range. The reverse of the medal is that you will lost some quality but if you put a little could be good.
(Sound) Virus by Naaji 6 years ago
Not at all, not at all...
Very sexy voice...
Well done, my dear...
Evening by Ziur 6 years ago
Thanks for the comments, guys.
Black Promises - Desperate Dame (lost) by themodernorchestra 6 years ago
The instrumental part needs many improvements. I think the mixing part of some noise sounds are not well balanced. I thought to make a final part but at that time nothing came up to my mind. Maybe next time something will came up.
The idea of making a jam is awesome, Djev. It is a difficult task but i see that you took the step with the same courage as you do in other songs and i am glad you've done it. From my point of view in some parts maybe could be better to have some no jam solutions and develop something in the traditional way (like a chorus, for example). This is something that we can discuss later...
The jam you made in great parts of the song is amazing. It gives us a sence of entering to another world. I am saying this because what i had in mind when i did this instrumental part was something completly different, but i am not ashamed with the result - It is brilliant.
Well done, my friend. I think this song must be improved in all aspects (for shore in terms of mixing) but the singing feeling is there, no doubt.
Sunlight Through Dusty Air by Lapse 6 years ago
Awesome. Great ambience. Well done, my friend.
Demonstrations. by bonsushi 6 years ago
Reminds me the New Wave era. Great sound. Very Flock of Seagulls...
Now I Know Why by GaryLester 6 years ago
Sounds great. This could develop more, i think... a little repetitive for me. Maybe joining more and different sounds could create more expectations.
The quality is very good.
Well done.
It Ain't Through Lack Of Trying by DanielLambert 6 years ago
Energic. Very good sequence of texture passage. Great sound. Well done.