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What Are You Listening To Today? 8 months ago
Talk Talk -The Color of Spring
RIP Prince 1 year ago
2016 is a very bad year for artists, in dead...
RIP Keith Emerson 2 years ago
For shore, Bec.
RIP Keith Emerson 2 years ago
It seems that there is something wrong about this year... every great artist is leaving this earth... smiley
What Are You Listening To Today? 4 years ago
Gentle Giant
What Are You Listening To Today? 4 years ago
Fish - "Feast of Consequences"
An Artists Best Age For Creativity? 5 years ago
Just a number...
What Are You Listening To Today? 6 years ago
Gotye - "Making Mirrors"
Sopa and Pipa 6 years ago
Just for fun...

SOPA means soup in portuguese smiley
icomp collab rock experience 6 years ago
I can manage any instrument... on the computer, of course. LOL
Happy Birthday iCompositions! 6 years ago
Happy birthday for all icompers!!!!
What Are You Listening To Today? 6 years ago
"Tone Float" - Organisation/Kraftwerk
Vocalist Looking to Collaborate 6 years ago

I have several instrumental pieces that could be interesting for you.
See my collection of "Untitled for Anyone I - XII".

Be cool.
My First Computer Was... 6 years ago
The first ZX Spectrum in the market (how old i am...).
What Are You Listening To Today? 6 years ago
Olivier Messiaen - "Oiseaux Exotiques"
The iCompositions Flag 7 years ago
Nice Back...
Best Frontman of all time? 7 years ago
Freddie Mercury, no doubt...
Elvis is a nice choice too.
The weirdest song 7 years ago
Hi people.

Just for fun, what was the weirdest song you posted or listened on icomp?

Links, please.

Be cool.

Surprise Apple Announcement - Let the Speculation Begin 7 years ago
Maybe they will present a teaser weapon compatible with any apple gadget...(LOL)
iCompTV 7 years ago
Unfortunately i did not see the show. I did'nt have internet all f.... day....
Happy Birthday, Djev 7 years ago
Hello my friends.

This is a wonderful day. It is Djev's birthday!!!

Happy birthday, my friend!!!! smiley
Happy Birthday RedThruNThru 7 years ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY for both of you!!!!!
collaborate with producer in NYC 7 years ago
Hi guys. I am available if you need some help. I'm not from NY but internet provides awesome tools...
I made some songs with Omar and it is really fun to work with him.
Happy B-day becwil 7 years ago
Hi Bec. Happy birthday for you and me.
World Cup 7 years ago
We can say that this is a war between Europe and South America. Holland wins the first battle... lets see what next game will reserve...
World Cup 7 years ago
Bloody hell, Holland played like if it was their last game of their lives. Well done. Great victory!
A bright light has been dimmed 7 years ago
It is so sad, a terrible news. I wish all the best and support to the family and friends. A great soul we lost...
World Cup 7 years ago
Portugal, Portugal...
Who is the youngest artist and oldest artist posting? 7 years ago
i have 19 in each leg...
Cancer hits iC bro "sloparts" Ed Wemmerus 7 years ago
Positive energy for you, Ed.
The Challenge Thread 7 years ago
BTW, dear Carla, the last collab you made with me was with an instrumental made of 5/4, i forgot to tell you.
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
Hope the surgery goes well Raz. Be cool.
The iCompositions Flag 7 years ago
Hi guys.

I was seeing the pictures since the beginning of this Flag Tour and it is awesome to see so many people with the flag and so many pictures testifying the magical power behind the flag...
it could be fun each of icomp fellows select what is the best and the craziest photo, a sort of contest.
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
Genesis - "Lamb lies down on Broadway"
Garage band loops 7 years ago
Well, Digipal, i work in composition because is my business (i am a teacher, not a performer...) and, as composer, i had to learn all the particularities of all instruments. The example you gave about the trumpet i understand the problem because i deal every day with electrocoustic problems (this is my area subject). I am not saying to substitute performers, or something like that. Of course that we need people like Miles Davis to enchant our ears. The subject that i want to express is that we could use everything available to do music and, for people that are not experimented in the world music, loops are a good way to start. In my case, i don't use loops sold commercially. Normally i create them for myself. I have an advantage to have at school a little studio where i could do some experiences when i have some time available.
Garage band loops 7 years ago
DigiPal wrote:
But it is far from playing a musical instrument, let me tell you! I did both and placing loops is like dropping butter in the pan, when playing an instrument is all the rest of the recipe!

There are many people that use loops and i don't give a damn if it is a great loop management. What matters for me is the result of that management. I can create many things with loops that people could not recognize them as they are. If you can make the right cut, the right change of pitch and other transformations that permits you to have the final product you want, who cares if i use loops or not?
Garage band loops 7 years ago
DigiPal wrote:
But it is far from playing a musical instrument, let me tell you! I did both and placing loops is like dropping butter in the pan, when playing an instrument is all the rest of the recipe!
Garage band loops 7 years ago
For me using loops is like playing an instrument. The way you use it is your touch. Stravinsky said once that every idea that he had was stolen from many other composers. If anyone is really good transforming a sound then he can turn a loop unrecognizable... but this is another issue.
What really matters is the way we use the loop. We can recognize a composer by the way he can manage a loop. For me this as a uge importance.
Roll Call! Where In The World Are You? 8 years ago
Braga, Portugal
Some thoughts to share 8 years ago
Music is my life business. Many people here on icomp knows that i'm a professor of musical composition and i am always dealing with all kinds of music genres every day, but there are genres which i don't identify myself with them. However, i had to have some knowledge of them for my work and i found particular aspects of them that have great importance in the music history.

Since my youth i was always fascinated by progressive rock music. The first album i ever had was Triumvirat's "Old Loves Die Hard", which had great influence in me. From there i learn to listen to other great bands such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Supertramp and many others...
By influence of my sister i listened to Police, Kate Bush, Roxy Music, all groups with some pop influences. I also learn by myself to listen to classical music, specially to Beethoven symphony's.

The youth has great influence to everyone and now, thirty years past (i'm not going to reveal my age smiley ) and many things i have listened and still i found great importance on things i have listened at that time.

What was the first music album you listened?
Best Album Of The (00's) Naughties? 8 years ago
For me the revelation was Planet Funk.
Give me your latest news 8 years ago
Madonna in Brazil trying to adopt another child...
Give me your latest news 8 years ago
Men makes sex change and marry with himself!
Give me your latest news 8 years ago
Like a big journal title... smiley
What musical projects do you have in mind? 8 years ago
Hello people.

Only for satisfy my curiosity...
I which to know what is your musical biggest project that you have in mind or, if you don't have any of that kind, what is your next step on your musical path?
What is the meaning of music 8 years ago
Thanks for the complement, Martin. The only way to escape to this "artistic jail" where i am capture is to explore more different sounds... today i am exploring noises that we listen every day without having any perception because of the day rush we suffer. I am thinking to adapt some of those sounds into music and try to reach to all the ears, hoping that they could understand a new kind of music and also enjoy it. I pass many phases at icomp. The first phase was doing stuff like the one i hear when i was a young boy and could not express outside. Internet was the tool that permits that escape. Then, i pass an electronic phase, connected to some works i made outside icomp. At this moment i am on a phase of listening more and do less. I've done so many things that i need to refresh my mind to new sound "adventures".
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
Some Scott Joplin...
What is the meaning of music 8 years ago
I agree and understand all of you. The problem is that i wrote so many stuff that i think that i need a break... to fill my head with something different. When music is our job it is very difficult to see it as an entertainment...
What is the meaning of music 8 years ago
Hello, icomp fellows.

I've been away from icomp for some time maybe because i am on a creative crisis. This don't mean that i don't have any thoughts and ideas to explore but, at the end of an idea it came at my mind some thoughts like for what and who am i doing for. I always liked icompositions because i have found people that don't have any knowledge and skills to create music (i am not questioning the quality because that issue is not in discussion) but have a great love for music and, for that reason, i always loved to work in collab with people with this kind of motivation. As a man that works professionally wit music i have other kind of problems. My latest works were made using compositional technics that i have learn many years ago at the university. Strangely when i was learning to compose all over the university years i became to listen less music as i was expected because my mind gained more knowledge and i could make some musical and cultural choices.

I became aware that this create some problems to my mind. I felt that the detailed analysis of musical pieces create on my mind several conclusions. One of them is that music is only notes and noises. The power of mind suggestion do the rest in terms of interpretation of the message. This kind of thought puts me in low motivation to create something in other genre than ambience, electroacoustical music, concrete music, etc.

I've try to learn with all of you to like music as you do because i consider your love as pure and beautiful. For that reason i love to work with amateurs, but i am feeling that this is not enough to encourage my motivation. Maybe i am passing a low phase. I don't know...

Forgive me for this vent.
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
Grand Hotel - Procol Harum
IDEA! Tubular iBells 2009 (iComp style) 9 years ago
Can i enter with some synths?
Merry Christmas Fellow iCompers! 9 years ago
Happy holidays, merry christmas and an happy good year for you.
Cancer.... 9 years ago
I know what you are passing. My father is at hospital for about one month with cancer and still i don't know when am i going to spend Christmas season with him... However, people contacts help you to deal with such misfortune and keep your mind occupied with other things. Live one day at time. I hope this could help you to go on...
All my thoughts are with you and all with this kind of problem.
Be cool.
electro/prog house collab 9 years ago
It has great potential, but i also put some keyboards behind. It attracts me because of is irregular form.
Music By Non-Human Lifeforms, Discuss... 9 years ago
You must see this video:


It is about Olivier Messiaen. This tells everything about non-human
matrix sounds with human organization.
Your Music In Second Life? 9 years ago
On SL i am Ziur Kenin
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
dr_elvis01 wrote:

sting at his best!

For me is the best solo album of him. I didn't find the same type of emotional ambience on other albums he made (of course that the other albums are still very good...).
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
Come Together - Beatles

I had to... i am making an orchestral arrange of this...
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
For now i'm listening to "Imaginary Landscape" - John Cage
Starting A Band Question 9 years ago
I always admired people that do the first step to do anything. I have some trouble to do that because i always had to think twice before do the step.
Go ahead and have fun.
Genius 9 years ago
Identifying musical notes with a quick listening.
Photo Album Thread 9 years ago
Here's another head off to the coalmine...
Photo Album Thread 9 years ago
What about this:


This one of my best sides (LOL)
Thoughts On Collabin' 9 years ago
Collabs are good if we respect each other opinions about the piece we work together. I think this is the most important issue first. As a composer i've worked with lots of professional instrumentists and some were very difficult to work with them (excess of ego is hard to deal...). However, it was an awesome surprise to make collabs here at icomp, especially because most of icomp friends are not professional musicians and i've found a profound sense of respect for my work from them and, of course, reciprocity is evident from my part.
The most crazyest thing you ever done. 9 years ago
formerteenidols wrote:
once i spelled crazyest wrong.

er twice.

Well, i'm not an english man, so you can give me a discount...(LOL)
Song for collaboration 9 years ago
Sounds interesting. Hmmmmmmmmmm?!...........
The most crazyest thing you ever done. 9 years ago
What was the most crazyest thing you ever done in your life?
What crazyest thing you expect to do in the future?
Official iC4 Bug Reports 9 years ago
Something strange happens to me. I have an Imac G5. For the first days of iC4 i didn't have any problem to run it, but for the last three or four days when i click on iC4 it says that don't find the server. However, when i use my MacBook iC4 runs perfectly. Does this problem happens to anyone?
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
Today i'm listening "Back in New York City" - Genesis. The 74 division time touches me...
Board Games 9 years ago
Hi everyone.

I love board games. What is the Board game that you love most?
Show me the way you compose a song 9 years ago
Imagine that you divide a song in two parts: lyrics and instrumental part.

Please vote on the poll and justify the option you choosed.

Quartz Composer - Who deals with it? 9 years ago

Is there any one that knows how to deal with Quartz Composer?
I am learning myself to compose visual effects. Is there anyone that has presented any video work here?
iComp European meeting ! 9 years ago
Awesome idea!! But it is not possible for me... i cannot afford it, unfortunately...

Maybe in other financial circumstances...

Thanks for the message you send to me. Good luck with the reunion and give my regards to all icomp fellows that could join that initiative.

As jlgerk said: "I'll be there in spirit..."
I need one instrument for a jazz collab. 9 years ago
Hi to all.

I need collab for this track:


This is a jazz trio and i need another instrument (perhaps woodwind or guitar), someone who is used to play in a jazz genre.
What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
Hi there...

How is your music moment? What is your mood today and what music are you listening at the present day?
New genre 9 years ago
Concrete is not the same as ambient. Maybe it has some resemblances with industrial music but it isn't the same. It is a very experimental concept of music, the exploration of sound by the sound itself, the noise as a complex sound...
For what i've listen, many composers conceive their music thinking that is ambient music but it isn't or else we must divide ambient music in to several sub-genres...
Experimental and concrete music makes a exploration of sonority but not in terms of harmonic system as we known.
New genre 9 years ago
Hi there,

I want to suggest another genre to the list, or we can join variou genres too:


Some icomp fellows do some stuff in this genres and it is a little difficult to choose what genre should we put. OTHER is to vast and ambiguous.
For those who don't understand what CONCRETE means, this is a style of music where we use sounds pre-recorded outside, in our world.

Here is an example:


Electroacoustic pieces 9 years ago
Hi guys,

I am looking for some works of this kind:

Anticorps by me;

Strange Attractions by feenixx

If you have any piece of this kind or know someone who do this type of music please let me know. I teach electronic music and i which to show some examples to my students.

Most important decade for music? 10 years ago
Definitely 70's... There was a mixture of improvisation and an old fashioned way to compose like the classical composers. I think in this decade there was great care in the management and the creation of sound. That's why we find all the best works of major bands on this decade.
Not on this planet 10 years ago
For me an album: Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
99 bottles reprised 10 years ago
Can i be n5?
loop song contest 10 years ago

Why don't we do a contest selecting the best song that was all made by loops? It could be fun to observe the skills of many icomp composers using only loops.
Existe alguem que fale portugues? 10 years ago
Se existe, que se identifique.
Lyrics and singing on this one 10 years ago
Is there anyone who wanna make lyrics and sing on this one?


I apreciated.

Collab for progressive rock song 10 years ago
I am inviting you to make some lyrics and sing this song. You can change the song name.

Here it is:

Good luck.
Calling all Composers 10 years ago
I have something to show:


I work in other genres of music to:


Be well.

Symphony Contest 11 years ago
Can we use different genres? Like contemporary style?
series lessons 11 years ago
Hi, guys.
I was invited by Illuminator to do an example of a composition technic and i did it, not thinking of promotiion in terms of popularity but to give more ideas and skills in composition technics for all that cares. I've received many coments and messages giving me suport.

I have a question to make:
Do you think that this could be useful for composition skills?

This was what i posted:
Is noise a kind of music? 11 years ago
I've heard Boulez and others... It sounds great. You must listen to them, nperkins.
What it is great in Pioneer's music is the atempt to listen strange sounds with the organization that we known in other genres.
Is noise a kind of music? 11 years ago
I think your right, beeble. Many things were done in music. This type of music that Pioneer makes is not new but if he creates an personal touch on it then he had made something new.
Untitled for anyone III 11 years ago
I offer you a challenge to put a voice or instruments in this song.
It is called "Untitled for anyone III". You can change the titled if you want. smiley
Images 11 years ago
Hi guys.

One of the sugestions i wanna made is about picture presentation. I know that icompositions is a music site but i think that image associated with music has much importance. Why don't we enlarge picture image? Could be more sugestive for the listener and for the viewer as well. Maybe the artists could present better their songs with other form of expression for better comunication.
what's new? 11 years ago
It's been two days that i see that no one uploaded yet. Is there any problem on Icomp?
A question to make 11 years ago
Ok. It is a great idea. I never though of that.
Thank you for the answer, PM.
A question to make 11 years ago
Hi folks.

Can any one explain to me how is make the selection of Random Songs and Undiscovered Songs. Maybe it's a silly question but i really don't know how you do that. smiley
A good challenge 11 years ago
You need only to send your email adress to me.
I will send quickly.

A good challenge 11 years ago
This is one of the things that i had in my mind for a long time. This is an idea that i had and i want to invite all my fellow conpanions of Icomp to contribute in a colab. Each one (who is interested, of course) must join one track to this piece. All instruments are accepted.
E major, 120 bpm.

Please, send me a message when any one finishes a new version. I can't wait to see the result.

Have fun.


smiley [color=indigo][/color]
Icomp anual meeting 11 years ago
We can do perhaps some small meetings at the begining, not a large world meeting. Something like fan club...
Icomp anual meeting 11 years ago
Come on, guys. It could be fun. It is good we have comunication by computers but it's so unpersonal...
Linda Needs Help! 11 years ago
I wanna try too. May i?