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RIP Chris Cornell 11 months ago
Sadder than the loss of Chris Cornell, a true talent, is the now suffering and anguished family and friends and commitments and fans he abandoned and left behind the night he decided to bail out and play the poor misunderstood rock star star schtick. Reasons to commit suicide: I am homeless, unloved and just found out I have cancer. Reasons to not commit suicide: I am worth 60 to 70 million dollars and have a wife and two wonderful daughters who look up to me and front two successful rock bands, am adored and worshipped by a few million people and employ dozens of people who depend on me to behave responsibly. I really thought Cornell was above all that melodramatic, pretentious, no one understands the real me tortured Seattle rockstar BS. Guess not. Really disappointed myself. And drugs like Ativan do not kill people who 1) do not take them and 2) take them the way they are prescribed and not mixed with other drugs. Just died a druggie. Great.