Welcome to my music page. It's hard for me to categorize what I do, but, if I had to pick a category, I would choose Singer-Songwriter. But the neighbors would probably pick a different category for it. Fact is, they'd probably pick a different neighborhood if they had their 'druthers. They'd probably just like to chase me with a pick. Not a guitar pick either. More like an ice pick or a pick axe or a--what the heck was I talking about?!

Oh, yeah, my music. Well, you can give it a listen and judge for yourself. Feedback is welcome and I thank you for listening. bama smiley

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Good grief, will I ever be able to sing again? May 31, 2009
Oh, woe is me and my widdle thwoat
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My So-Called Voice, or lack thereof... December 20, 2008
Somewhere between Bea Arthur and Bette Davis
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Who moved the furniture around? September 10, 2008
I leave for a few days and look what happens. smiley
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O, bama, where art thou? August 23, 2008
Just a brief howdy and an update
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I can't get this song outta my head, Oh No! August 10, 2008
Sometimes the really simple songs are the best
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Title Genre Released Plays
Beloved, a capella version, 3 voices A Cappella Jul 30, 2008 1891
Home Town, song for a warrior Folk Aug 3, 2008 1720
Run Away Folk Jul 30, 2008 1082
Words, a love song Alternative Jul 31, 2008 936
Best Thing Folk Jul 30, 2008 915
Beloved, new version 2008 Alternative Jul 30, 2008 841