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Artist Icon Quicktime not working ? by irok (4 hours ago)
This is what you have to do
Artist Icon Construction work all week next door by pharmakeus (1 day ago)
Artist Icon A 'FRIEND' RIPS MY SOUL OUT by thebenteights (1 day ago)
The artist agains learns a hard lesson, that he oft tries to ignore: That the bulk of humanity is laden with flippant cruelty.
Artist Icon Four weeks dry by pharmakeus (1 day ago)
No grog for four weeks now
Artist Icon 10 years on Icomposition by KCsGROOVE (8 days ago)
This week it's 10 years ago since I started uploading songs here on Icompositions
Artist Icon I play with an amazing guitarist by irok (9 days ago)
do we rehearse ?
Artist Icon Monitors/Headphones by irok (9 days ago)
I've had behringers, Adam a7 & Prodipe 5..
Artist Icon Why am I doing this? by WolfZ (11 days ago)
Artist Icon Walter Becker passed away by KCsGROOVE (17 days ago)
Walter Becker , together with Donald Fagen the driving force behind Steely Dan died age 67
Artist Icon What should music sound like? by eido (19 days ago)
Or 'how to alienate your core fan base'.
Artist Icon Dark Shredcerto by DarkShredcerto (19 days ago)
Artist Icon A window to sounds. by 1 (20 days ago)
Finding that opening into a filtered envelope of oscillator sounds feeding thru each other. Where FM is layered together with it all.
Artist Icon My 1975 drum kit in action by irok (1 month ago)
Slow rehearsal...
Artist Icon Dark Shredcerto - (The Bible and the life of Christ performed on an electric guitar) by DarkShredcerto (1 month ago)
Dark Shredcerto Lives!!..... Still out here doing my thing!... Shreddin' to the max!!!!... So much music....So little time!!! More to come!!!....
Artist Icon MOTU DIGITAL PERFORMER by thebenteights (1 month ago)
The artist continues his search for a second DAW that is OSX friendly
Artist Icon 'Who's Afraid of Art Neuro?' by artneuro (2 months ago)
Digital release on 17 July 2017
Artist Icon An Announcement by Aamp (2 months ago)
A New Account
Artist Icon New old kit.. again by irok (2 months ago)
So I saw a used kit and I did a bargain.. did I say again
Artist Icon 1.500.000 listenings by Narananda (2 months ago)
Who'd have thought ?
Artist Icon WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL WITH LOGIC PRO X? by thebenteights (2 months ago)
The artist tries to be cool and use the big state of the art LPX and suddenly finds himself in a total WTF situation.
Artist Icon Debut Single Coming Soon! by Archaos (3 months ago)
We will be releasing our first single this coming Saturday the 17th of June, 2017!
Artist Icon Embracing constraint by eido (3 months ago)
The challenges - and benefits - of limitations in the creative process.
Artist Icon Maybe A Cassette Release by artneuro (3 months ago)
Maybe the problem is digital after all.
Artist Icon Collab by irok (3 months ago)
my limited skills on this and that... guitar & drums
Artist Icon Oda sobre la melancolia by blancof (3 months ago)
Building My Own cheap guitar - Franky. It´s not the best sound in it, but is good for the money. It was funny to build it. Hurting my ears. Bad eq.
Artist Icon Gregg Allman passed away by KCsGROOVE (3 months ago)
Gregg Allman died at age 69
Artist Icon Amongst The Mountains by Komit (4 months ago)
New EP released on May 6th.
Artist Icon Me is a snail by pharmakeus (4 months ago)
Why I am a snail
Artist Icon Studio Live Session by mre (4 months ago)
Recording session with Paoul Gagnon Sextet
Artist Icon A Friendly Reminder from Dylan by musika (4 months ago)