Online Mastering? LANDR might be helpful
December 2, 2014 | 6:48 pm

I tried a few of my old songs, just to give LANDR a try. Definitely did …something.

image, at: (English site) is one of no doubt, many so called "online mastering sites". In addition to their free and paid instant "mastering", they've also got some other cool sections and a blog, with features to help, inspire, and assist creative songwriting/recording types like us here at iComp.

After you sign up, they let you upload a track (no limit for mp3 output), give you a few options to tweak it a bit, run it through their "mastering" process, and then email a download link to the new (hopefully improved) version. The results I got weren't bad. "Interesting", might be a better way to say it, and considering my original recordings are all whippin' loud, and often funkily over the top—recording technique-wise, I felt it was worth the time, and quite possibly a pretty cool tool. I wasn't entirely blown away by any means, but was happily surprised by a few of my test results.

I found that by sort of keeping the tweaking in the mid range (not too little/not too much), I got results I could at least hear, and some I felt improved the overall sound of my original mixes. On a few songs, I really liked the difference whatever they do… made. On others, it just seemed to make everything "hotter" (probably due to uploading an already overly compressed track). Those results might also be explained by the way I adjusted their minimal settings options.

I do think LANDR is worth checking out, and you can do as many mp3 versions as you like—for free. I think they give you a few higher resolution (AIF) versions for free at first also.

I'd be interested in what you think after running a few of your killer hits through their processes. Again, I'd suggest checking them out at, to see if you can make your (undoubtedly already righteous sounding) mixes, ...sound even better. That's my hope here.



Parent site:
Mastering site: (English site)



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I use Landr, and they also sponsor our podcast Music Scene Investigation.

It works well, but I would advise that you avoid the high intensity setting and stick with the low or medium settings.

Well worth using, especially for quick fixes, demos and if you can't afford a proper mastering engineer!
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Yep. I think you nailed it with that advice. Thanks man.

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Thanks for the tip and the thoughtful review
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How interesting. Never heard of this site. I try to pay a lot of attention to my mixes, yet achieving a consistent mix day to day, month to month is extremely difficult with a GarageBand set-up, cheap headphones, no reference monitors and the effects of time and mild tinnitus on one's hearing.

If anything, LANDR illustrates how "off" my mixes have become and that disturbs me!
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