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At The Zoo by maestrodog 5 days ago
Damn, Marcus! This sounds great and the lyrics are stellar; great job on that!

Ya gotta love a kazoo at the zoo.

The Swing O' Things by Neumuzik 8 days ago
...waiting for Issac Hayes... smiley

Great sound quality on this and I especially like the keys on the chorus part, Neu...

Kinda has a 70's "city" feel to a movie theme kinda?

Well done
Radio Silence by pharmakeus 12 days ago
Shades of Rambo... smiley Imagination is the core of artistry.

I like the grit in this...gotta go brush my teeth after listening.

Well-done, Dr. Pharm.

Operation Weasel Orange-utan by revoltington 12 days ago
As a man who has posted some weird pics, THAT'S a weird pic, Todd. smiley

I've been tryin to fool around with different time's freakin hard!

"Impressive" is over-used but this is just that.
Dream by maestrodog 12 days ago
I get a "Summer Dreams" vibe from this too, Mark...definitely a 70's feel to it.

I think this is my favorite in the series. They're lucky to have you as their gramps. smiley
Shelter Me (acoustic) by KCsGROOVE 12 days ago
Nice tune, Cees! Simple is best often times.


DO IT ALL OVER (#4) by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
Perfect tempo on this...much better than mellencamp! smiley

You're really doing great stuff lately, cees!

Candle Lights by gepo 1 month ago
Well done, amigo! Consider adding just sound effects...some times that captures what you're looking for...
Tin Man (America's cover) by LaFayette 1 month ago
Heya, LaFayette and grathy!

America comes right after bread in my book smiley

Really professional sounds here...the music, the singing...can't think what could be better...unless you did a bread song smiley
Runnin back to you by Piet 1 month ago
I like the vocals especially but also appreciate that, though it's a metal sound, it has some rock n roll elements too. the singing reminds me a bit of accept.

well done!
Bewitchment Encampment by revoltington 1 month ago
I always loved that chick from "Bewitched"...what a hotty!

Sounds live, yer in my living room...hey, use a coaster, would ya?

Distorted by sammydix 1 month ago
It does indeed have some "shine on you crazy diamond" elements but the robert fripp walks in... smiley

this is pretty damn proggy! sweet! smiley That;s bad***ed, fellers!
Bad Dream Blues by albinoSQUIRREL 1 month ago
I hate when ya get evicted... smiley

This is an excellent production, amigo...sounds pretty damn good!

I'm Getting Myself Ready For You by RubyDubidoux 1 month ago
That kid with the beans is a little creepy... smiley
yup...still diggin' this! smiley
What Did You See by ShadowofNine 1 month ago
don't get me goin on a rant now...

that bass is really...visceral...kinda rules the tune...
I'm Getting Myself Ready For You by RubyDubidoux 1 month ago
smiley Aww, this is awesome, Roob! I dig the new additions and your singing...sounds happy. smiley

Really cool postin' !
Guru Got A Free Pass by revoltington 1 month ago
Well, he IS a deserves a free pass... smiley

I dig that cover art...nice!

I like that stanky bass riff. I've been playing in a 3 piece lately and the bass player kinda has..."jazz tendencies" like that... smiley

I enjoyed this.
Yeah! Do a video so we can see!
Really good melody.
This has a kinda late 60's pop vibe to it, Cees...I really dig it. This live stuff you've been postin' is the ****!

How do you record it?
Do you Really Wanna Live For A Thousand Years by mfwmiles 1 month ago
Sage lyrics, Brothermiles. smiley

The background vocals kinda give it a gospel surge (especially with the piano)...excellent job on those!

I think this is one of your more polished productions for sure (this suite) .

A Life Of Leisure by Neumuzik 1 month ago
Strings on the left give it a cool jeff lynne vibe...that's choice!
Too Many Words by artneuro 2 months ago
"because I struggle with option anxiety, partly because I'm searching for things to write about. "

that hits right on the head. smiley

This sounds like some Zappa maybe...Man from Utopia era...except yours is more coherent.

Really enjoyed this, man.


Homegoing Blues by revoltington 2 months ago
I'm glad they finally busted that kid. smiley

Very loose and chilled.

LET IT SHINE (#2) by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
I second what Bigjim says on this...i can almost hear some clavichord groove in there...that may be TOO funky though. smiley

Great band sound, indeed!
Nobody Was Keeping Score But Me by mfwmiles 2 months ago
Some of the best lyrics EVER, Miles. I remember being struck by them the first time i heard this...this is one of your very best, I think.

Excellent, amigo.
Brain Freeze by Gadzooks 2 months ago
You do some interesting experiments, Stan...
Save My Love by toveco 2 months ago
Wow! This is very cool and off the beaten path...refreshing in its uniqueness.
Good-Bye by LaFayette 2 months ago
Don't stay away too long, Patrick. You are one of the very best!
You Won't See Me (Beatles Cover) by markeaux 2 months ago
I don't know how i missed this! My son told me today that this week is the 50th anniversary of Revolver. smiley

Really well done job on this, fellers. I've tried a cover of it myself and know it's a challenge. smiley
LIVING IN A DREAM (#2) by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
You guys are definitely my favorite Dutch (?) band going, Cees!

This sounds like you're really hitting a nice stride as a band, huh? Maybe a little different vein lyrically too? I like it.

That organ sounds especially good too...

The Beat Goes On by Dyl 2 months ago
I KNOW Dyl didn't just post a Sonny and Cher cover! smiley

I like the updated sound here, man...well done. Really great clarity in the recording.

Unremarkable by pharmakeus 2 months ago
I dig this, fellas! Outback sound for sure. smiley
Hoe Wordt Een Mens Een Ster lone mix by A1K3M1 2 months ago
I love icomps because I would never have heard something like this otherwise. Thanks, Chris!

This is very interesting, indeed

Along the River Bed by BigJimSlade 2 months ago
Tequila and dust...maybe a venereal disease...

If I didn't know any better by mfwmiles 2 months ago
This is really creative, miles...GREAT vocals and i dig that lead guitar on the left (keys maybe?)
but the sentiment is really nice here how the wisdom and peaceful resignation come through, huh? smiley
Opposites Attract by DJShadowkat 2 months ago
I like the old school keyboard stabs in there...adds some drama, i think. smiley

I wish i could get your clarity, man...this is an excellent recording!
Lazy Walker by ScottHorwath 2 months ago
I really dig the whole idea on this...lyrics, piano, art piece...whole thing.

Well-done, amigo!

Magnolia ( J. J. Cale cover ) by jibes 2 months ago
Really groovy feel to this, Jibes...less is more in the mix for sure.

Well-done, indeed...dig that organ!

Ain't Misbehavin by RubyDubidoux 2 months ago
I always thought this was a very cool song...

You just need some radio static or vinyl pops on this. smiley

Well-done, Amiga!

Along the River Bed by BigJimSlade 2 months ago
Thanks, all and thanks to BigJimmy fer including me on this!

I had fun, pardner. smiley
Chances Are (Johnny Mathis cover) by Cinderella 3 months ago
My parents used to have 5 or 5 johnny mathis albums...i remember pulling out their records ans sorting them into piles. This guy could really swell in his singing!

Great treatment, Cindy - i like that upper register at the end. smiley

ummm... 5 or 6... dang!
(no more) MUSIC FOR THE MASSES by KCsGROOVE 3 months ago
What??!! No instrumental solos on top of that groove??!!

KC, this rocks, dood...kudos to Edjah on the drums too...very cool.

I just don't see how ya resisted hoppin on that and jammin a bit. smiley

One of my all time favs from you! Great job.

Love The One You're With (cover) by Gadzooks 3 months ago
I like this more than the original, Stan, for sure. Great live recording!
I'm To Blame by Cinderella 3 months ago
Like a more laid back Blondie! smiley I can DIG it!

Big smiles in ks.

Friends with the Devil by Gadzooks 3 months ago
You are blazing some new paths here, Gadz (emphasis on "blazing smiley )

You and yer boys got some Traffic vibes goin on over there...


Zwischenzeit by Dadanaut 3 months ago
I'm not much of an instrumental guy (no attention span), but this is really get the goodebumps vibe too. smiley

Really a beautiful track.
Let's Do It Again by thenownows 3 months ago
Well done, man!
Been a Long Time by Moviz 3 months ago
Hey, Maurice!

It's great to hear a new tune from you! I think this sounds really good...lyrically and vocally. I hear ya on the inspiration too...

Great to see/hear you!

DEEP INSIDE by SISTERS 3 months ago

you may be chanelling the bush/amos level here...

DEEP INSIDE by SISTERS 3 months ago
...cha..zaaaaa...Anne... this is HEAVY, woman...

i'll communicage more after more listens...
Acid Test by Neumuzik 3 months ago
I think yer kinda movin into some new wave-ish sounds here, Neu which is not a bad thing at all. smiley

Smiths meet Taling Heads?
WHEREVER YOU GO (#3) by KCsGROOVE 3 months ago
Dayum! This is a great recording, Cees! There's just no substitute for playing live...

Hey, I should know! smiley

Really, really well-done.

Baby It's You by RubyDubidoux 3 months ago
I love this song and play it all the time!

Really heart-felt delivery on this, Roob...well-done, indeed.

Hello by Gadzooks 3 months ago
I remember Bolero (and Bo Derek!) and I hear that in this.

I can't imagine what kind of vocals one would put with almost makes me think it would work with some of that distinctive south african singing...

Interesting food for thought, Stan...
Clash by ShadowofNine 3 months ago
"Epic" is an understatement. This is bad ***, Dave! I felt like I was sitting really close to the orchestra (maybe too close even)! smiley I honestly feel drained after this...but it has also inspired me to get up and go work out! smiley

Excellent work, Amigo.
Off Kilter Guitar Filter by revoltington 3 months ago
Yes...this is WAY cool, Rev...your bass-playing is often overlooked, I think. It kinda makes this is what it is, imo...

I like that guitar traipsing around right at the middle before the near me ideas,,,
The Mermaid's Purse by Beatle128 3 months ago
"help me find that pearl" smiley
Chew It Up by maestrodog 3 months ago
Now, if I were singing that to MY daughter at that age, she'd chew it up alright...but then wouldn't swallow it just to be a pain! smiley

Great performance, Marcus!

These are the days by jibes 3 months ago
I don't care which song it is so much...i DIG your voice, man! smiley

I DO love me some Van though.

The Morning After by ihussain 3 months ago
Heya, Iqbal!

I'm sorry to be so late to this (I too have been awol for some time) and I'm sorry you've had a tough year BUT, if nothing else, music's always been the one thing to get me through tough heals!

Dust off that piano, my friend!

WALKING ALONG LAKE WASHINGTON by Lagusaya2 3 months ago
Nice one, Stan! Very chill...
Pull Up Yo Pants by sammydix 3 months ago
Others have said but the production is stellar on this, Sam...great guitars (Gadzooks is the man!)

I dig this!
Wild blood by Gadzooks 3 months ago
Great sounds on this, Stan. I dig it! Is that a chicken on the solo? smiley
The Miracle of Space and Time (Ennead #8) by mfwmiles 4 months ago
"Fanfare" is very apt...i like the brass (steel drums?) that's kinda new if yer productions, right?

2 is a great song, Miles...really prescient lyrics and there seems to be a little more gravel in yer gizzard that sounds really good. smiley

"I'm looking fw to dying alone" is a powerful statement and (is it wrong?) i've had that same wish several times myself... smiley


A Lennon reference is always good... smiley

5 reminds me of Dylan (gonna go see him tomorrow night!) "surround by a field of sun flowers swirling brilliant like a billion constellations turning silent through millennia" that's a great line there, Miles... this is prob my fav...

7 there's some tight assed harmonies in here...well-done, amigo

8 i spoke too soon...this is the best. Truly beautiful tune, Miles.

I feel the same about my son - who is also named Jack - it's a gift to pass on whatever you are to the future, huh?

Great job on this!

The Mermaid's Purse by Beatle128 4 months ago
Ha! Miles and I are like-minded. smiley

Great sounds, man.

Greasy by Gadzooks 4 months ago
I'm glad that Donnie always seems to bring beer...y'all might owe him by this point? smiley

How many guitars does one man need, Stan?
Air Salad by revoltington 4 months ago
Great sounds, Man! I know the Zappa comparisons get old but this sounds like it coulda been a B side off Jazz from Hell. smiley

My China Girl by Kaverley 4 months ago
Wonderful harmonies! I was hearing some Stan similarities in the writing... smiley

Your wife sounds lovely, indeed.

Beautifully done!
In You (Everything Sank) by Mike_Lynn 4 months ago
You know i've always dug your sound, Mike! Nice subtle rhythm guitar on the of your polished tracks, I think in general. Cool solo!
I just wanna dance with you by hyacinth 4 months ago
Wow! I think I was expecting something a bit more subdued what with the title and your handle. Really professional-sound despite the wet-verb...and GREAT playing!

Well done, sir.

Magpies by SteveScott 4 months ago
First of all, this is a great-sounding recording, Steve! Really, really nice production and mixing...very balanced.

Second, you have a very hummable melody here...kinda english vibe to it.

It's good to hear you, amigo!

When You Wish Upon A Star by RubyDubidoux 4 months ago
I love Disney tunes, Roob...they're some of the best. Me and Emma were just figuring out "Bella Notte" the other day (she plays uke too). smiley

It's good to hear you!
World Destruction by Mark_Cheetah 4 months ago
That was cool, Mark. smiley

Like you, I still ruminate on tunes I wrote when I was 12.

Enjoyed this muchly!
Sorry Don't Make It Right by BigJimSlade 4 months ago
Hey! Good to hear from you, Jimbo!

This one here reminds me of some 80's style Big Country or Pogues-ish rock...definitely has some celtic elements to my ears...but that's just my take, of course.

A special nice job on them lyrics..."the person I see needs a bottle to breathe" smiley Sad but a great line nonetheless. smiley

Keep 'em comin, amigo!
Lightnin Bug Dance by tireiron 4 months ago
I like it, Gents! Nice and stoney... smiley

Maybe post the lyrics?
Dollar Store Christmas w Bass Guitar by crissew 4 months ago
Really sad tune, chris. The best tunes are that way...sad. Great feel in the production especially. Total "feel" to this.
Ride it Out by maestrodog 1 year ago
I like the droney chorus, Mark...favorite part for me. I could do with some wave and splashing effects though? smiley

Well-done, indeed, Gents!

THE B-SIDES (are the saddest songs) by KCsGROOVE 1 year ago
How crazy that a brewchugger tune was played 1/2 way around the world! Thanks so much, Cees. I am flattered.

The Dutch Crew smiley

I'm gonna say this has a decidedly SW American feel to it though...cruisin' through KS one has to have...errrr...distractions.

Hats off, Cees, sincerely. This sounds great!
All I Do Is Dream Of You by Dyl 1 year ago
I like the way you panned tracks on this, man...really gave it a cool vibe. Mixing tunes just blows my mind!


HEY BABY by KCsGROOVE 1 year ago
This almost has a western feel, right? Like in a spaghetti western end sequence...riding off into the sunset...

Like the keys...very subtle. I REALLY like the bridge part...those can make or break a song...well done, Cees!

Everyone Says I Love You by RubyDubidoux 1 year ago
That's beautiful, Roob...kinda delicate but happy. They don't write 'em like that anymore. smiley
Tears On The Wind by Deloris_Delaney 1 year ago
I like the piano part most...very original piece.

I'M NO MEATHEAD by Lagusaya2 1 year ago
I like the reverb on your voice, Stan...not too much. This is definitely one of your more professional-sounding productions.

Sounds great to me. Good harmonies!

OOBE by Neumuzik 1 year ago
Kind of October-ish...if that makes sense? Somewhat of a prelude perhaps? Waiting for guitars... smiley
The Universe (The Nuhippie Mix) by AaronTodd 1 year ago
This is a GREAT song indeed and i'm intrigued by the idea...


When The Sun Comes Around (Remaster) by SteveScott 1 year ago
Damnit! I missed this!

Cool to hear from you, Amigo. This is a really good song, Steve..sad as hell...but really well-written.

I haven't seen the movie but I can imagine Jeff Bridges singing it well enough. smiley Great recording fidelity-wise too.

How Many Are My Foes (PS3) by Tony2008 1 year ago
This is like a biblical story. Your vocals really shine on this. The inspiration comes through. smiley
Highway (2015) by Tony2008 1 year ago
This is bad ***. Hands down. Excellent in every way.
There's a Love Somewhere by mfwmiles 1 year ago

Your new profile pic reminded me of this little collab i did with the boys in thedickhickeyband...


distortions by BigJimSlade 1 year ago
I know I texted ya on this but thought i commented too (sigh...anybody ever think there's TOO much technology these days?!).

Anyway, i definitely dig all the sound textures on this smiley I remember feeling this way a few times in college...glad it wore off! smiley

Cool beans, Senor!
Machinations on Nothingness by revoltington 1 year ago
That's pretty epic, Todd. It's like speeding along the ground at low altitude.

I like the solo part with the strat-soundin' clean guitar on rhythm about 1/3 through. Great sounds there!
The Man In The Middle by mikebms 1 year ago
Really good lyrics, Mike. Heartfelt.

I'm glad this wasn't a Michael Jackson cover...

Like I Dream (My City Glory Version) by ReadandReturn 1 year ago
Really good lyrics!
When the Sky Comes Down and the Clock is Ticking by pharmakeus 1 year ago
You so HEAVY these days, Dr. Chris...

Dig it.
motions by Neumuzik 1 year ago
That's cool, are a genius with sounds (especially guitar sounds).
Mad World (cover) by mellis 1 year ago
Mellis, I'm going to come up with a really goofy, happy song and ask you to sing it. smiley

You are one of my favorite singers anywhere...just your tone is so interesting.

Senales (Signals) by Morris 1 year ago
That video is excellent! What a recording!