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OH! MY LOVE by cacciamai 1 day ago
Ha! This is awesome, amigo! Beyond the originality, the mix and production are really good...great clarity..."everything has its place in the mix" is kind of a cliche but very true on this.

well-done indeed.

The Miracle of Space and Time (Ennead #8) by mfwmiles 8 days ago
This really sounded good tonight, BrotherMiles...nice job on this... you said a mouthful.

Mysteries of Love by Mark_Hayes 11 days ago
This kind of has a music box quality to of the most beautiful voices ever!

Headspace by Neumuzik 14 days ago
This kinda has an 80's men without hats vibe, Neu. smiley. I dig it! That guitar certainly sounds pretty sinister're so good at coming up with 2nd and 3rd parts.
In A Mental Way by toveco 14 days ago
Wow and ha! smiley. What a creative piece. Great harmonies and I dig the guitars. Well done!
Keep It 100 by dalerandle 14 days ago
Wow, man! Lots of FAT sound on this. I didn't know you did such things, Dale. It is very cinematic indeed.

Really fine job!
Insurrection : Pour les vivants, y'a pas d' place. by LaFayette 14 days ago
I hear ha, Patrick. The town I live in is so tiny there are protests against the Orange Horror Clown but I sure worry about the state of the USA a lot these days...and I've never been a very political person. It just seems unreal that we're heading in such a direction. ..
Litle Something by cacciamai 14 days ago
Ha! This is great! That jonesing has inspired a LoT of tunes, I bet.. smiley

Great piano especially
In Memory of a Democratic Lament by revoltington 14 days ago
doood... I really like the art firstly. That's cool.

This is jazzy but still rock enough for me to nod along. smiley

I think it's the keys on this that make it a bit more accessible for me...great playing!
Thinking 'Bout You by Beatle128 14 days ago
Enjoyed! smiley
TDK-SA90 by BlancFroid 14 days ago
As a former four tracker, I'm familiar. smiley. I would so like to go back to that time in life and just play with that gear again.
The Tree of Love by gepo 14 days ago
That IS an amazing pic, Gepo. That's a good idea to come up with ideas too. The music is great... It has a familiar vibe...not that I've heard it or it sounds similar to something...just a comfortable vibe.

Really nice work, my friend. smiley
Sliding Away by BigJimSlade 14 days ago
Wowsa! This sounds great! I like your pissed voice towards the end. smiley. That middle part is beautiful, JB. This really turned out good.
Swimming In Space by albinoSQUIRREL 14 days ago
Good to hear from the albino squirrel again! This kinda has a fever dream vibe to it...evokes feelings of pain and confusion kinda...

I dig it!
You're Just A ***** by Naaji 14 days ago
When you gonna post a new tune, Ramona?
Times Like These (acoustic Foo Fighters cover) by SteveScott 14 days ago
smiley. I dig this song a lot. I'm glad you're back post in, Steve!
Pennies From Heaven by RubyDubidoux 14 days ago
Use = uke
Pennies From Heaven by RubyDubidoux 14 days ago
Could it be? A ruby release?! I remember the movie but can't say I really knew the tune. Have you ever listened to much Tiny Tim? I watched a good documentary on him last week and it talked a lot about his love for Tin Pan Alley might be kindred souls you and Tiny! smiley

I think the use was made for you, Roob! Nice go do some more. smiley
aaaa by irok 14 days ago
This sounds great, irok!
"Streetwalkers" by abzwork 14 days ago
Very professional sounding production, Abz!
Hey Sally by Larzman2 14 days ago
That's a really impressive performance, Larz! Your acoustic guitars sound fantastic (wish mine sounded like that).

Birds Eye Spy by brassgospelguy 14 days ago
Hey, good to hear from you, amigo!

That solo flute sound was was the pulse synth! What is the video about?
(We Could Be More) Positronic by Neumuzik 14 days ago
That's kinda talking heading there, Neu...very cool. I'd really be interested to know what you're hearing for vocals on this..hit me up and let me know.
Deeper kind of calm by kvcc 22 days ago
Very creative guitar sounds here. This really sounds professional!
Belador by ScottHorwath 23 days ago
I have no idea what you're talking about there, Scott but I can appreciate the care you put into your piano sound and the beautiful results. You are a fine musician, my friend.
If I Could Just Hold You by FreeEarCandy 23 days ago
This is probably my favorite from you, Dean (short as it is)...finely crafted and heart felt.
Legolas by LaFayette 23 days ago
I wish my acoustic guitar sounded leaflets that good...sigh...

This conjures up a lot of imagery and is impressive because I'm not really a fan of the whole hobbit thing.

Very professional, Patrick!
Twice Born (2017 Chill mix) by Tony2008 23 days ago
It gives me a bit of a "lightning flashes" vibe on the verse but it also has a 70s classic rock vibe too

Nice mix!
I'M FROM THE HOOD by cacciamai 23 days ago
You are an original, my man! I enjoyed this immensely. smiley
East Side Gash by pharmakeus 23 days ago
Cool garage band vibe, gents!
PAIN OF REBORN by Lagusaya2 23 days ago
Ruby, Don't take your love to town. Great theme, Stan.
Wolf dance by Narananda 23 days ago
That Native American sound always gives me chills... Well-captured!
Floating Inside by falconep 23 days ago
Your deck must be really tall, Phil... smiley

Nice dreamy sequence.
Lately by Dyl 27 days ago
I dig me a gritty tune like this, capture a fellin on this, honbre...

It has a hard edge but the lyrics require some it should smiley

I feel ya, man.
This kinda reminds me of the doors la woman vibe.
The Jungle Mungle by guitar55 28 days ago
Yer on a whole nuther level, man. Great playing and a good touch on the mix.
Fireworks Smog Rock (19th Jan version) by Xolv 28 days ago
There's some really fine playing on this, amigo...that stands out, for sure. It's a nice, smiley tune too. smiley
Come And Get Your Love (Cover) by Cinderella 29 days ago
ydif = dig
Come And Get Your Love (Cover) by Cinderella 29 days ago
I agree with Mr. Cheetah, Cindy...well performed harmonies but well MIXED too. I reall ydif the "c'mon get yer love" part...put a big smile on my face. smiley

This could be the original really.
Quickly Girl by cacciamai 29 days ago
I like yer style, mang... well done. smiley
Breaking the Silence (a Queensr├┐che cover 2017) by Tony2008 1 month ago
I believe I told ya I heard some jeff tait in ya... smiley
Something 'Bout Nothing by scaustrita 1 month ago
Very summery WAR vibe to this (one of my all-time favorite bands)...
One Oar Short by falconep 1 month ago
Good craftsmanship on this, Phil...very 80's.
Unyielding by tomdevine 1 month ago
You're very prolific these days, Tom. I like your clean, pure tone on this...well-done, amigo!
No Regrets by gepo 1 month ago
Smooth sounds, Gep!
Tom's Last Deed by Larzman2 1 month ago
Freakin women, man... smiley

Cool tune, Larz.
BEEN RUNNIN" by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
I REALLY dig that main riff, Cees. I also like that subtle keys part after the middle kinda creeps in there... Very cool. It has a fantasy type vibe to it.
I Wrote You Three Poems by AlHughson 1 month ago
This is a great mix and production, Al. You da man, man. smiley
Better Left Unseen by DonnaMarilyn 1 month ago
Hey, Donna!

Those mexican horns always scare me...down deep...dunno why...they're awesome...but sinister. smiley

This kicks ***! I dig me some sw desert stories! What a great set of pipes this dude has. A little rob thomas/santana?

This is my play of the day, for sure!
Good Luck Key by ScottHorwath 1 month ago
Goddammit, dood...yer a freakin piano maniac!

That's impressive.
You Are The Sun by toveco 1 month ago
SO professional sounding...kinda reminds me of some don henley for some reason...kinda has a "boys of summer" vibe somehow...

I really dig the harmony rapping. That's cool as hell!

Some chili peppers in here too?

I see a light by cacciamai 1 month ago
This is awesome, man! I love it! smiley

You may be a genius...
Tainted Man Inc. by sammydix 1 month ago
I like that really greasy part (try to be so democratic...) with the hammerin' piano. Good songs always have a part that makes me make a strained face with duck lips and start bobbin my head. smiley

You said you've been spendin a lot of time shows, man. This sounds great! (i too thought of the beatles...especially the dreamy flutey synth part).

Well done, Sam.
Chicken and Dumplins by Larzman2 1 month ago
Well, who doesn't like chicken and dumplins?!

Nice tune, Larry.

Revolt or Revolution? (TRUMP 2017 EDITION) by Tony2008 1 month ago
Rockin, Tony! That's a great sounding recording...very professional.
Corrina (Dylan Cover) by Larzman2 1 month ago
I agree with bec on enjoying his songs more when done by other folks. smiley

I like the authentic treatment you gave this though, Larry...nicely done.

Electric High by THE_K_TEAM 1 month ago
Damn! That's a great riff but that's an unbelievable guitar sound too! I gotta know how you get it. Can you IM me and elucidate when you get a minute? I can hear some underwater effects on the slow part...a darker, more at-risk Ocean man? smiley

I'm really impressed, Shayne...this rocks!

If You Should Choose by tomdevine 1 month ago
Really chill piece, Tom. You take such a more intelligent approach than someone like me for instance. smiley. It's evident you put a lot of thought into what you do. Very professional, amigo.
Smiles by gepo 1 month ago
Happy, smiley vibe, Gepo! smiley
Nice tune, Cees! Cool and breezy and a great sounding recording too.
Firework Smog Rock by Xolv 1 month ago
This is supreme, man...I think I detect some vocal improv in my left ear.? This is so professional in its recording and performance... Really well done.
The Calm Maker by FunkoMatt 1 month ago
Nice work...restraint in you playing...I like it.
New Feeling (new version) by toveco 1 month ago
Great tone on piano and acoustic guitar...this is what mine are supposed to sound like. smiley
intact by ScottHorwath 1 month ago
I don't know quite what to make of this, a good way, I mean. It's just really me pause for sure. Nice job!
Wear The Fox Hat by AlHughson 1 month ago
That's a LOUD *** recording, Al. It's certainly rocking and it's great playing but it's also good and loud. smiley
Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs by Beatle128 1 month ago
PS. You gotta love how they included humans with the play set. smiley
Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs by Beatle128 1 month ago
Little Wille AND a Marx Bros play set?! Are you kidding me?! Takes me right back playing with my Guns of Navarrone set on the kitchen floor listening to the radio circa 73 or 74. smiley

That's awesome, man. smiley

Sweet is very underrated btw.
Dance With Me by Gadzooks 1 month ago
smiley. this is well-crafted, Stan. It could be from a Disney movie...very delicate harmonies
Krypton's path by Narananda 1 month ago
My 16 year old son and his band "Avant Shart" recorded a bunch of their brand of ambience at my house last night... smiley

This really does have a very cosmic, outer space vibe to it which is cool...that'd be an excellent gig creating music for space documentaries, huh?!

Something about it (may be the drums) reminds me a bit of the Floyd's best early stuff (Sauverful, Astormony Dominie, etc).

Well done!
january 17 by irok 1 month ago
Hey, my birthday too! I dig this, irok...happy vibes...I hear a big chorus with lots of voices on this...
What's Your Story by Larzman2 1 month ago
I just saw on cnn this morning an article about scotts who were prisoners in some conflict in england being deported to "the colonies" even before the revolutionary war and the contribution they made...hard to imagine.

Cool music!
Baron Von Zeppelin's Day Off by revoltington 1 month ago
Hey, Volt, this is way different from what i know as usual but the playing is great...just an out pouring of creativity...i'm curious how you manage to record since it sounds like you improvise so much with bass, keys, guitar...
Troublemaker by Neumuzik 1 month ago
That almost sounds like one of those baritone guitars dudes like dwight yoakam use sometimes right at about 1:35 of this tune, Neu... really great sound. There's a fair amount of twang on here in fact. smiley
While My Guitar Gently Weeps [Beatles Cover] by artneuro 1 month ago
Great job, Art! You captured something of the original - especially with your singing.
Carolyna by Larzman2 1 month ago
Very cool, man and i enjoyed the video.
Sermon 3 - Speak to us further by Tony2008 1 month ago
WoW, Tony! This is cool as ****! YOU are a guitar God in my book already but your singing here is awesome. It reminds me of that dude from Queensryche (sp?). The best part is the really original idea though. smiley
It Ain't Good For Me by OOD 1 month ago
Damn! What a pro sound you have! Jaw hanging open...
The Irish Table Setter by tomdevine 1 month ago
LOts of wood in this, Tom. You are a purist and so good at refining your tone...patience isn't one of my strengths. smiley
the lotus tree by BigJimSlade 1 month ago
Isn't this from when you took the trip to India to study with the Marharishi, JB? smiley

I dig the quick vibe guitar especially. Well done, mang!
Hippy Jim by Gadzooks 1 month ago
JOhn Bonham goin off on them drums! smiley
Home To Die by Larzman2 1 month ago
Wow. This is SO good, gents...i don't even know where to start. Lyrics, mix, production, compositions, performance all give it such a simple, effortless feel (not to take away from the poignant subject matter).

Just one of the best ever.
To Those Who Lived And Loved by AlHughson 1 month ago
Damn! This sounds so professional!

I really like that snargly lead and the wailing vox.

Well done, gents.
Snowflakes Tonight! by brewchugger 2 months ago
I think it's right on when folks can come together and do a tune like this. Thanks, amigos!
Mary's Lullaby by cmstaub 2 months ago
This is really nice, Marty. Nice melody and imagery. Well-done!
For Snake Oil Seas by revoltington 2 months ago
Likin them keys, man...they're good throughout...

lots of imagery in this.

A Kiss of Ice by Gadzooks 2 months ago
This is awesome, Stan! Almost Disney-like in its imagery smiley

You have a Canada of talent, amigo.
Korea makes nice guitars by irok 2 months ago
The only whammy i've ever had was a bigsby on an old dot that i traded in before i really knew what it was.

I too hear an 80's vibe...golden always kinda stir up the plimsoles for me though... smiley

Enjoyed this!
Pale Ale by Gadzooks 2 months ago
I often hope to find a frosty mug of brew when walking through the woods... smiley

This is really off the beaten path and highly creative, Stan. Well-done!
She's Not That Innocent (collab) by dalerandle 2 months ago
This is pretty frickin cool, Gents! It has an 80's vibe...kinda talkin heads meets zz top maybe? smiley

It's also a very good production.

I've downloaded a couple irok tunes and have put varying degrees of finish on them...great ideas!

I dig the vocals on this especially. smiley
Xenelasia by falconep 2 months ago
I've never tried making music like this so i admire those who do. smiley I wonder on the two parts that are just drums if the echo needs to taken down a bit? Just my impression.
Is This the Love Boat? by MikeHuntingford 3 months ago

this sounds great, Mike!

Random acts of kindness by ChristianElder 3 months ago
I like how you're fearless with your lyrics...very unique!
Goodbye Girl by ChristianElder 3 months ago
The background vocals are especially well-done here...great acoustic recording and those rhythm strokes on the left. smiley
Reckless Soul by ChristianElder 3 months ago
This has a warmth you just don't hear any more. I had a Yamaha MT-120 that i almost wore all the buttons off. smiley I would love to get at some of those old recordings.

I like your genre here definitely has an 80's element but is also!

I enjoyed this, man.

THIS IS THE TIME (#2) by KCsGROOVE 3 months ago
Great live sound! Can you tell me what you use to record, Cees?

These lyrics and the sentiment are great. Thank you.

Orbus Remixed by FreeEarCandy 3 months ago
Yeah, really nicely recorded here, Dean...sad as hell though. smiley

Fire by Gadzooks 3 months ago
That bass is bruising, Stan! I hear lots of possibilities on this too...
Well Alright by geoff_wales 3 months ago
I've always really liked this tune (Buddy Holly wrote it, i believe... Gary Busey does it in the movie).

I've been thinkin of getting something like the Zoom for my little band (we do Sea of Joy off that blind faith album).

Well done, gents. I dig the kinda reggae vibe on this. smiley
ThanksFUNKING Day by MikeHuntingford 3 months ago
This is excellent, Mike! Really uplifting for the holidays. smiley
Rosie Apple by ScottHorwath 3 months ago
My 16 year old cranks a bunch of jethro tull lately and this is kinda in that vein a little bit maybe? a little lighter and not as..."english"? smiley

Catchy tune, Scott. She looks pretty cute in the picture...