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Ride it Out by maestrodog 8 months ago
I like the droney chorus, Mark...favorite part for me. I could do with some wave and splashing effects though? smiley

Well-done, indeed, Gents!

THE B-SIDES (are the saddest songs) by KCsGROOVE 8 months ago
How crazy that a brewchugger tune was played 1/2 way around the world! Thanks so much, Cees. I am flattered.

CRAVIN' FOR YOUR LOVE (2) by KCsGROOVE 8 months ago
The Dutch Crew smiley

I'm gonna say this has a decidedly SW American feel to it though...cruisin' through KS one has to have...errrr...distractions.

Hats off, Cees, sincerely. This sounds great!
All I Do Is Dream Of You by Dyl 8 months ago
I like the way you panned tracks on this, man...really gave it a cool vibe. Mixing tunes just blows my mind!


HEY BABY by KCsGROOVE 8 months ago
This almost has a western feel, right? Like in a spaghetti western end sequence...riding off into the sunset...

Like the keys...very subtle. I REALLY like the bridge part...those can make or break a song...well done, Cees!

Everyone Says I Love You by RubyDubidoux 8 months ago
That's beautiful, Roob...kinda delicate but happy. They don't write 'em like that anymore. smiley
Tears On The Wind by Deloris_Delaney 9 months ago
I like the piano part most...very original piece.

I'M NO MEATHEAD by Lagusaya2 9 months ago
I like the reverb on your voice, Stan...not too much. This is definitely one of your more professional-sounding productions.

Sounds great to me. Good harmonies!

OOBE by Neumuzik 9 months ago
Kind of October-ish...if that makes sense? Somewhat of a prelude perhaps? Waiting for guitars... smiley
The Universe (The Nuhippie Mix) by AaronTodd 9 months ago
This is a GREAT song indeed and i'm intrigued by the idea...


When The Sun Comes Around (Remaster) by SteveScott 9 months ago
Damnit! I missed this!

Cool to hear from you, Amigo. This is a really good song, Steve..sad as hell...but really well-written.

I haven't seen the movie but I can imagine Jeff Bridges singing it well enough. smiley Great recording fidelity-wise too.

How Many Are My Foes (PS3) by Tony2008 9 months ago
This is like a biblical story. Your vocals really shine on this. The inspiration comes through. smiley
Highway (2015) by Tony2008 9 months ago
This is bad ***. Hands down. Excellent in every way.
There's a Love Somewhere by mfwmiles 9 months ago

Your new profile pic reminded me of this little collab i did with the boys in thedickhickeyband...


distortions by BigJimSlade 9 months ago
I know I texted ya on this but thought i commented too (sigh...anybody ever think there's TOO much technology these days?!).

Anyway, i definitely dig all the sound textures on this smiley I remember feeling this way a few times in college...glad it wore off! smiley

Cool beans, Senor!
Machinations on Nothingness by revoltington 9 months ago
That's pretty epic, Todd. It's like speeding along the ground at low altitude.

I like the solo part with the strat-soundin' clean guitar on rhythm about 1/3 through. Great sounds there!
The Man In The Middle by mikebms 9 months ago
Really good lyrics, Mike. Heartfelt.

I'm glad this wasn't a Michael Jackson cover...

Like I Dream (My City Glory Version) by ReadandReturn 9 months ago
Really good lyrics!
When the Sky Comes Down and the Clock is Ticking by pharmakeus 9 months ago
You so HEAVY these days, Dr. Chris...

Dig it.
motions by Neumuzik 9 months ago
That's cool, are a genius with sounds (especially guitar sounds).
Mad World (cover) by mellis 9 months ago
Mellis, I'm going to come up with a really goofy, happy song and ask you to sing it. smiley

You are one of my favorite singers anywhere...just your tone is so interesting.

Senales (Signals) by Morris 9 months ago
That video is excellent! What a recording!
DOWN ON THE CORNER (2) by KCsGROOVE 9 months ago
This ain't CCR... smiley

Funky groovin, Cees!
My Friend by FlamingBiscuit 9 months ago
smiley Yeah... smiley
The Revenge by gepo 9 months ago
Hey, Gepo, my man!

This kinda has a Clapton vibe to it, huh? I like your dedication to pure sounds...this is good, Amigo...

Maybe some shades of Dave Gilmour...

Romantic Vibes by KennethLavrsen 9 months ago
Ummm...I'm havin' some :long drinks" tonight and this strikes me as very chill, Ken...your sense of melody always kicks in and gives your posts that identity...that's impressive to me.

i think you need some crowd and ocean wave ambience in here somewhere...

Hello, Nightmare by Neumuzik 9 months ago
You're am enigma to me, Neu...what the hell are you?! You're kinda techno but also're synthy,,,but also guitar-driven,,,droney but also melodic... light...but heavy...

I dig the bass on this especially.

Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney and Wings Cover by Hutch 9 months ago
I used to have the triple live "Wings Across America" album and just listened to it non-stop...what a great buncha songs. My sis just saw Paul here in KC a couple months ago...

I REALLY dig your production of this, man. I like the dry vocals in there and the spot-on playing...really gets to the essence of the tune. smiley

I enjoyed this!
CASTLE ROCK by KCsGROOVE 9 months ago
I hear some Beatles in here too...not just 'cus the chords are a little "while my guitar" ish...i mean in the production...that's well-done, Cees. It's kinda George-beatle too!
Bob is Spacewalkin' (Track 5 of A Holiday In Space!) by JimTheObscure 9 months ago
I definitely get a Cure vibe on this, Jim...even with the snargly, ominous bass synth in there...nice!

There's a Love Somewhere by mfwmiles 10 months ago
Very chill, my friend. Seems appropriate.
Angels Gonna Fly Away by RubyDubidoux 10 months ago
Heya, Roob and Alley,

Great fidelity in the recording...that bass sounds so woody! I mean this really sounds like I'm in the same room with you...

VERY sultry indeed (kinda short though)!
The Veil by Neumuzik 10 months ago
A groovy kind of western thing here with some tasty keys thrown in there...


SOS Abba (Cover) by Deebeesea 10 months ago
I LOVE ABBA and was glad to find this while trolling the site tonight! smiley

Way to go, you two. I'd love to do "When I Kissed the Teacher"...

GIVE IN MY HEART by Lagusaya2 10 months ago
I can relate, Stan...tryin' to get the ol' lady in the mood...


I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today by Cinderella 10 months ago
Really nice job on this, Cindy. Your harmonies are really good!
Baby Blue by ChristianElder 10 months ago
I'd never heard this song...I like your power pop sensibility here.

My favorite Dutch band tearing it up again! Really great production on this, Cees...sounds perfect.
Dream No.5 - To Find My Way Back by Badstone_Music 10 months ago
Very chill...
Just Consider it ... by pharmakeus 10 months ago
Kinda wild and wooley from the outback, huh> smiley

Nice work, Chris!
Time After Time(Cover) by kira001 10 months ago
I always liked this song. Nice job!
Life In A Love by Mike_Lynn 10 months ago
Very lush and summery, Mike...nice restraint in this too, i think.

Well-done, Amigo.
No problem !!! by LaFayette 10 months ago
First off, this is a very loud recording (which is always a plus in my book...very professional).

I like the delayed keys; takes skill to do that and not over-do it smiley
No Man's Land by gepo 10 months ago
I like your approach to playing and recording guitar, man; it's very original. You get a lotta sounds of it...almost sounds like nylon strings on that subtle lead...
SET ME FREE. by KCsGROOVE 10 months ago
Oh, I'm glad somebody else said country twang...I didn't want to be the only one! I also hear Wings in there too. I'm with Jim on this in that it's one of your best...stripped down and simple. Dig the reverb on the right side guitar...

Well-done, Cees!
Lennon's inconsequential Latin Affair by sammydix 10 months ago
I'm diggin' the keys here, Sammy as I'm chillin' in this Atlanta hotel room (didn't you tell me you're grom GA?) Gonna hit the Georgia Aquarium here in a few minutes.

This is indeed very original. Cool tune!
Don't Mess With My Dance Floor (You Should Be Dancing) by RubyDubidoux 10 months ago
I always thought it was, "watcha doin on yer butt?" smiley

Great production on this, Roob, with the layered voices! I like these mash ups you do cus they provoke a lot of thought...almost like rubbing you stomach while patting your head...

Great job, you two!

Weird (Music Video) by musika 11 months ago
Very cool! I enjoyed this and appreciate all the hard work that went into it.

Hasta LaVista Fantasma by RubyDubidoux 11 months ago
Latiny jazz? smiley This has a very chilled live and relaxed feel to it...lots of improvisation which is hard to do well. Cool beans, you two!
Fallen Angel by ChristianElder 11 months ago
You've got a great 70's summerish vibe here. Well done!
Wicked Game (cover) by Cinderella 11 months ago
Nice singing and nice recording of your voice, Cindy...i was always intrigued by this's different.
Have A Good Time (Stand Up) by maestrodog 11 months ago
Great sentiment on this one, Mark! I didn't catch the one with loops either but i can't imagine it compared to this. I like the subtle guitar fills in there...easy to miss.

You'll Never Know Remix by brassgospelguy 11 months ago
This is a really QUALITY composition, man. The recording and playing is great too but it's a very fine song too.

Well-done, indeed.

"Birthday Bites" by abzwork 11 months ago
Slinky like a snake! COOL guitar solo in there. smiley Got kinda tangled up with a saxophone!

Happy birthday, Abz!
Now She Flys (song for Deb) by alanatomic 11 months ago
Really quality recording, you two...sounds great in my ears!

Tinged with sadness.
motorik by BigJimSlade 11 months ago
I have to admit i was a little skeptical...psychosurf mixed with something more electronic?! This is cool as hell though! That guitar on the right really makes it for me. I can see Mark Mothersbaugh and the boys gettin' down to this...not jerkin back and forth so much but definitely...hurtling...somewhere.

Congrats to you both on a very cool tune!

The Undertaker by Mark_Cheetah 11 months ago
I'm not a metal guy, Marcus, but I dig this! It reminds me a bit of Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden maybe a little?

Really GOOD production. TUNING. It obvious but a lot of people (including me sometimes!) don't ensure it happens. Makes a huge difference! Like on your dual lead there...stellar!

I'm glad i took a listen!
WILL IT EVER STOP by KCsGROOVE 11 months ago
You're really under-rated on the keys, Cees...groovy tones there!
My Soul Laid Bare by BigJimSlade 11 months ago
You cain't help bein' hot and peakin;, JB!!! smiley

This is AWESOME! I dig the kinda jazzy, retro-ness to it and i'm always gonna dig a phasey guitar. That's some great bass-playing too, man! Almost gets into a bit of a disco jam near the end when the bass is rollin' (not quite disco but within sight of it maybe)...COOL ending too...sounds like this one took some time, huh?

Be proud of this one,'s GOOD!

Why aren't you still at home with me ? by LaFayette 11 months ago
I always feel like im back in the 60's stepping into a little dark club atmosphere on your collabs. smiley My parents had a bunch of "pre-beatles" music on wax that i used to get into...your production and the jazz feel reminds me of that here...well-done.

Cool bass in there too!
Sit Alone by mellis 11 months ago
I always dig me some mellis! This sounds kind of should post lyrics maybe? I like the way this swirls around...nice mix from sounds analog (even with all the synths)...

I sincerely enjoyed this, Gents!
Bang and Brawl by Neumuzik 11 months ago
This is bad-***, man! When that fat toned lead came in, it sounded kinda like Cream's "I feel free"... smiley

This is definitely one my favs from you, indeed.

Riff Flambe by revoltington 11 months ago
Groovy, breeziness to it...
Wet Sombrero by pharmakeus 11 months ago
It does kinda have a revoltington flavor to it which is high praise.

Now, is a "wet sombrero" something like a "dirty sanchez" or a "rusty trombone"?
Beautiful Baby by pharmakeus 11 months ago
Kinda robbie robertson-ish? Cool laid-back groove and i always dig your lead-playing, Chris.
When I Left Topeka by brewchugger 11 months ago

well, after Michael Jackson passed on, his chimp was all alone so we generously take him along on the tours...he gets a little worked up sometimes but he can set up a mic...

Thanks fer the listens, boys.

Syzygy II by sammydix 11 months ago
Wow, man...wh ever gets to work with a flautist?! Kind of had a Game of Thrones feel to it almost...but more interstellar and loose...dig the percussion if so freeing, huh? smiley
Addicted to love by Mysteria 11 months ago
I like your style a lot. From one rough around the edges recorder to another, this is damn fine.

Pristine Christine by revoltington 11 months ago
My 14 year old son, who's learning guitar, just told me today, "I don't think I could EVER play like Frank Zappa..." I said, "I know what ya mean, Son..." smiley

Great job, Todd. smiley
Dodge Monaco Garageband by Xolv 11 months ago
Smooth, indeed...nothing finer.
TIME (acoustic) by KCsGROOVE 11 months ago
I think this is one of your best, Cees...kind of like a modern Byrds sound with a little country swirled then and then one of your signature chord changes right before the solo...

Really good job on this. Very clean sounding.
Storm Riders of Rapture (Cover of a Cover) by dalerandle 11 months ago
Dooood...I LOVE LA Woman...think it's the greatest Doors LP and I always really like Blondie too. Of COURSE i'm gonna dig this! smiley

Great backing track holding it all together and then Joyce doin' Debbie Harry. Excellent job on this!
Camping On The Moon (A Holiday In Space: Track 1) by JimTheObscure 11 months ago
I think Marcia Brady would find a way to just ruin this trip, Jim, but I dig the music. smiley
Groovy by Gadzooks 11 months ago
Clearly a very prescient and succinct commentary on man's inhumanity to man and the political plight of third world countries in SE Asia, Stan... well-done there.

This is funkay as hell and I dig them vocals...reminds me of that squirrel in the Pixar movie that had all the caffeine.

OverLook by ScottHorwath 11 months ago
You've got a great approach, man...this is so unusual. You're always pushing the boundaries and I admire that.
Fade To Gray by RubyDubidoux 11 months ago
That's what I was thinkin'...pretty freakin' beautiful for impromptu!

I love your humor, Ruby, but this is nice too...


So Much Love by Beatle128 11 months ago
Very authentic-sounding! This could easily pass as circa a '65 buck owens cover like the ones they did...
WHEREVER YOU GO! by KCsGROOVE 11 months ago
I like the hand claps and sax...kinda gives it a 70's vibe? Well-done, Cees!

Blues for B.B. by Jacalore 11 months ago
Very FINE lead playing on this! I keep waitin' to hear BB's vocal come in...

Can't Do That by BigJimSlade 11 months ago
That's one bad *** pimp mobile you got there, Gus... smiley

One day the bus carrying the Chilli Peppers ran into a restaurant where Terrance Trent d'Arby was having lunch with Dick Dale and this is what resulted.

Thanks for having me on this, Bro; I enjoy(ed) it!

Dog Gone Blues by sammydix 11 months ago
Hey! I really like how this sounds in my cans. You've got a great ear for production, Sammy. I was watching a documentary last night about Muscle Shoals and this would fit right in there.

Great harmonies! Sounds like some dudes just standing 'round a mic playing...did we do that?

Thanks for the invite on this!

"Just Doin' Thangz" by abzwork 11 months ago
This is very interesting...kept my attention throughout...
Angel Eyes by BossHook 11 months ago
A breath of fresh air vibe to this...I like the acoustic feel to this but the vocals are great too.

Really well-done, Mang!

The Parting by ihussain 12 months ago
I like me some Bard with my Iqbal. smiley This is great rainy day music...we're having lots of flooding here so very appropriate. I like that technique in the middle before the melody comes're an excellent pianist, Iqbal.
1000 colors by chuckesleeze 12 months ago
Another great recording (again having to turn down...). I'm just attributing to that microphones?

I may be in love with Nicole...

Somebody Loan Me a Dime (cover of a Boz Scaggs cover) by revoltington 12 months ago
Boz is kind of a guilty pleasure for me...he lost a cred with that disco tune he did... smiley

You don't do a lotta singin' so it's cool to hear some from you...i dig the schmaltzy sound on the organ too...
Groundhog Day by davidmayer 12 months ago
This is a great production, Colonel. It's very polished-sounding but not in a synthy that a triangle in the percussion? I like that. Great tone on the lead too!

Good to hear from you again.

New Cahokia by pharmakeus 12 months ago
You can actually see the St. Louis Arch from the top of Monk's Mound. It is really similar in form to what you'd see in middle america 'cept it's all earthen, not stone.

This is probably a link violation but here's a link to a video I made after a trip to st. louis and cahokia a few years ago. You can see the mounds and a lot of the museum there which is excellent. It made a big impression on must've been freakin' majestic 1000 years ago...
Happy by chuckesleeze 12 months ago
This is excellent! Great recording and vocal performance (what a powerful voice)! Would love to hear more harmony in the verses?

I actually had to turn it down which is rare 'cus i usually have it really loud...
New Cahokia by pharmakeus 12 months ago
Now THIS is off the beaten path, boys! Very original.

I hope this pic's a view from the top of Monk's Mound. That's an AWESOME site!

glommed on it as is your wont smiley

I'm in love with you, Anne...such a beautiful voice...

Why did I Lie? by Telemetry 1 year ago
smiley I like this on a rainy morning...
Ride the wind by Mysteria 1 year ago
This reminds me a bit of Kate Bush which is high praise in my book. Great atmospheric sound here!
IGY - Failed by dalerandle 1 year ago
This is totally professional, Gents. Well-done, indeed!

When I Hug You by maestrodog 1 year ago
I dig yer music, Marcus. Your mixes are stellar, man!

My daughter's 11...that's the age where they don't like you and ignore you...generally ask fer an *** kickin'...

Good to know it'll get better.

Cowboy Johnny's Fat Belly Blues Boogie by bingsolex 1 year ago
I LOVE your tone, Bing...chislers like me use effects to cover up what we cain't play. smiley

You are a PRO.

Peace To This World by mikebms 1 year ago
Another Monday by Gadzooks 1 year ago
Smells yummy, Stan...ain't like yer usual vocals...I like more production from you...

I could hear some wind effect in here...?

You are, hands down, one of my very favorite artists.

Thanks fer doin' what you do.

Synchronicity II (The Police) by Tony2008 1 year ago
****ing rocks, Tony! The Police are indeed the shizzle.

Back in high school i was in a band that played this and it was such an education for me trying to learn Andy's part...

You got kind of a punk treatment to this and I DIG that...rough and raw...

Well-done, Amigo. I think Gordon would approve...

Shake Your Butt by Neumuzik 1 year ago
Kim's got herself one big *** booty that's fer sure...the tone you use on sax is probably what her butt would sound like if it could speak, that you can interpret...

Well-done. Dig the keys on the right side...