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She's Not That Innocent (collab) by dalerandle 5 days ago
This is pretty frickin cool, Gents! It has an 80's vibe...kinda talkin heads meets zz top maybe? smiley

It's also a very good production.

I've downloaded a couple irok tunes and have put varying degrees of finish on them...great ideas!

I dig the vocals on this especially. smiley
Xenelasia by falconep 5 days ago
I've never tried making music like this so i admire those who do. smiley I wonder on the two parts that are just drums if the echo needs to taken down a bit? Just my impression.
Is This the Love Boat? by MikeHuntingford 13 days ago

this sounds great, Mike!

Random acts of kindness by ChristianElder 14 days ago
I like how you're fearless with your lyrics...very unique!
Goodbye Girl by ChristianElder 14 days ago
The background vocals are especially well-done here...great acoustic recording and those rhythm strokes on the left. smiley
Reckless Soul by ChristianElder 14 days ago
This has a warmth you just don't hear any more. I had a Yamaha MT-120 that i almost wore all the buttons off. smiley I would love to get at some of those old recordings.

I like your genre here definitely has an 80's element but is also!

I enjoyed this, man.

THIS IS THE TIME (#2) by KCsGROOVE 14 days ago
Great live sound! Can you tell me what you use to record, Cees?

These lyrics and the sentiment are great. Thank you.

Orbus Remixed by FreeEarCandy 16 days ago
Yeah, really nicely recorded here, Dean...sad as hell though. smiley

Fire by Gadzooks 16 days ago
That bass is bruising, Stan! I hear lots of possibilities on this too...
Well Alright by geoff_wales 16 days ago
I've always really liked this tune (Buddy Holly wrote it, i believe... Gary Busey does it in the movie).

I've been thinkin of getting something like the Zoom for my little band (we do Sea of Joy off that blind faith album).

Well done, gents. I dig the kinda reggae vibe on this. smiley
ThanksFUNKING Day by MikeHuntingford 16 days ago
This is excellent, Mike! Really uplifting for the holidays. smiley
Rosie Apple by ScottHorwath 17 days ago
My 16 year old cranks a bunch of jethro tull lately and this is kinda in that vein a little bit maybe? a little lighter and not as..."english"? smiley

Catchy tune, Scott. She looks pretty cute in the picture...

Weird Scenes in the Pipeline by revoltington 17 days ago
"Weird scenes inside the goldmine..." Great "best of doors" album i used to have. I've given up on understanding this country...

I dig the heavy keys in this especially...subtle but...heavy.
Palm Wine Drinkard by pharmakeus 1 month ago
Outback acid trip. aborigine trips by with a didgeridoo thingy then someone steps on chris's guitar...dang moonless night!
Save Me by Larzman2 1 month ago
Awwww...GREAT song, man! It kinda just slushes around in its misery...just cain't move on... smiley

I really dig yer voice and guitars. Lyrics are motown sad too...bring it on home.

On These Wheels by Larzman2 1 month ago
Cool, Larzman. I like the chorus especially...and the lead break is sweet! Like Chris said "Americana"...even though you be Canadian. smiley

I love me some road songs!
When you were mine [Prince Cover] by jolofsson 1 month ago
I didn't know this one (but i'm not a huge prince fan)...

Cool composition and your cover of it is emotive and well-performed.

He wrote a wide range of songs, huh?
Intertwined by Dyl 1 month ago
I like the airy, lots-of-headroom sound...makes it sound like the 60' there a banjo in there real subtle?

Where else but on icomps would i hear something like this?

Love it!
Battle of the Rocks by revoltington 1 month ago
Hey, Todd! I've actually started a tune in 5/4. I had to stop cus it was hurting my head, but it's coming along, i guess. just feels clipping toe nails with the left hand. smiley

Much respect to you and I appreciate how you make mundane 4/4 sound so progish. smiley
Immortel by LaFayette 1 month ago
This is the kind of jazz i can listen to and not feel like i'm having an aneurysm... smiley I dig it when you can hear the wood in the bass like this...i'm downloading so i can practice some guitar lead over this with my hollow body sheraton...thanks for showing me something new, Pat!
Broken Mirror by ScottHorwath 1 month ago
Wow, Scott. This is finely crafted indeed. One can hear you care about your art on this. Nicely done, indeed.
A passage to India revisited by Narananda 1 month ago
I've always been fascinated with the history of the silk road...this isn't too far off in my imagination. must have been really hard to not let your mind drift WAY out bumpin along on a camel...this is what it would've sounded like.

Really cool, indeed. You capture a far-off sound behind what's more in the foreground...mountain range in the distance...very cool.
Suzie's Revenge by BlancFroid 1 month ago
You should seek out a woman singer like siouxsie sue from the banshees...someone to really WAIL over this. It's great music...really driving...
Forgive me a reason by AdamStolterman 1 month ago
Some shades of simon and garfunkel...this is two separate singers? if it is, you two sound so similar...maybe it'd be good to differentiate your voices somehow? that's a weird piece of feedback but...

really great bell-like tone to the voice(s) and the harmony is spot on. well-done, indeed.
Sacrifice by Neumuzik 1 month ago
SW highways vibe...sand in the eye kinda thing...

very chill, Neu!
CRISTINE SIXTEEN by cacciamai 1 month ago
This is cool! What a great song and you've put yer own pin on it. Nice!
WELL HELLO! by Lagusaya2 1 month ago
Almost has a sinatra on late elvis type vibe to these ears, stan...especially the part with the strings. very classic-sounding!
A Simple Affair by stevel 1 month ago
I like yer sound, man...gonna do some delving...

THE SOFT RAIN.......... by ldecarmine 1 month ago
kinda like a beautiful dream sequence...nice, man...nice!
all of the reasons by guitardogcar 1 month ago
Very nice smooth and balanced feel to this...great songwriting cus it rings true.
Ghost Whisper by ScottBolasci 1 month ago
This has a cool early alt 80's vibe to it...CBGB-ish...a more ambitious lou reed maybe?

Very cool sound.
Trump Squad! by revoltington 1 month ago
You are the master progster, Todd. smiley

I like the dual guitars around 2 min in...or is it three?

That main riff is pretty catchy for being in an uncommon time signature...
Darn Cat by tomdevine 1 month ago
cat blinking eyes sleepily...can't be bothered that i'm even in the room. why do i feed and keep him again?

very chilled, tom.

Chasm by TapicusMaximus 1 month ago
What maestrodog said.

My 15 year old son is all into "progrock" these days and he'd really dig this too. Fripp, Howe, Tapicus.

DON'T YOU EVER by Lagusaya2 1 month ago
I love the passion you put in yer tunes, Stan! smiley

My version of "dancing' is standing in one place, feet spread, and then bobbing up and down...that's about all i got... smiley

Nice job on the harmonies especially, amigo.
Stick Around by brewchugger 1 month ago
@maestrodog Hey, Mark. Naw, this is the one i sent you to listen to...with the bass issue i was having. Thanks for the advice!
Tales of Pornographic Oceans by revoltington 1 month ago
Trump's one bad *** prog guitarist, ya know..., he isn't... why is he...relevant again? I'm sorry; don't get me goin.

That title seems kinda's a Yes tune? My 15 year old son is SO into them these days...kinda cool to see. smiley

You rock, toddler!
Cold by FreeEarCandy 1 month ago

I too got a little tom waits vibe but i like this (not so much him... go figure!)

Really good job on the lyrics, amigo.
Through The Years by Cinderella 1 month ago
I remember this tune from back in the day! Nice version...a very professional sounding recording here. It's kinda sappy for this manly man to shed a tear though. smiley

Well-done indeed.
Abstract by ShadowofNine 1 month ago
The artwork fits the tune nicely?

Well-done, Dave!
Charlie's Driving The Car by maestrodog 1 month ago
Composition aside, this recording is awesome...what great sounds!
A World At War by kvcc 1 month ago
Really cool vibe to this...
Who's to Blame? by geoff_wales 1 month ago
It does remind me of Robert Cray...little more jazzy though. great singing on this!
Beauty Beyond by waveman 1 month ago
That's beautiful. Great singing especially!
Shadows (Remix) by toveco 1 month ago
Very chill, Gents.
Fenris Dream by AlHughson 1 month ago
Damn, All! This is huge!

Kinda Frippish but way better playing. smiley

Enjoyed this!
(still) DRIFTIN' by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
Very chill, Cees. I think you're making some excellent music these past few months with the band; very fresh indeed.

I look fw to your posts!
Open My Eyes [Blind Monkey Mix] by pharmakeus 1 month ago
That's bad ***, dudes! Midnight Oil with James Hetfield on guitar? smiley
Appearance by LaFayette 1 month ago
That's bad ***, Patrick! It'd make a great opening track. I'd love to put some vocals to that...
Blackbird by eagle 1 month ago
music makes it better by making us feel it more?

hang in there, eagle. nice job on this.
At The Zoo by maestrodog 1 month ago
Damn, Marcus! This sounds great and the lyrics are stellar; great job on that!

Ya gotta love a kazoo at the zoo.

The Swing O' Things by Neumuzik 1 month ago
...waiting for Issac Hayes... smiley

Great sound quality on this and I especially like the keys on the chorus part, Neu...

Kinda has a 70's "city" feel to a movie theme kinda?

Well done
Radio Silence by pharmakeus 2 months ago
Shades of Rambo... smiley Imagination is the core of artistry.

I like the grit in this...gotta go brush my teeth after listening.

Well-done, Dr. Pharm.

Operation Weasel Orange-utan by revoltington 2 months ago
As a man who has posted some weird pics, THAT'S a weird pic, Todd. smiley

I've been tryin to fool around with different time's freakin hard!

"Impressive" is over-used but this is just that.
Dream by maestrodog 2 months ago
I get a "Summer Dreams" vibe from this too, Mark...definitely a 70's feel to it.

I think this is my favorite in the series. They're lucky to have you as their gramps. smiley
Shelter Me (acoustic) by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
Nice tune, Cees! Simple is best often times.


DO IT ALL OVER (#4) by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
Perfect tempo on this...much better than mellencamp! smiley

You're really doing great stuff lately, cees!

Candle Lights by gepo 2 months ago
Well done, amigo! Consider adding just sound effects...some times that captures what you're looking for...
Tin Man (America's cover) by LaFayette 2 months ago
Heya, LaFayette and grathy!

America comes right after bread in my book smiley

Really professional sounds here...the music, the singing...can't think what could be better...unless you did a bread song smiley
Runnin back to you by Piet 2 months ago
I like the vocals especially but also appreciate that, though it's a metal sound, it has some rock n roll elements too. the singing reminds me a bit of accept.

well done!
Bewitchment Encampment by revoltington 3 months ago
I always loved that chick from "Bewitched"...what a hotty!

Sounds live, yer in my living room...hey, use a coaster, would ya?

Distorted by sammydix 3 months ago
It does indeed have some "shine on you crazy diamond" elements but the robert fripp walks in... smiley

this is pretty damn proggy! sweet! smiley That;s bad***ed, fellers!
Bad Dream Blues by albinoSQUIRREL 3 months ago
I hate when ya get evicted... smiley

This is an excellent production, amigo...sounds pretty damn good!

I'm Getting Myself Ready For You by RubyDubidoux 3 months ago
That kid with the beans is a little creepy... smiley
yup...still diggin' this! smiley
What Did You See by ShadowofNine 3 months ago
don't get me goin on a rant now...

that bass is really...visceral...kinda rules the tune...
I'm Getting Myself Ready For You by RubyDubidoux 3 months ago
smiley Aww, this is awesome, Roob! I dig the new additions and your singing...sounds happy. smiley

Really cool postin' !
Guru Got A Free Pass by revoltington 3 months ago
Well, he IS a deserves a free pass... smiley

I dig that cover art...nice!

I like that stanky bass riff. I've been playing in a 3 piece lately and the bass player kinda has..."jazz tendencies" like that... smiley

I enjoyed this.
Yeah! Do a video so we can see!
Really good melody.
This has a kinda late 60's pop vibe to it, Cees...I really dig it. This live stuff you've been postin' is the ****!

How do you record it?
Do you Really Wanna Live For A Thousand Years by mfwmiles 3 months ago
Sage lyrics, Brothermiles. smiley

The background vocals kinda give it a gospel surge (especially with the piano)...excellent job on those!

I think this is one of your more polished productions for sure (this suite) .

A Life Of Leisure by Neumuzik 3 months ago
Strings on the left give it a cool jeff lynne vibe...that's choice!
Too Many Words by artneuro 4 months ago
"because I struggle with option anxiety, partly because I'm searching for things to write about. "

that hits right on the head. smiley

This sounds like some Zappa maybe...Man from Utopia era...except yours is more coherent.

Really enjoyed this, man.


Homegoing Blues by revoltington 4 months ago
I'm glad they finally busted that kid. smiley

Very loose and chilled.

LET IT SHINE (#2) by KCsGROOVE 4 months ago
I second what Bigjim says on this...i can almost hear some clavichord groove in there...that may be TOO funky though. smiley

Great band sound, indeed!
Nobody Was Keeping Score But Me by mfwmiles 4 months ago
Some of the best lyrics EVER, Miles. I remember being struck by them the first time i heard this...this is one of your very best, I think.

Excellent, amigo.
Brain Freeze by Gadzooks 4 months ago
You do some interesting experiments, Stan...
Save My Love by toveco 4 months ago
Wow! This is very cool and off the beaten path...refreshing in its uniqueness.
Good-Bye by LaFayette 4 months ago
Don't stay away too long, Patrick. You are one of the very best!
You Won't See Me (Beatles Cover) by markeaux 4 months ago
I don't know how i missed this! My son told me today that this week is the 50th anniversary of Revolver. smiley

Really well done job on this, fellers. I've tried a cover of it myself and know it's a challenge. smiley
LIVING IN A DREAM (#2) by KCsGROOVE 4 months ago
You guys are definitely my favorite Dutch (?) band going, Cees!

This sounds like you're really hitting a nice stride as a band, huh? Maybe a little different vein lyrically too? I like it.

That organ sounds especially good too...

The Beat Goes On by Dyl 4 months ago
I KNOW Dyl didn't just post a Sonny and Cher cover! smiley

I like the updated sound here, man...well done. Really great clarity in the recording.

Unremarkable by pharmakeus 4 months ago
I dig this, fellas! Outback sound for sure. smiley
Hoe Wordt Een Mens Een Ster lone mix by A1K3M1 4 months ago
I love icomps because I would never have heard something like this otherwise. Thanks, Chris!

This is very interesting, indeed

Along the River Bed by BigJimSlade 4 months ago
Tequila and dust...maybe a venereal disease...

If I didn't know any better by mfwmiles 4 months ago
This is really creative, miles...GREAT vocals and i dig that lead guitar on the left (keys maybe?)
but the sentiment is really nice here how the wisdom and peaceful resignation come through, huh? smiley
Opposites Attract by DJShadowkat 4 months ago
I like the old school keyboard stabs in there...adds some drama, i think. smiley

I wish i could get your clarity, man...this is an excellent recording!
Lazy Walker by ScottHorwath 4 months ago
I really dig the whole idea on this...lyrics, piano, art piece...whole thing.

Well-done, amigo!

Magnolia ( J. J. Cale cover ) by jibes 4 months ago
Really groovy feel to this, Jibes...less is more in the mix for sure.

Well-done, indeed...dig that organ!

Ain't Misbehavin by RubyDubidoux 4 months ago
I always thought this was a very cool song...

You just need some radio static or vinyl pops on this. smiley

Well-done, Amiga!

Along the River Bed by BigJimSlade 4 months ago
Thanks, all and thanks to BigJimmy fer including me on this!

I had fun, pardner. smiley
Chances Are (Johnny Mathis cover) by Cinderella 4 months ago
My parents used to have 5 or 5 johnny mathis albums...i remember pulling out their records ans sorting them into piles. This guy could really swell in his singing!

Great treatment, Cindy - i like that upper register at the end. smiley

ummm... 5 or 6... dang!
(no more) MUSIC FOR THE MASSES by KCsGROOVE 4 months ago
What??!! No instrumental solos on top of that groove??!!

KC, this rocks, dood...kudos to Edjah on the drums too...very cool.

I just don't see how ya resisted hoppin on that and jammin a bit. smiley

One of my all time favs from you! Great job.

Love The One You're With (cover) by Gadzooks 4 months ago
I like this more than the original, Stan, for sure. Great live recording!
I'm To Blame by Cinderella 4 months ago
Like a more laid back Blondie! smiley I can DIG it!

Big smiles in ks.

Friends with the Devil by Gadzooks 4 months ago
You are blazing some new paths here, Gadz (emphasis on "blazing smiley )

You and yer boys got some Traffic vibes goin on over there...


Zwischenzeit by Dadanaut 4 months ago
I'm not much of an instrumental guy (no attention span), but this is really get the goodebumps vibe too. smiley

Really a beautiful track.
Let's Do It Again by thenownows 4 months ago
Well done, man!
Been a Long Time by Moviz 4 months ago
Hey, Maurice!

It's great to hear a new tune from you! I think this sounds really good...lyrically and vocally. I hear ya on the inspiration too...

Great to see/hear you!