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While Time Fades Away by stevel 1 hour ago
Very original sound, man...
Losing Ground by Dyl 1 hour ago
Your tracks are so ****ing LOUD, Dyl! smiley

It IT very kitty litter...pj harvey association.

This sounds as good or better than anything you get from a professional source. Very fine production, man.

La Fa Yet With You by LaFayette 1 hour ago
It sounds like i'm in the room, Patrick. Your keys are so cool...

Very chilled.

Flying (Closer to You) by tomdevine 2 hours ago
sssweeettttttt, gents. smiley I dig this muchly.

Jeez, Marcus...nice job on the melody and lyrics!

You guys sound good together indeed.

Struttin' by GoofyDawg 2 hours ago
I love it, Goof. I think that's called "gettin older." smiley

That could carry a LOT of lead guitar...
The Jump Off by ldecarmine 2 hours ago
Time machine back to the 80's! Cool!
It's Rotten To the Core by dalerandle 2 hours ago
Wow!!! That's in yer face! Ha!

Fat sounds, Dale. Needs a diet and cardio.

Enchanted Pathway by falconep 2 hours ago
well done...very visual and textured...
The Crucible by Calchas 2 hours ago
I kinda has an old school flavor because of its seriousness, i think... like a movie soundtrack piece... great lyrics, lots of thought.
Skinning the Skunk by pharmakeus 2 hours ago
Very cool, pharm. reminds me a bit of that band midnight oil maybe (maybe just cus yer all aussies) smiley

I DO really like the bonham beat and i like how your current stuff is a little cleaner around the edges than most of yer older stuff (i'm one to talk, i know).

Cool sounds, Mang.

Hurt (Cover) by rcandrews 2 hours ago
Very somber. great timbre throughout int he strings and voice (interesting how vocal cords vibrate like strings, huh?)

Well done. Very good listen.
I Will (Beatles Cover) by markeaux 2 hours ago
I like how on the original paul does the bass with just his voice. smiley

You ARE da man (officially), Mark...especially on beatles stuff and brewchugger drums. smiley
MARY JANE (band version) by KCsGROOVE 2 hours ago
This is one of the best of yer live band recordings, Cees...very full sound...

Cool chorus especially. Yeah! Get off the MJ, people!
Sarah, Keeper of the Gates of Flaming Lies by revoltington 2 hours ago
it IS kinda yes-like. drums are cool!

I dig that full on stop (I woulda stuck crickets in there tho) smiley

The Power To Connect (AITW) by becwil 2 hours ago
I like that kinda major movement in the middle...that's one of the most powerful thing music can do like that. Well done!

Back On My Way by brewchugger 2 hours ago
@BigJimSlade thanks, amigo! that's using the mexican tele i got last weekend. it's a little more...woody...soundin?

@becwil thanks for stoppin by, Bec!
3rd Winter (Chapman Stick) by TapicusMaximus 12 days ago
My son is all in to later King Crimson and this reminds me a bit of that...freakin whole other level than what I do!

Impressive and...otherworldly.

WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN (#2) by KCsGROOVE 12 days ago
Who doesn't like the Who? Point 'em out to me and i'll throttle 'em!

Dream Of A Shadow by Calchas 12 days ago
You've kinda got an Ian Anderson vibe goin on this...LOVE me some Jethro Tull (got 4th row seats to see them in September!)

I can hear the close effort you put into yer tunes, shows.

Dear God by Lagusaya2 12 days ago
Hymnal, Stan (is that a word?)

Good to hear from you!

Heart Breaker (Led Zeppelin Cover) by markeaux 12 days ago
Doooooood...I love me some Zep. Very chilled version...I like the "people talkin..."'s a little less frenzied than the original. smiley

I'm gonna send ya some more stuff to dickwit.
What's Done Is Done by RadioSeanovan 15 days ago
This is a good song, man! I think the vocal needs a touch of echo or overdrive...something to add an edge. It's a bit too clean for the sentiment (if that makes sense).

Really good tune though.
Crazy - Ver 2 (Willie Nelson) by zincshed 15 days ago
What a song...i like the electric piano on it. Nice singing too!
How Deep is Your Love (acoustic Bee Gees cover) by artist08 15 days ago
Dood...the beegees get a bad rap but barry wrote a BUNCH of really good songs. He was a mofo songwriter!

This is really well-done, man...great singing and playing and a very tame. chilled production. Nice!

Koala Dose by pharmakeus 1 month ago
I like this new vein yer swimmin in, Pharm...dig the backwards soundin details in there...

This is truly raw and exciting
Save My Soul by EvilFactman 1 month ago
It's good to see you postin again, Factman. How's retirement treatin ya?
Idiot Child by rcandrews 1 month ago
Dood! You sound like Tom Jones singing this (high praise in my book!)

This is freakin awesome! Very professional sound.
In The Room (remix) by Gadzooks 1 month ago
I liked this tune the first time you posted it but this IS better fer sure, Stan...

Nicely tune.

Black Cicada by pharmakeus 1 month ago
"a deranged neil young leading television" ha!

I like this proggy side of you, pharm...what a trip!

I will listen more than once to this tonight.
A Matter of Scale by BlancFroid 1 month ago
clunky is good! i'm not much of an ambient guy but i like this...

Nice work, blanc...

Neurotronic One by artneuro 1 month ago
Magical Mystery Tour...Blue Jay Way...please don't you be very long...but maybe also some talkin heads..."off kilter" blanc said it. smiley

Very cool, art and nice art to go with it. smiley
Steve Caustrita's Riparian Way by scaustrita 1 month ago
Dood, i was lovin it out there. kansas is beautiful cal was something else. smiley

Cool tune, Steve!
Painting Rainbows by Mike_Lynn 1 month ago
That's the traditional Mike sound of them vocs, Steve smiley Signature sound indeed.

I like the arpeggio keys. Nice tune, Mike!
Doing It Right by BigJimSlade 1 month ago
Great vocals especially, Cleetus! It DOES have an Iggy/Ramones sound. Blow them cobwebs off yer self! smiley
Ya Dig? by sammydix 1 month ago
You DO have some pretty elastic boundaries, Sam... smiley

Dig that piano on there...freakin professional as **** sound, mano.

That's overwhelming in a good way with all you got goin on in this!
CAN'T YOU SEE (bandversion) by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
I like the sound of this...just a tad raw in its it a woody sound...

i think this is one of yer best, Cees!
Phantasmagoria Blues by Dyl 1 month ago
LOUD recording too! Great job on that!

Phantasmagoria Blues by Dyl 1 month ago
I dig yer vocals on this a bunch, Dyl. Reminds me a little of that "Love and Rockets" album. I'm kinda gettin into that voc treatment a little too. Great piano!

The stones WISH they sounded like this, man. smiley

****ing GREAT recording!
Going Home (OTT) by becwil 1 month ago
"It does not have the obligatory break down in the middle and rebuild"

regular songwriting is hard enough...i can't imagine doing instrumental...whole new set of challenges. smiley

Well done, Bec!
Real Bad Girl - Super Demo by thebenteights 1 month ago
it kinda has a jack white quality to it maybe? SO many of my tunes are like 1 min long and need more fleshing out smiley

I like this recording!

INNER PEACE by Lagusaya2 1 month ago
This brought a smile to my face, Stan. smiley

I like the more finished production to brings out the composition much more.

I hope you're doing well!

"DIE BY THE SWORD" by PaulOwenMusic 1 month ago
"soundtrack for a boss fight" smiley

I'm not a metal dude so much anymore but this ROCKS, man. SO well done on the synth following the guitars part. Very impressive indeed.

You've made a new fan tonight.

Get The News On You by gold6821 1 month ago
I dig me some Boz, man... smiley

You might have a little clipping on the bass drum in the intro?

I like the vocal treatment...less is more.

I'm a fan!

House Dust Blues by Xolv 1 month ago
That blue dog plays like a mother****er...

Dirge by toveco 1 month ago
I enjoyed this, Tom.
Made in Hamburg Revised by bingsolex 1 month ago
Bing, you gotta be a tele man, right? You got such great tone...

I love it cus it's not overdone...the electric piano is genius.

I enjoyed this.

I'll Be Here In The Morning by Dyl 1 month ago
"Acoustic" in the very best connotation of the word. warm. heartfelt. soulful.

I really dig this, Dyl. Well done, Amigo.

Mus-tard by oakenbras 1 month ago
Bb is hard, huh?! I learned "Maybe I'm Amazed" in Bb on the piano years ago...i remember that vividly.

This is kinda bizarre, Oak, but I LIKE it. Kind of a medieval time traveling piece? Cool vocs or pads in there...nice!

BEEN RUNNING (#2) by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
I too am a fan of yer band, KC. I like the kinda stoney, loose sound of this. This is one of my favs of "the band."

Nicely done, boys!

Break It To Me Gently by Larzman2 1 month ago
Well done, Larz. I love me some acoustic blues.

"why cain't i be yer lovin man?" the eternal query...
Oh Man!!! (remix) by Straydog23 1 month ago
Cool story-telling vibe to this...
Antivenom by ConcordiaDiscors 1 month ago
Decent? It ROCKS! Well-done, man.
Divine Intervention by Neumuzik 1 month ago
I like the churhcy organ at the beginning smiley
Inside This Skin by Calchas 1 month ago
I appreciate the work you obviously put into yer lyrics...poignant.
O, Captain Morgan by pharmakeus 1 month ago
This really IS a very clear mix, Pharm. Not that yer others aren't but this is more so. Maybe it's the keys percolating?

I love me some nautical tunes.

Take Me All The Way by Figurochi 1 month ago
Mott the Hoople it does! Nice, man! smiley

I like the staccato...syncopated guitars and that's a BAD *** solo, brother!

Cool tuneage, Fig.

The Technicolor Engine Room by revoltington 1 month ago
So i get forced to run this baffling array of outer space alien, and they've strapped these headphones on me and this is the tune they're blaring in at 120 db...i'm runnin around like a chicken with his head cut off...

Cool tune, Brod. dig the toms.

Fool On The Hill (Beatles Cover) by markeaux 1 month ago
I was originally a lennon fan when i started listenin to the beatles...then i heard this paul's dark. i kinda turned off paul and back to john later on but i spent a long spell as a mccartneyite. this song was why.

nice job, Gents.

SHE MOVES by Cinderella 1 month ago
It's almost kinds bluegrassy too if the temp were faster maybe? I could definitely hear some banjo in there.

Like someone already said, it's catchy and that's the key thing.

Great job, Cindy and Trev!

My Sweet Sun Shine by FreeEarCandy 2 months ago
That's a really fine recording of the acoustic...wish mine sounded so good. what's yer process on that?

i like the vocals too...kinda timeless sound.
Lipsync (The Kitchen Sync Mix) by Neumuzik 2 months ago
"kitchen sync" you funny. smiley

This is kinda like aussie 80's. I DIG the chord changes after the synth bass!
Nice conciliatory tune, Cees...interesting chords in the bridge... i too can sense the fun you had making this.

really great sounds, man.

Brewing Change (OTT) by becwil 2 months ago
"Spa ready" smiley

I can appreciate all the detail you put into this, Bec...great production!

GoodDog by oakenbras 2 months ago
Domestic...and yet exotic. That 2nd part reminds me kind of "the master musicians of jojuba" bells sound...

Is this what's going on inside my dog's head? No wonder she acts like she does! smiley
Crazy (Willie Nelson) by zincshed 2 months ago
Ah, really nice, Zinc! Carly has a GREAT voice!

Willi is the master, ain't he?

Vintage Blues by sammydix 2 months ago
SO good, Sam...
San Tropez (Pink Floyd Cover) by markeaux 2 months ago
DOOd! I love me some Meddle (my little side band is playing "Fearless" pretty regularly)!

This is a very true to the original cover, man...great playing/singing and production. Rick Wright contributed SO much to so many great Floyd songs...never got the credit he deserves.

I really enjoyed this!

That Would Be Something (Paul McCartney Cover) by markeaux 2 months ago
Right on! Something from Paul's first album. In a way, he made it cool to make a not-so-finished album and release it. There's a lotta good starts on that album (i think you took this tune further than he did, right?) but like the only one that really sound "finished" to my ears on that album is "Maybe I'm Amazed' (such a great song).

The brewtour needs drummers, Marcus...hit me up!

slow i 96 by irok 2 months ago
Yer a freakin music-makin machine, irok!


I too would dig adding singing to this!

Love Me til the End by Ziur 2 months ago
First of all, hands are freakin HARD to draw!


Kinda spooky moody?
Challenged Love by Xolv 2 months ago
I take my hat off to anyone who does instrumentals, ego always needs to get in there. smiley

Gives me visions of big cities...rivers...glasses of wine... smiley

Nice job, man!

Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More (Steely Dan Cover) by markeaux 2 months ago
Yer channelin some Fagan, Marcus...he is SO under-rated.

This sounds pretty true to the original. If i were starting all over again i woulda listened to a whole lot more Steely Dan as a young kid. smiley

Good to hear ya again, Amigo!

No Requiem by Calchas 2 months ago
You mean you don't think Trump's gonna take care of all that? smiley

Uggg...don't get me started.

This is contemporary folk/protest maybe? I give ya props on the lyrics especially cus they're often so hard to do.

Well done!

Hey Little Rich Girl (The Specials cover) by Figurochi 2 months ago
I don't know the song but I DIG it, Fig and i like your singing on this. Funky organ too! smiley
LOVE AFTER LOVE by cacciamai 2 months ago
You ARE kinda inimitable, Cello... smiley

I like the clean mix and the piano up int he mix...and that's some really fine singing on top of it.

Well done, Gents!

Puzzle Man by larszzz 2 months ago
Very sincere vibe...can't argue with this performance.

I dig the guitars flanging.phasing just a bit.

Bohemian Like You by SteveScott 2 months ago
Very cool, Steve! I've been listening to Television a lot lately and this is a little in that vein maybe...kinda early new wavish but with an edge.

My only mix complaint is the bass might be distorting a little?

Is that really live? If so, that's a GREAT recording.

Heightened Valleys of my Consciousness by revoltington 2 months ago
Crazy process, man...
Don't touch my hands by LaFayette 2 months ago
Pretty exotic for you, Patrick, right? kinda spacey-proggy. my son would LOVE this!

Good luck with the hands!

Heightened Valleys of my Consciousness by revoltington 2 months ago
Your artwork is BAD ***, man! I would hang that on my wall for sure.

do you start with the drum track or what? i can't see how you put this together...
Oh Man!!! by Straydog23 2 months ago
I like this a lot but i think maybe it's the vox that are too loud in the mix?
Everybody Knows (Mash-up) by falconep 2 months ago
This DOES have a Carpenter vibe to it...nice! I dig them.

I like the keyboards especially.

MOVIN' ON by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
"Exotic" is pretty close to what i was thinking too...maybe a little like Traffic on "Hidden Treasure"-era stuff? It's kind of a new direction for you too which is cool, Cees...pushing the boundaries. Those drums are cool!

For All of My Lovin' by Bachthoven 2 months ago
That's very cool, man...i like this style. It's so good to have new tunes from you.
Think For Yourself by Bachthoven 2 months ago
This is GREAT! needs a babbling brook behind it...maybe a flute. is there one in there?
I'm Sittin' on the Top of the World by Bachthoven 2 months ago
Weird as it sounds...i hear some Notorious Byrd Bros in here...must be the brass?

This is a much fuller sound/production than yer old stuff...interesting. You have a knack for melody, mang.

I've Been a Perfect Fool/Take Care of Your Loved Ones by Bachthoven 2 months ago
Very cool to hear you again, Bach! I really enjoy yer tunes.

save me by that80sboy 2 months ago
Different sounds for you, Mark...careful cus yer soundin more 90's on this. smiley
Regret by FreeEarCandy 2 months ago
Kinda Frippy!
Breakfast In Bed by Neumuzik 2 months ago
That's cool tone on that, Neu! Kinda blurs the line b/w keys and guitar in a lotta places which is always cool.

Well-done, mang!
Mary Jane by bingsolex 2 months ago
Great sounds on this, Bing! Is that the same Mary Jane Rick James sings about? smiley
Love (John Lennon cover) by artist08 2 months ago
Very professional production on this!
Like a Double Edged Sword on a Knife's Edge by revoltington 2 months ago
i'm not sure how one gets a double edged sword onto a knife edge... must be physics thing that only jazz guys can do?

great art! as always, i am intrigued - but humbled - by your music.

MUSIC FOR THE MASSES (#2) by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
My favorite Dutch band returns! That is so well-recorded, Cees...i know it's not there, but i can almost feel like a stevie wonder keyboard (what is that thing called? like on "superstition"? a clavinet? very funky).

Happy Holidays!
Another Day On The Farm by brassgospelguy 2 months ago
No kidding, man; your harmonies are REALLY good. I love that higher melodic vocal noodle in there too. This kinda has a bit of a robin trower vibe to it...high praise, man!

Vintage Blues by sammydix 2 months ago
hey, maybe post lyrics?
Vintage Blues by sammydix 2 months ago
Aww, you know i'm diggin THIS, Sam. This is AWESOME!

I'm picturing some big, fat hollow-bodied Casino or something yer playin?

You should be a big star, man...datin a Kardasian...gettin all you deserve for makin music like this. Sincerely.

The Patient by artneuro 2 months ago
I too like the organ. My complaint is that it's not terribly loud, art? Could be on my end though. It has like an edgy, painful "incense and peppermints" vibe - it doesn't sound anything like that song...but it's from that universe maybe...

I feel yer vocals too, man. Good job!
Security Alert by oakenbras 2 months ago
Big smile, Oak! This here ain't usually my type thang but i DIG this. It's kinda like a tequila/acid/warm diet pepsi bleary morning bad dream sequence. Do you know the roger waters/ron geesin "music from the body" lp? i like how that chorus just kinda sneaks in on the right side amongst all the burping bass sounds...

This gave me pause in a really good way, man.

Thanks! smiley
O Come, All Ye Faithful by falconep 2 months ago
Such a beautiful melody - one of my fav xmas tunes.

Well-done, Phil!