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I Was Named By My Mother (Ennead #7) by mfwmiles 10 days ago
poignant and beautiful, indeed.
Time Will Tell by Baboon 10 days ago
The Longlines have some epic ****! Baboon, you da man on vox. This is freakin' awesome...
Hurt by pharmakeus 10 days ago
Raw. That's why it's good.
CAN'T YOU SEE (acoustic version) by KCsGROOVE 14 days ago
NIce, Cees...excellent mix!

Sometimes there's nothing better then acoustic guitars...

In Another Time by ihussain 14 days ago
There was a great show on today about Raja Raja and the temples he built in southern India in like 1300, I think...just fascinating...

Your music is the only way this working man's ever gonna get there!

Beautiful, evocative piece, Iqbal.

Nobody Told Me by Gadzooks 16 days ago
Came back for another listen...yup. i was right the first time...great song.

My Song (For lack of a better title) by theironsaul 18 days ago
Whatever the hell a ELH HOG2 is, it gives this a cool retro element. You tend to keep your productions somewhat sparse instrument-wise so it's cool to have that.

A Saul post is as rare as seein' a yeti in sneakers! Cool to hear ya again, Jeffry.

Nobody Told Me by Gadzooks 21 days ago
Stan, this is ****ing masterful, man. It's such a high-quality recording but your playing, singing, and WRITING are just SO good. I'll be listening to this one for a while to come (it might need some faux brewchugger crowd noises is all). smiley

Great, great song.
Today ( Jefferson Airplane cover) by Little_Hooligan 22 days ago
What a sad freakin' song! You nailed it, Joyce.

I like the harpsichord treatment...kinda like a lonely, dusty attic feel... the back up higher register vocal especially is mighty fine too.

Marty would be proud. smiley
I'm Dreaming by Gadzooks 27 days ago
That's a great sound on a live recording, Stan! You are guys are just GOOD; no two ways about it. smiley
Jump the Gun ( Mark _Cheetah cover) by Little_Hooligan 27 days ago
This would make Ronnie James Dio go and have a seat...

I like the raw power of this and the awesome double leads. I love your uninhibited approach, Joyce; it makes the music so much the better.

There's You & There's Me by SISTERS 27 days ago
Awesome! Kinda a bit like Heart maybe but you're "lusher" (I invented that word just to describe your singing, Anne). I like to hear ya rock out. I like that melodic part on "hope i haven't crossed a line"...kinda gives it a little something special...a unique twist.
The Birdman's Imaginary Exodus by revoltington 27 days ago
What the hell is harnolodic?! Sometimes i'm not smart enough for jazz... smiley

I like the keys (the piano) and the organ too. Nice textures there...
She Used To Live Right Next Door by artneuro 27 days ago
Cool backwards guitar...does that mean you played it left-handed then? smiley

This is gritty...I might need a shower after this...or, at least, a good hand-washing...

Dig that bass too!

L´ADIEU by RiGee 27 days ago
This is why icomps is so cool...when would i have ever heard this otherwise?

Great music!

GUTEN MORGEN by RiGee 27 days ago
Freakin' awesome cryin' guitar! Really well-done, man.

Wasting my time by FlamingBiscuit 29 days ago
AW, man, I've always really like your stuff...don't quit.
DUST TO DUST by SISTERS 29 days ago
I was feelin' too happy this morning so came back for another listen. smiley I know there is a positive message here too but the SOUND is just so...gripping and sad. I'm curious about this bobpompeii fella...
My Sweet Lord By George Harrison (Cover) by FreeEarCandy 29 days ago
Yeah, it was always pretty obvious to me that George kinda borrowed this tune... smiley He HAD to know.

Anyway, ya done good on this, amigo! I'd certainly be kinda daunted by trying those backgrounds too. Your guitar(s) does sound like a 12 string - i think that worked just fine.

My first guitar was a Hondo and I had a little Crate amp with it. I kinda remember what happened to the guitar but not the amp. I'd love to have them both back again!

brown guitar by irok 29 days ago
Quite epic, irok. Doesn't really need vocals does it? A touch of sad in there...
The Vicar of Dreams (Release 2014) by Tony2008 29 days ago
You make a lot of really interesting music, Tony...this rocks quite well, my friend. smiley
The Request by Art 29 days ago
I like that melotron sound that comes in kinda on the left about 1/2 way through. Lots of different ingredients here! Well-done.

Road of Desire by gepo 29 days ago
Nice playing, gep! Really pleasing tone there. smiley
Happy birthday to me by mikerocky 29 days ago
Happy B-day, Mike! Cool rockin'!
Muladhara by dirigent 29 days ago
THIS is what i love about icomps! I've had the idea of making a whole piece with just...well...burps and farts...but have never done it. I mean I'd do that in a serious way (1/2 way serious anyway). Roger Waters made an album with Ron Geesin called "The Body"'ve probably heard it...that's kinda along these lines.

I find this really cool...I may not rock out to it in my car though. smiley
I Was Named By My Mother (Ennead #7) by mfwmiles 1 month ago
Miles, I really like all of I said before, i think the production, instrumentation, singing, concept is really, really good. I think my fav is "Day after lonely Day." It's ALL very poignant and i'm right there with ya. smiley

Excellent job, Amigo. May be your very best, i think.

Uptown by Neumuzik 1 month ago
I can tell you put a lot of thought into your guitar sounds/textures. Well-done. smiley
Stir The Pot - XmafaX Feat. Joyce Dorrance by XmafaX 1 month ago
WoW! It's great to hear from you again, Joyce! You always struck me as so unique ('cus of your uninhibited on this tune)...that's worth a lot!

Great music and singing! I love that kick up in tempo and your middle eastern vocals. That's awesome!
Alvarez Ablaze by ScottHorwath 1 month ago
Reminds me a little of that Jefferson Airplane guitarist (Jourma something) or Lindsay Buckingham in that it sounds so different from what I play smiley Maybe it's the tuning? That's one of the best things about this site...I get exposed to so many different things.


DUST TO DUST by SISTERS 1 month ago
I literally hit download one second after your voice came in on this. Freakin' awesome sound.
City girl, Country Boy by Vixen 1 month ago
AWesome job on the harmonies, Vix! They sound so much more lush (lusher?). I gotta check out this wikiloops thing!

You always write great lyrics...very vivid and "been there"... (that's my wife...would go outside but afraid she'll break a nail! she's getting better though).

Post them lyrics?
I Was Named By My Mother (Ennead #7) by mfwmiles 1 month ago
Hey, Miles! It's great to see this! I only listened to about 1/2 tonight but really dig it. The Bell Boy tune reminds me of Tommy a bit and I think there's a lot of really sophisticated stuff going on especially in the instrumentation and the playing...each one is kind of distinctive in iyts own way but still part of the whole. I really like The Closer We Get (HA! I love the Dylan reference at the end! That's a great song too!). I'm gonna DL and listen on the way to work tomorrow. Digging the piano/organ sound on the next one.

I'm really glad to hear this!

In these Woods we did Dance by ihussain 1 month ago
That's a really great melody, Iqbal...this has like a horse-running beat...adds such spirit! smiley
It All Goes By by artneuro 1 month ago
I dig your sound, Art! I think it's guitar on the right but it almost sounds like an organ...I think I like the singing especially on this...that's really well-done. Cool slow down part!
The Epitome of ADHD by alexmcelwee 1 month ago
Right on, Alex! This is cool...the rough edges make it unique. smiley
I think this has kind of an 80'a feel to it, Cees (good thing)...

yer gettin' all sophisticated on us!

{the Usual} Whiskey, Straight Up and the Truth by pharmakeus 1 month ago
This is GREAT, Gents! I dig the raw sounds. smiley
Palace Called Home by sammydix 1 month ago
Sammydix! 'bout time, man! Great to hear you again.

My education in harmony singing is now advanced further.

I like the sad kinda feel to this...well-done...very mature, poignant track here.
You Play On by SISTERS 1 month ago
Am I really that transparent? I swear I didn't see you in that blue chair! smiley

I like the simple arrangement, Annie; it really compliments your voice and gives it space. GREAT sounding recording too!

Well-done, well-done.

Think So (2014 lightning version) by Tony2008 1 month ago
That's one of my favs from you, Tony. Great chords and a really great vocal performance on this!
Velvet SunShine by nexusone 1 month ago
Nice theme on the guitar running throughout and I dig that lead guitar tone (really good playing too, btw)...
Creepiest Voicemail Ever by Geechi3 1 month ago
Now, LOTS of people have vibrators in their house...not ME but lots do...don't be skitish. smiley

That's funny!
The Sickness by GasHaus 1 month ago
Kinda Deep Purple meets 16 bit on that lead synth sound? Great jamming on the bass especially though 3/4 through...almost sounds like the bass is morphing into a voice...this has a cool vintage feel somehow too.


Elfin dance by Orfeus 1 month ago
That's pretty epic-sounding! I was thinking more rustic, folksy "Elfin dance"...this is much more majestic and dreamy. Well-done, indeed!

awake from the long sleep by hifijohn 1 month ago
Shades of dave gilmour circa "meddle" maybe?

Great sounds on this Sunday morning. Enjoyed. Is that a 12 stringer?
Love and Glory by Gadzooks 1 month ago
Listen to them pipes wail! You're like Ted Neeley, Stan! smiley

This makes me realize how lacking my part-time band is unfortunately...

Great playing all around, Gents.
Im Here For You by markeaux 1 month ago

I'm not sure how I missed this either...if I'd seen it I sure would've listened by now cus I dig yer stuff. smiley

I does kinda have a badfinger vibe but your vocals are really great.

Let me know when you can get back on the brew bus? smiley
Bliss by gepo 1 month ago
Now this is a happy little tune, man...well-done. Just groovin' on.
First World Problem by tomdevine 1 month ago
A little more jazzy than some of yer stuff, always have great sounding recording. The maracas are a great subtle touch. smiley

Nice earthy tone to this.
Sailing Through Obligatron by revoltington 1 month ago
This is a little more dreamy than a lot of your stuff...more chill...maybe it's the airy vocs in the background? Cool sounds,

I like the SHA sound Iqbal is talking about too. smiley

Well-done, indeed!
BANG by RTe 1 month ago
Great playing on here! I appreciate the little piano details on the right.
Poultry Reggae by tenderfield 1 month ago
I've often felt like there's just not enough reggae music out there for the chickens...


Farrah (My Faucet of Love) by feelinstevie2014 1 month ago
Farrah was hot...but I was always more of a Kate Jackson man...she was brainy too. smiley

Really lush textures in there...that's well-sone.
Disagreeable Creature by feelinstevie2014 1 month ago
Great songwriting and fab Beatles vibe here. The inclusion of the synth gave it a different feel though. Well-done!

Every Day Can Be Saturday (Instrumental) by RazbaqueDirge 1 month ago
Catchy in a way that a lot of instrumentals are not. I dig the synth panned to the right muchly. smiley
One day they all will be gone by mikerocky 1 month ago
Really cool chorus vocals especially...
Buffalo Rhymes by August_Oster 1 month ago
That's some great playing! What kinda guitar you using?
Released by JonCSebastian 1 month ago
Really beautiful piece, amigo.
Get Happy hallelujah mix by A1K3M1 1 month ago
Cool deconstruction! smiley
We can love dream by mellis 1 month ago
Beautiful song, man. I really like your style. You're unique!

Memory Ghost by RichardJohn 1 month ago
Wowza, Man! This is excellent! I dig those CSN harmonies. it really kinda has a David Crosby what with the lyrics too. I'm just very impressed with this.

Silentness Remix 2 by toveco 1 month ago
Wow! Very professional sound, Tom. Kinda walks the edge between sad and just still, huh? Very well=done indeed.

Knocking on Heaven's Door by MrJones 1 month ago
Nice! I like that fact that's it fairly close to the original. Great subtle touches on the instrumentation.
Beach Party by BigJimSlade 1 month ago
Hey, post the lyrics, Amoebus?
Untitled Demo by smellabeach 1 month ago
Right on, dood! Great edgy tune. I like your voice especially. You should post the lyrics...i liked the line about barbed wire tattoo on my wrist and that bit...great sentiment. The quiet bit (was that with a banjo?) broke it up nicely.

Starlight by LaFayette 1 month ago
"Ethereal and romantic" says it well. I could hear some vocs on here...lots to inspire.

Nice one, Patrick!

Glen's Bluesy Thing by fenderguy 1 month ago
Damn, Doood! That's some amazing guitar playing from one fender guy to another. I think it's closer to kenny wayne than billy gibbons...well, hold on now...about 4/5ths through that starts to sound more zz top-ish...hell, it's all great playing though.

Damn fine job, indeed!
Beach Party by BigJimSlade 1 month ago
This is DAMN fine, All! Kinda has a bananarama-jan and dean blend goin'...kinda trippy...very california sound. I dig that little loop at the begining and end...almost like a wind chime.

Cool solo too, JB...great tone on dat dere.

Well-done indeed, you three!

Why Does A Heart That Longs to Love You Have Two hands That Won't (The Greatest Ballad ever written by Scarlett Weiss) by Tony2008 1 month ago
Awww...I DIG this, Tony! What a great little tune.

Nice job!
Friday rock by irok 1 month ago
This may sound weird but somehow that kinda reminded me of Blondie. I totally mean that as a compliment has a very commercial sound...I can hear a Debbie Harry melody comin' out of that...

Nice job!
Chasing Dreams by Mike_Lynn 1 month ago
1,000 plays and 1 review?! That's weird indeed, Mike.

I didn't know you partook of the rasta-island flavor, mon...

Very groovin'... pull 'dem harmony vocal up a bit? Cool sax solo!

Stinky Blossoms by pharmakeus 1 month ago
Industrial soft-rock...or what? smiley

You've got a great ear for lead-playing, Dr. Chris...

The Sad Milkman (Handsome Family cover) by Dyl 1 month ago
I DIG, Dyl! You're a Frenchman aren't you? How can you get that "americana" vibe? smiley

I'd be interested to know what kind of acoustic you use on there also a uke or mandolin? a banjo? something kinda plucky in there... I just like the way it all blends under the lead that kinda strings it all together...very subtly done under 'dere...mmm-hmm... nice...

Working Class Hero By John Lennon. by FreeEarCandy 1 month ago
"Without music, life would be a mistake." Nietzche guided me to quit being a catholic (and a "Christian") and for that I really treasure him. Lennon's death inspired me to learn guitar. Gotta treasure HIM for that.

Like I said last post, I always kinda cringe when I see a Beatles (or say "classic") cover but you came through again, amigo. VERY well done. I like the lead at the end too. What kinda acoustic is that?

Good job! Keep 'em comin'!

Freeway 101 by artneuro 1 month ago
I like your sound, man!
That's some Mike Watt bass goin' on! Really cool that.
Cool spoken part and instrumental interlude thingy...again, that bass is way cool...i like how it's kinda close to the clean guitar tone...but different.
I almost bit off my tongue once shooting pool and drinking tequila...blood and tequila...and after that i somehow got a whole buncha thorns in my foot on the way home...the smell of it still kinda makes me shudder... smiley
This is one of my favs from you, Art; well-done.
Remember This v1 by Mungo 1 month ago
That's one of the very best parts of playing guitar...the effects! smiley

I dig this little niche you've carved out for yourself, Mungo.
Kozmik Raze by AcetyleneJukebox 1 month ago
Real spacey-like, indeed. Well-done.
Maniac (demo/study) by C_Man 1 month ago
Very commercial, Chris. Well-done!
Lover Man (cover) by LaFayette 1 month ago
What great quality throughout. Such a massive mix...well-done, indeed.
That Old Black Magic (trumpet style!) by grathy 1 month ago
Ha! I have the image of you using one of those trumpet mute/toilet plunger things... smiley

Really fun post! Well-done.

Now or Never by ScottHorwath 1 month ago
EXCELLENT mix! Great balance in there...
She's Gone by hiphopmoses 1 month ago
Awww...this is so damn sad, Moses...great sounds (i dig the stripped down style) but the sentiment really shows through...
Memphis Underground (Herbie Mann) by zincshed 1 month ago
Damn fine job, Zinc! I'm not much of a jazz guy so, yeah, the funkiness made it more accessible to me...hard not to appreciate the playing on this. smiley
Red's gone with the wind by Mr_Red 1 month ago
Oh, yeah! I like that guitar tone too; great sound!
SHELTER ME 2 by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
Yeah! The first take gives the vocals a little bit of an edge...just a bit...i like that.

Also, a very nice composition, Cees. Good job!
The Perseids by ihussain 1 month ago
Expressive piece, Iqbal. Nicely-done...lots of little details.
Total Destruction To Your Mind by mikebms 1 month ago
This is bad-***, bms!!!

Great recording on this! I like all the details in the mix smiley

Great bass playing in particular too.
JAMIN WITH MYSELF BLUES by eX1 1 month ago
Great playing on this! I just kinda huff and wheeze on mine... smiley
Crazy Town by Gadzooks 1 month ago
Kinda Eagles-ish, Stan! This is really right up my alley, in fact...purty damn cool, amigo.
Resonate by Hackers1972 1 month ago
Real accesible, amigo...catchy from the get-go...great plunking bass and drums...
Slap Head Boogie by ffej55 1 month ago
Gots a nice, loose tightness to it...jazz but not so sophisticated that it makes my head hurt. smiley

There's some GREAT playing on this! Nice key change!
In Flanders Fields by ihussain 1 month ago
I've been watching a documentary on WWI lately...really a messed up affair in so many ways (that's an understatement, i know) was just an unfortunate mix of old and new, i think...very sad.

They did a whole piece on this...Pachendale...this reminds me a bit of the one you let sing on, Iqbal...same vibe?

Really, well done. You are such a good musician because you can express with words.
Love Won't Let Me Wait (Cover) by morgan102 1 month ago smoooooth, Morgan...

Really has a classic 70's vibe in there
Death Warmed Up by pharmakeus 1 month ago
well-done, Chris. I'm glad you're okay
You Take My Breath Away by artneuro 1 month ago
Oh, i like this WAY better then REM...your singing and the composition remind me a little of the Sweet for some reason...that's GREAT! also reminds me a little of the police... smiley

You've got your own little niche goin', man... (chocolate cake smiley )
While My Guitar Gently Weeps By George Harrison (Cover) by FreeEarCandy 1 month ago really look like George in the pic... smiley

It's always with trepidation that i click on beatles covers but you really did a fine job on this, man.

GREAT job on the strings in particular but the singing is really well-done too.

Well-done, indeed.
TRAVELER by SISTERS 1 month ago
Damn! And I thought I was good! smiley

Your voice always gives me goosebumps, Anne, but this is on a different level. SO well=done: playing, singing, writing, production...nothing could be better on this, imo.

Congrats to all.
Aria 1362G & Big Stein by artneuro 1 month ago
Great playing, Art! I 'm digging the guitar on the left...about 10 o'clock...gotta be a hollow body (or semi)? I bought a Sheraton II for Christmas and can really appreciate tone more (though still believe my 86 j-tele can make about any sound on earth...)

Enjoyed this, mang...
Smooth Camel Ride To Ipanema by RubyDubidoux 1 month ago
You look GOOD in that suit, Ruby! Who's the brunette?

You post made my day 'cus I always liked this tune...has a real otherwordly vibe to it.