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Birland by doghouseman 6 hours ago
Not usually my cup of tea but this is GREAT playing, man!
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Iron Maiden Cover) by Tony2008 8 hours ago
All I got to say is...DAMN, Tony! This IS indeed quite epic and very impressive. Did you ever think 30 years ago that you would one day have the technology to create something like this in your own house? Mind-blowing... I like the avant-garde part 1/2 way through with the spoken word.

I was more of a Judas Priest fan myself but always had a lot of respect for these guys...

Well-done, man!

ALL IN THE GAME 2 by KCsGROOVE 8 hours ago
A little Steely Dan feel...great mix on this, Cees. Fabulous playing all around.

Peach Pit in the Fruit Bowl by revoltington 8 hours ago
This is thought-provoking music, volt...


That's a bummer about dick wagner.
Son of the Monster by blisscats 4 days ago
This whups some serious ***! Nicely done, indeed. It's metal but...a bit more organized? I like the different lead textures...not all cranked up distortion.
Be Here Now (RTH) by becwil 4 days ago
Impressive, Bec! I can't say i've heard a lot of your music and classical/instrumentals are not really my thing, but this is really well done. It certainly is professional-sounding and sophisticated...maybe THAT'S why it's not my thing, huh? (burps...farts...scratches self...)

Well-done, indeed!

The New New Song by artneuro 4 days ago
Sounds like Zappa's better stuff to me. I really like the choral vocal parts and that's a cool bass it, Mike Watt! I also appreciate that the guitars are kinda back in the mix and not all effected...
Starlight Sweeping Surrender by revoltington 4 days ago
"jazz for the betterment of children's IQ" smiley I can tell you as an educator and a parent, that's so true.

Listening to your music is like doing just relaxes me and clears my mind.

I DIG it.
Roleplay by Vixen 6 days ago
I like roleplay... smiley

Well, done, Vix. I agree with the very astute comment made by dickhickey but understand that would be hard to pull off live.

Tonight [Version 2] by JulietsFuneral 8 days ago
I dig watching/listening to your journey, man...this is a GOOD song!

Lia Sophia by jibes 8 days ago
This reminds me a little of your "Don't Say You're Comin' When you Don't"...kinda in that same vein?

I like the 3/4 time on this too. Great story-tellin' about that little tart!

Great to Be Back with My Keys by eX1 8 days ago
Heavy! Great playing and composition.
Fourth invention by ScottHorwath 8 days ago
Said before but beautiful emotion on this. Sounds well-crafted, indeed.
BURN IN HELL by KCsGROOVE 8 days ago
Yeah, I thought about you when I saw that. I can't imagine...
Destiny by FreeEarCandy 8 days ago
Yeah, that's definitely the organic applesauce sound there.

kinda of a dave gilmour-ish sound (I dig me some dave!)

this kinda sounds like the voices in my head... "How can you take it?" really made me jump smiley

Well-done, man.
Voyage by longshot 11 days ago
You so LOUD, Graham! I had to turn it down.

Seriously great quality recording...balance/mix, i mean...and a cool riff. Makes my head bob.
Hip to the In-Groove by Gadzooks 11 days ago
I bet even your flatulence sounds cool... smiley

That's gotta be your Fender?
They say I'm Strange by byerundee 12 days ago
Right on, man! Well done!
Oh Dear Penelope by Beatle128 13 days ago
It's definitely not nacho cheese either...

This is quite a production! Very polished and great performance on everything, John (including the tambourine). The lyrics stand out for me. Even though they're bubblegumish, they're still very clever. Well done!
Saturday's Overcast Aura by revoltington 13 days ago
Heya, Todd,

I dig this a lot. I like the delayed jingly guitar on the right - that's cool. I think this is a little more mainstream a bit? Really well done.
Heaven's Gate do & mi mix by A1K3M1 13 days ago
i remember this cult...bizarre. I enjoyed this, gents.
Guilt Lingers On by jibes 13 days ago
This is excellent, gents! Truly one of the best tunes i've heard in quite some time. I love the lyrics, Stan...very well-crafted and I always dig your sound, Jibes.

Really a great job here.
Fading Away by morgan102 13 days ago
Damn, Morgan. You arre an excellent singer with the harmonies and all. That is classic Motown right there. I dig those strings!
I think I'm only about 14 in my head...makes it hard to hold a job, be married, and raise kids! smiley

I dig the main riff running through this (which you also sing on the verse). I think one worries about latching on too closely to a melody that covers a whole octave like that in just a short little run but it nearly always works out in my experience. It gives a tune a very light feel, I think?

Great mix, Cees. Nice harmonies too. Watching world cup games puts me fast to sleep... smiley
The Enchanted House of Athena's Vanity by revoltington 22 days ago
What's Athena's problem anyway? smiley

I could stand a bit more bass in the mix too ('cus I really dig the free reign you give it). I'm also impressed with the drums. I know I've said it before but listening to your tunes truly does help me think beyond 4/4 and cleanses my palette... well-done, mang!
Shall We by ScottHorwath 22 days ago
I too dig the panning...imagine what the old classical composers could have done with modern tech! Slap a pair of headphones on Beethoven and give him some delay and phaser... smiley

Which brings me to what's nice about your piece...the restraint. One never loses the melodic part of it. So well-done, amigo. It's just right.
THE COLDEST NITE OF THE YEAR by jibes 22 days ago
I too noticed the lighter feel to this, Jibes...just a tad gentler...

I was just listening to "Jessica" yesterday while driving to work. I always dig your stuff. Great voice!
Chicken by pete 22 days ago
Sounds like a happy place to be! smiley

Really, clear, crisp recording too.

Well done, Sir Pollo.
Louisiana Fairy Tale by ManfromTexas 1 month ago
I could hear Willie singing this too! smiley

How did you get that bird to sing on the solo?
Groovin' With The Guru by mikebms 1 month ago
This composition is more complex than one thinks at first glance...

Well-done, Mike, well-done...
Groovin' With The Guru by mikebms 1 month ago
**** the cops! That's my motto, BMS.

Dig them horns and yer lead playing (and I always dig yer organ sound...yer deft with that).

Hoppe them ****ers learned to leave you alone.

Louisiana Fairy Tale by ManfromTexas 1 month ago
Deft touch.

Such an elemental melody but it's all about the handling, isn't it?

Well done, amigos. This is nice.

All Along The Watchtower(cover) by Gadzooks 1 month ago
stan, you kick ***.
Definitely has an 80's kcgroove sound to it!

Kiss of Death by Gadzooks 2 months ago
Coolest thing i've heard in a long time...anywhere, Stan.

Heart of mine (Bob Dylan Cover) by jibes 2 months ago
Good feeling in this, Jibes...

and good to hear from you. Nice harmonies and instrumentation, my friend.

I Missed My Exit by maestrodog 2 months ago
Doooood...i think it's FUNNY to mix one's exit...then you get that whole, "Well, I'll just turn here instead and get back on track" experience...and then wind up REALLY lost.

That's an AWESOME solo on this! Bud is the way to go...but then ya gotta water it down with some brew...clever lyrics on this, man.

Insomnia (revised) by DonnaMarilyn 2 months ago
Tangled quilt
Ropes of sorrow
Threads of guilt

I like these lyrics especially...

This really has a Kate Bush feel to it (I'm a huge fan) but these vocals are a little more gusto-filled which is great.

Damn! I like this a lot! Well-done, All!

The Wagon Trains by ihussain 2 months ago
This is beautiful, Iqbal. The strings are just gigantic in they're trying to take it all in...

If you're interested, google "flint hills" in kansas...few places offer such panoramic views of what these folks must've seen on their ways out west.

Well-done, my friend!

Aint No Sunshine by mikebms 3 months ago
That's got a cool vibe, Mike. I'd come see you guys, fer sure. Great singing!
Baggage by Gadzooks 3 months ago
I was diggin' the verse so much then the chorus came in! Awesome job, creative and hummable...great singing above all the other great playing. Really moves along. smiley
SHOULD by Lagusaya2 3 months ago
I always enjoy your tunes, Stan. You are so imaginative!

With Flowers in Her Hair by ihussain 3 months ago you have that girl's number, Iqbal? smiley

This is indeed very springy! Great playing and imagination.

Sea Of Blues (Seeya) by theironsaul 3 months ago
When you were hearing it in your head were you wearing ear buds?

I like them slinky guitar chords...almost has a Robert Cray sound to it.

Ya gotta stand up to them women, Saul. Well done!

Miss Emily by mikebms 3 months ago
Man! No wonder you get such clear sounds on the acoustic, BMS...I never thought of recording it with two mics in two different areas...

Chasing Rainbows by Vixen 4 months ago
What a sad tune, do those well though. smiley This carries a lot of emotional weight. Well done indeed.
MOVE OVER (Cover) by kira001 4 months ago
I was hopin' this was the Janis song! Well-done indeed!

Let There Be Drums by KennethLavrsen 4 months ago
This is impressive, Ken! Showing off some versatility here, hmmm?

The drums sounds GREAT (very the mic is right up next to the skin) and I dig the pink floydish bass sounds section...

Missing Pages by FlamingBiscuit 4 months ago
Great sound on these guitars! Really groovy feel.
Funked Up by Gadzooks 4 months ago
Jeezuz!!! My honest critique, Stan? You are one hell of a guitar player. That is jaw-dropping...

Why aren't you more famous?!

Bigfoot sasquatch mix by A1K3M1 4 months ago
Doood...I'm right there with ya...where IS that furry mother****er?!

Rightly done, Gents!

I truly feel I learn when I listen to both of your posts.

Something's Telling Me This Is Not A Dream by mfwmiles 4 months ago
Heya, Amigo!

What never occurred to me that one could rearrange these nuggets into arrangements other than the original. THAT'S creative!

I knew most of do have such a gift for melody. I'd like to try something like this...hmmm ...where to start?
Elin's Garden by KennethLavrsen 4 months ago
I like Stan's comment but I hope Elin was a little dirty and sweaty too with her hair falling out of a pony tail... smiley

I agree that maybe the slower pace was more appropriate for the garden but then when I do yard work my mind always wanders into all kinds of weird areas so that's how I took the change...more mental and not really related to the garden any more...

You're a great musician, Ken! Hey, would you wanna play some keys on a spring thing I've got goin', btw?
My Old Man said Follow the Van by Vixen 4 months ago
Great job on this, Vix and Zinc! Maybe losing the wife was the old man's plan all along? smiley

I like the atmospherics on this...that's well-done!

HEY JUDE by Cinderella 4 months ago
Cindy, you did a great job on the harmony. I've seen some videos of the beatles doing this...the best part is Lennon doing the harmony just toolin' away on his Casino... you did a GREAT job on that.

Songs My Daddy Wrote For Me by mfwmiles 4 months ago
I dig it, Miles...i feel a little bachtoven feel to this almost in certain're really creative... lots of great melodies goin on here.

El Pajaro y El Cievro by Dyl 4 months ago
That art work is FAR out!

You got yer own style, Dylan...and I DIG it. Kind of a Hemingway spanish, simmering, potentially angry flow...i dig it!

Well-done, indeed.


spring by eagle 4 months ago
i HOPE the weed is growin'... smiley

this kinda has a nelson feel to it! beautiful job on the harmnonies...those blend really well.

I also DIG that lead guitar...nice job, fellas!

Only You (cover) by WillCharles 4 months ago
You are a true talent, just have a good ear for music. It's as simple as that.

Nice job.

Without Me by Baboon 4 months ago
I love the Longlines! You guys truly have your own distinctive sound.
Bald Knob, Arkansas by ManfromTexas 4 months ago
Aw, hillbilly music is so much fun to play! Thanks, for havin' me on yo back porch there, Tex! smiley
Purple Kisses by Mike_Lynn 4 months ago
That's a great melody on the verse especially, Mike...kinda Everly Bros's or Beatles circa 65 or 66...

I always dig yer unique sound!

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning - vocals by ihussain 4 months ago
Beautiful clear.
Charleston by ManfromTexas 5 months ago
That's some great playing, amigo!

How Far We've Come (Matchbox 20 cover) LIVE by SteveScott 5 months ago
Heya, Steve!

I can't say I'm a huge Matchbox fan but this is a great job of covering. Well-done, indeed. You guys sound GOOD!
Ode to The Postman Marty :) by RubyDubidoux 5 months ago
I SO love your voice,'s best when it's by itself maybe...

Well-done, amiga!

If I Had You by RubyDubidoux 5 months ago
YOur voice is so nice, Ruby.

Throw Me A Bone Please by mikebms 5 months ago
Way cool. Mike! Your playing is excellent and your ideas are fresh (and the lead guitar is great in this...i like it in my face like that!) but I always come away diggin' yer singing the most.

Great job on this. Has a kinda late 60's sound somehow.
Overdue by longshot 5 months ago
Did the bus leave you at that last rest stop on I-35?! I thought we were one short... smiley

This has your signature intensity and are a WAY cooler Rush, I have a much wider genre though.

Lots of cool textures and i dig the snare rolling at the end.

Well-done, Amigo!
Sailing Away With You by pete 5 months ago
Iy IS way too long b/w your posts, Pete. Quit your job! smiley

I too like the "Dance the Night Away" feel but this is way cooler to me. It sure makes one want to sing though!

If I Had You by RubyDubidoux 5 months ago
What a beautiful song! A little twinge of sadness...just in the melody, I think? I also like the simple treatment you gave it, Ruby...we-done, indeed. "Make 20 more of these" is right. smiley
SAMMY WITH THE COOLEST DREAMS by Lagusaya2 5 months ago
Crazy song, guys! Captures the feel of a dream, for sure...
Remain Forever Positive by Nuuute 5 months ago
Heya, Nuuuute!

Well-done on the playing here! You stay positive too. smiley
Sunglasses (Do you love me) version 1 by Tony2008 5 months ago
Great details in here (like the background vox and the guitar solos) but just a little hard to hear...could be me...I'm a little bleary this morning (think I fell asleep with my headphones on) smiley
Evil Watts (instrumental) by RickWillingham 5 months ago
Yeah! You got a great sound on this, man...great playing!
I'm Going Home To Eat Worms (Worm Song) by mikebms 5 months ago
That syncopated break with the horns is SO good, Mike (right before the extended guitar solo, I mean) and your organ and things are so spot on for this bluesy do this so well, man...I can hear the sweat! smiley
Soup Of The Dead by thenownows 5 months ago
Those are some great runs at the end of the guitar solo!

Very original composition here. smiley
u890 (Stuck in Neutral Bouyancy) by revoltington 5 months ago
Yeah! Even I can understand 4/4!!! where are the 7/16's and 3.42/19's?!! smiley

Kind of an updated Yellow Submarine adventure here...

This is quite a production, man!
This Is A Lie uptown mix by A1K3M1 5 months ago
Good to hear you both on this...I really like the bass jumping around here!
Can't Really Say I Got The Blues (re-mix) by StevenJackson 5 months ago
This kinda has a western feel to it...your voice reminds me of Kenny Loggins a bit...I like the dense guitar and vocal blend.

Drops Of Tears by Fredriksen 5 months ago
very sombre...beautiful playing...delicate...
Back At The Cantina by sprkymrt 5 months ago
mmmmm...waking up from tequila...what's this? that trumpets hurts my head but...kinda feels good too!

percussion pickin' me up...toe starts tapping...over so soon?! This was HEALING me, man!

really well-done! that was great!!!
Sade-No Ordinary Love by grathy 5 months ago
Oooo...I LOVE me some Sade...she's like her own genre of special...

Great playing, captured the sound of the original really well...beautiful singing, Cathy...
Boogieman Bye Bye by Xolv 5 months ago
people would seriously pay for that app!

Great music on this! This may be a goldmine you're sitting on here, man...

The Other Side of Love by ihussain 5 months ago
Very delicate delay on those strings? Nice touch there, Iqbal...that sounds kinda hard to do! smiley
CALL MY NAME by KCsGROOVE 5 months ago
From one guitar addict to another, this sounds great, Cees. You really cover the spectrum from low to mid to high with that all your strat? I hear some acoustic too, I think? Nice chorusy sound in there as well.

I dig the composition too...a little more pop-ish than normal...
Familiar Taste of Poison (Cover) by LunaBleu 5 months ago
Hey, Luna! I did a double-take when I saw a new post from you! I agree...this is great! I too dig your honest delivery and the emotion coming through. I don't know the song either but the recording's spot on. My only complaint is that it's not a terribly loud recording (as someone else was saying up there).

It's AWESOME to hear you like this!

I surrender by JonCSebastian 5 months ago
It is indeed a very bautiful piece. Well-done!
Summer Romance by KennethLavrsen 5 months ago
Wow, Ken...this is a buncha music! I too am very intrigued with the major/minor horns; that's cool. How did you play all this with a drink in your hand now? smiley

I would SO like some sun in Kansas...sigh...

I think this is some of your very best work here? Not just great playing but the songwriting is top notch as well. Well-done, man!

You Won't See Me by Cinderella 5 months ago
Even though i think john is my favorite beatle, this is one of my favorite Paul songs...well done all!
Bloozcruise by Gadzooks 5 months ago
You rock, Stan. I dig how there's still a lotta country feel to this despite the rockabilly elements...that's a fine balance job there!

Great playing as usual, man!
Whirlpool by BigJimSlade 6 months ago
"you still got a lot of teenager in ya" Ha! That's great. She pegged you!

No go wash out that filthy mouth!

RIVER MAN by Lagusaya2 6 months ago
Great production and harmonies, Stan!
Midnight Blue by nlsn 6 months ago
Waiting for the next Nelson post is always worth it. smiley

Great guitar tone right 'dere under that trumpet! Less is more.
Listen To the Idiot (The Stranger in Your Dreams) (Ennead # 6) by mfwmiles 6 months ago
I'm so impressed with the PRODUCTION on this, Miles; your patience really pays off, huh?

I liked this from the beginning but I like it more each time I listen to it too...the playing is flawless!

You've given birth to something really beautiful here, man!

Ode by theironsaul 6 months ago
****! I knew it was coming but the bark startled me!

I appreciate the work you put into the lyrics, Jeff That really shows.

I always dig yer lead playing too.

You DO make a lot of driving tunes, Cees but I dig that about you. smiley I spend a lot of time behind the wheel too so I can appreciate 'em. Well-done!
Lost Without Your Love [cover] by eagle 6 months ago
Dooood...I LOVE me some David Gates (and Bread)! Excellently well-done (to borrow a phrase from Chris)! smiley

Great job on the playing too!
Whirlpool by BigJimSlade 6 months ago
that's some edgy, slimdaddy right 'dere it is...

Very visceral indeed...i too can feel that percussion...right on, james, on the bass and guitar solo...
Another Day by WillCharles 6 months ago
You are a damn good songwriter, willcharles. i Feel you, my man...