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The Trail of Tears by sprkymrt 1 day ago
Very sombre and appropriate, Sparky. There's a sight here in east central ks called the Phillipine duSchene site where (i think) some Cherokee were relocated in the 1880's or so. I've been there several times on field trips and, though it's jaw-droppingly beautiful now, it must have been extremely harsh before our technology. They were led by a priest and I always marvel at how fervently they must have bought into the Christianity he was selling to be willing to endure SO much.
The Perfect Choice (Redeux) - TSTremaster by toveco 1 day ago
That's cool! I didn't really read before i hit play and when the singing came in i thought, "Hey! That sounds like that bald Scandinavian guy with the cool voice!" smiley Sure enough! I think i've commented on the distinctiveness of your voice before, mellis, and there ya go.

Well-done (kinda short?!), fellas and Merry Christmas to yous and yourn!

CHRISTMAS BLUES by Lagusaya2 1 day ago
Aw, get happy, Stan! You're exactly right though...some of the saddest songs ever are indeed Christmas songs. Well-sone, Sir and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Music (Part 8-Pink Floyd inspired) by thsantac 1 day ago
Heya! I'm a HUGE Floyd fan myself! I'm glad to hear you snuck some Rick Wright homage in there. He really was a much bigger piece than he ever got credit how you stuck a "One of these Days" bass in there under the "new age Floyd" sounds about midway through (I'm sorry, without Roger Dave runs amuck in electronica...kinda like mccartney without lennon...). This is REALLY good, man. Well-done!

A Christmas Dream by Moviz 1 day ago
Well, I'm with ya, Maurice! This has an excellent old timey production quality (think it's the background choral) that makes it so appropriate for a Christmas song.

Well-done and the Merriest of Christmases to you and yours, Amigo!

Into Every Life by Mike_Lynn 1 day ago
beautiful, lush track, Mike. I think this is one of your all-time best in terms of composition, playing, production. Very little "wrong" with this one! smiley
Shoulda Known Better by waveman 1 day ago
This is a rockin track, indeed. I thought the vocals sounded like Dave Gilmour of the Floyd. Well-done!
I like how this 'un moves, KC...lots of direction and various input it sounds like? Well done, indeed.
All I Want by morgan102 1 day ago
That's some awesome, real style,, fellas! Great harmonies and the mix is just superb.

Merry Christmas!

No Work At Christmas by 8MonthMalfunction 1 day ago
Nice work, you all! Very catchy.
no name requested by irok 1 day ago
Kinda like an updated plimsouls sound maybe? stick some words or it, man? Can i play around with it?
Exaggeration Heights Unlimited by revoltington 1 day ago
Hey, a lot of your stuff is "crazy fusion romps" smiley When I do begin to wax in a jazz way, i hope to remember to combine seemingly disparate parts like this...take away the lead guitar and this is totally different thing...i;m wondering if you've ever heard firehose? that bass is kinda mike watt-ish...a more jazzy mike watt though...a very interesting, palette-cleansing piece, amigo. Well-done! smiley
PIECES OF THE PATH by eX1 6 days ago
Kinda reminds me of Harry Nilson a bit...great tune!

This is a really beautiful song, Anne. Kinda Kate Bush-ish composition-wise? Beautiful pipes on ya!
Snow Muffin by pharmakeus 8 days ago
Some day you may have to settle on a genre, Dr. Pharm...

Stay Awake by Homebrand 8 days ago
I like the harp especially.
Magnificent Day by tomdevine 8 days ago
Your voice sounds great on this, Tom! smiley

Cool track 'cus it's very concise. Well-done, amigo!

fly like an eagle by eagle 8 days ago
I love this's one of my earliest memories of a tune that really caught my attention. Great singing and keys, amigo.

Running by WillCharles 8 days ago
Nice tune, Will. You have a gift for melody.
In My Life (Beatles cover) by Cinderella 10 days ago
This is one of my fav early lennon tunes...he maybe was never that mellow again?

I think a big thing to singing harmonies is to not mix them louder than the lead (obviously)...that balance is so important. Y'all did it right can hear them but not get distracted by them.

Well-done, you two.

I just like this its beautiful as she took the roses and killed the messenger with too much alcohol some men by rogerboreham 13 days ago
and yet very beautiful. Nice job. I'm intrigued.
I Believe I'm Leavin' by brewchugger 13 days ago
That'd be my steel guitar player Jefferson "Slow Ray" Stevens, Jibes...but thanks! smiley
Second Time Around by mick66 13 days ago
Cool song, GREAT recording!
dore'(gold) by lyla 14 days ago
Kinda like a french kate bush! awesome imagination!
ANVIL by KCsGROOVE 14 days ago
I dig this a LOT, Gents. That's some awesome guitar tone!
Let's Muzzle the Dogs of War by pharmakeus 14 days ago
Cool track, Dr. Pharmy. Kinda has a reznor vibe but a bit more worldly maybe? Takes a trip to the middle east in there and maybe some native american too...
SWEET DRIFT - Remix by eX1 14 days ago
Now there's a pretty tune. Could almost be theme music for something...very catchy and recognizable...
Fog Dogs by pete 16 days ago
Hey, Peter!

Good to hear ya. I hear ya on the learning curves...I get freakin' tired of learning curves. smiley I still use GB 09 and I dread the day I gotta learn something new...

Chillin' track here...kind of a less jazzy frank zappa on holiday in the islands...dig the bass and nice job on the synths on the right ear...i do kind find the art puzzling... smiley
Free by feelinstevie2014 20 days ago
Really GREAT composition here! It's like a burst of sunshine...reminds me a bit of some late 90's pop. They keys stand out especially for me.

Excellent job!
Faded Flowers (with Paul F.Page) by Moviz 21 days ago
I can relate only too well, Maurice. My mom is in the advanced stages and you just literally cannot even have a conversation with her. Her mind is so disjointed that she doesn't even remember what you just said.

I'm so impressed that you had the guts to do something rather than a traditional song on this. Great job, amigo, in that it is so well-done.
Where The Wind Blows by Piyali 21 days ago
Yeah! I like it! Kinda darkish and haunting and your vocal performance is awesome! Lots of passion...
Something, 'Bout Nothin' by scaustrita 21 days ago
That's just flat out great playing.
Almost Home by mikebms 21 days ago
That's a great refrain at the end...sticks in one's cabeza for sure. Awesome lead playing! I was waiting for that. smiley
Cynical by shaden 21 days ago
This is a really cool chord progression and it's a great recording too (those are real drums, right?) Very much the heart of songwriting right here.
New Pair of Khakis by revoltington 21 days ago
Hey, those khakis look good on ya, Todd! Great playing on this!
You got some Ray Manzarek channeling goin' on there, Cees...really fine, jazzy sounds.
You Will Regret It by BigJimSlade 21 days ago
This rocks, JB! I like the lotsa retro sounds (is that a submarine sonar ping during that break before the slide?) The slide solo part at the end is really pacific highway sounding...very walking around w/o your pants on. smiley

Very coherent piece!

Madman In The Moonlight by feelinstevie2014 22 days ago
Damnit, this is damn fine music, stevie. Great keys and feel overall...mmmm-hmmm...very well-done, indeed.
Love is the Answer (Todd Rundgren Cover) by maestrodog 22 days ago
Wowza, Marcus...freakin' professional sounds. I didn't realize this was TR...

How cool to have a kid's choir...(wheels turning...) smiley
Have You Ever Seen My Face? [55 Angry Women Mix] by pharmakeus 22 days ago
Wow! This is cool as ****, guys!
You're the One That I Want - cover (Grease) by ihussain 22 days ago
Better shape up! What a great song! Grease was one of the very first movies i remember seeing...kinda set the bar pretty high for everything else.

This show what an excellent musician you are, Iqbal...really well-done, Amigo!

Taking My Time by BigJimSlade 28 days ago
Well, I'm flattered that KC thought it was me singing. smiley I've listened to this several times now and really like the direction you're IS kinda like REM and the Allman definitely has a hallucinogenic texture to it. smiley

Very original piece here, Fester. Good job!
The first time I saw you. (Remastered) by toveco 28 days ago
Nice job, Tom. Beautifully well-played!
Area 51 by KennethLavrsen 28 days ago
Nice sounds, Ken. Very professional indeed.
*ONE* by Cinderella 29 days ago
Hey, Cindy,

Hell yeah! This is a cool song indeed! It's really a unique composition and I like the starkness of it all...very much you against the world. Well done! I'd like to hear just a pinch more harmony too.

Melodramatic Alley by revoltington 1 month ago
A bit more artsy, eh, Todd? smiley I dig it. We should all aspire to bring more Magical Mystery Tout to out work, i think.

This kinda kept me on the edge of my seat (if i weren't too inebriated, that is). I like the special touches (like the ascending effect just before 1/2 way through).
Only a Song (mix 5) by artist08 1 month ago
Now I'm not one to talk but I think there's almost TOO much goin' on here. It's all played wonderfully well and the mix sounds great to me...but there's a DAMN fine composition at the core here trying to be heard. This would be excellent stripped down to just its skivvies...

Autumn Concerto by Moviz 1 month ago
Aw, that's nice now, Maurice...what a great era for music, huh? It is kind of a Roy Orbison vibe in there buy it's uniquely you too. It's awesome that you have a big archive like that to draw upon.

Thanks for sharing. smiley
Go Away (TSTmix) by mellis 1 month ago
Cool song, Mellis. I always dig yer's hopeful-sounding somehow. smiley
Summer Breeze (Seals and Crofts 1972) Collaborative Cover by MikeHuntingford 1 month ago
Oooo...nice version here! I like it better then the original in fact.
Obsesion by chuk 1 month ago
Great playing on this!
Love on my Side by chuk 1 month ago
Great lyrics here...I'm curious about how you went to this from hip hop...
The Sun Rose Again by chuk 1 month ago
This almost has a Don Williams feel to it...very nice.
CowBoy Call Girl by chuk 1 month ago
Great song, Chuk! It's got a little melancholy in there like a true country song should. Ya done good on the harmonies too...didn't go overboard. Hit me up sometime if ya want some steel guitar.

Come to Mama (Etta James cover) by LaFayette 1 month ago
It does sound like Sade (one of my favs) but it also reminds me a bit of Bad Company's Rock Steady. smiley

Well done, you two! I enjoyed the listen,

DRIVIN' (acoustic version) by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
Oh, yeah! I like this a lot, Cees! You should do more in this style, I think...very rootsy indeed.
Six Days On The Road by mikebms 1 month ago
I know this from Merle Haggard and the Burrito Bros. You're making some great stuff these days, Mike...that solo rips! Has a live feel to it, this does (especially the drums...they sound great on the fills!)

Well-done, Amigo!

KNOCKIN ON HEAVEN'S DOOR by BOB DYLAN - (Cover) by eX1 1 month ago
Great over all sound to this!
Wrong Turn at Midnight [Boxer Mix] by pharmakeus 1 month ago
Now, i dig the distorted vocals. smiley This is a heavy mix of things for sure...some Papa was a Rolling Stone shades in here too! Great lyrical images too, Chris...
Inside Outside by mikebms 1 month ago
Sounds like you put some new strings on that ol' bass!

Great mix with a guitar in each ear and you harmonies are polished (though I need that cowbell on the left up a bit?)...really fine harmonies, Mike! Lows and highs.

Awesome break in the instrumental with some handclapping and the organ. This is really one of your best, i think, BMS...great playing, great mix, and great composition!
OH OH! by SISTERS 1 month ago
That's a great fat *** bass sound! Great harmonies as usual and I like that this is pretty non-formulaic in composition.

Well done!
Fat Legged Man by Little_Hooligan 1 month ago
Nice, Joyce! I like your "pedestrian" take on us. smiley

Really crafty composition and a great reminder that inspiration is literally all around us.

Breakin' Barriers by Moviz 1 month ago
Heya, Buddy!

I like the western sound to this, of course. smiley Galloping horses...cacti and sand...great images!

It's great to hear you again. Very professional sound here.

Man In The Mirror (acoustic cover of Michael Jackson) by LeeYohn 1 month ago
Really great job on this, man! I'm not a Michael Jackson fan so much but have always respected his talent so I appreciate the songwriting. You just did an amazing job singing it.

The Paradise theme - cover by ihussain 1 month ago
You are such a GOOD musician,'re playing is flawless.
Dance of the Fireflies by Komit 1 month ago
I dig this, man...atmospheric for sure...who's to say why certain sounds appeal to us? These just do.

GIRLS LIKE ME by SISTERS 1 month ago
like the Andrew Sisters discovered electricity!

I know what he means!

Shorter is better sometimes. This sounds great though, Anne!

Flood on the Treetops by revoltington 1 month ago
What a beautiful pic...

Your lead just SOARS on this, man (and I can tap my toe to this one! smiley )

You are so good technically...makes me want to practice scales 6 hours a day. smiley
Farewell Old Familiar by maestrodog 1 month ago
Damn, Mark...this really good...sad as hell...but really good. Fills me with sentiment.
Tightrope Over Tunisia by revoltington 1 month ago
I got a YES vibe from the get go too. Well-done, planet!

I like this, Cess 'cus it's a little looser than a lot of your stuff...just got some slackness in it somehow.

Fall is so ****ing beautiful in's almost like a driving hazzard for me 'cus i get so distracted looking out he window while i'm driving. smiley

Nice feel to your vocals especially.

I Missed My Exit - Final Mix....Really! by maestrodog 1 month ago
Dooood, Marcus...I'd like to collab and/or take a road trip with you! smiley

I have some awesome stories about the Sangre de Cristo mountains

Whoever played that lead rocks!

Hit me up sometime!

Katrina by artneuro 1 month ago
Hey, Art!

I'm diggin' the Geddy Lee=ish bass! The chorus is the best part to me, I think. You've got great vision. I think there's just a little in the mix that is unsettled...just a bit...I don't mean that in a snarky way...something in the balance...but it's a GREAT song. I can hear your sincerity and passion in it.
Lord Lord Lord by maestrodog 1 month ago
Hey, Marcus,
I generally stay away from anything having to do with religion (recovering catholic) but you seem like such a good guy i took a chance. smiley To me, this is just a straight up happy tune (witness the adlibbing vocal at the end!). There's joy in it! Great job!
Why Do You Have To Give Your Love Away (For Free)? by artist08 1 month ago
Doooood...I'm impressed. I hear vocal shades of ween (on one of their very best days) and this is just straight up good songwriting. I have time...and MUCH interest...I'm gonna get in yer catalog here... smiley

Compelling bio! I too spend a lot of time crytozoologing. smiley
Be With You by theironsaul 1 month ago
That's the best tune you've posted in a long time, Saul. Hands down.
I Was Named By My Mother (Ennead #7) by mfwmiles 2 months ago
poignant and beautiful, indeed.
Time Will Tell by Baboon 2 months ago
The Longlines have some epic ****! Baboon, you da man on vox. This is freakin' awesome...
Hurt by pharmakeus 2 months ago
Raw. That's why it's good.
CAN'T YOU SEE (acoustic version) by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
NIce, Cees...excellent mix!

Sometimes there's nothing better then acoustic guitars...

In Another Time by ihussain 2 months ago
There was a great show on today about Raja Raja and the temples he built in southern India in like 1300, I think...just fascinating...

Your music is the only way this working man's ever gonna get there!

Beautiful, evocative piece, Iqbal.

Nobody Told Me by Gadzooks 2 months ago
Came back for another listen...yup. i was right the first time...great song.

My Song (For lack of a better title) by theironsaul 2 months ago
Whatever the hell a ELH HOG2 is, it gives this a cool retro element. You tend to keep your productions somewhat sparse instrument-wise so it's cool to have that.

A Saul post is as rare as seein' a yeti in sneakers! Cool to hear ya again, Jeffry.

Nobody Told Me by Gadzooks 2 months ago
Stan, this is ****ing masterful, man. It's such a high-quality recording but your playing, singing, and WRITING are just SO good. I'll be listening to this one for a while to come (it might need some faux brewchugger crowd noises is all). smiley

Great, great song.
Today ( Jefferson Airplane cover) by Little_Hooligan 2 months ago
What a sad freakin' song! You nailed it, Joyce.

I like the harpsichord treatment...kinda like a lonely, dusty attic feel... the back up higher register vocal especially is mighty fine too.

Marty would be proud. smiley
I'm Dreaming by Gadzooks 3 months ago
That's a great sound on a live recording, Stan! You are guys are just GOOD; no two ways about it. smiley
There's You & There's Me by SISTERS 3 months ago
Awesome! Kinda a bit like Heart maybe but you're "lusher" (I invented that word just to describe your singing, Anne). I like to hear ya rock out. I like that melodic part on "hope i haven't crossed a line"...kinda gives it a little something special...a unique twist.
The Birdman's Imaginary Exodus by revoltington 3 months ago
What the hell is harnolodic?! Sometimes i'm not smart enough for jazz... smiley

I like the keys (the piano) and the organ too. Nice textures there...
She Used To Live Right Next Door by artneuro 3 months ago
Cool backwards guitar...does that mean you played it left-handed then? smiley

This is gritty...I might need a shower after this...or, at least, a good hand-washing...

Dig that bass too!

L´ADIEU by RiGee 3 months ago
This is why icomps is so cool...when would i have ever heard this otherwise?

Great music!

GUTEN MORGEN by RiGee 3 months ago
Freakin' awesome cryin' guitar! Really well-done, man.

Wasting my time by FlamingBiscuit 3 months ago
AW, man, I've always really like your stuff...don't quit.
DUST TO DUST by SISTERS 3 months ago
I was feelin' too happy this morning so came back for another listen. smiley I know there is a positive message here too but the SOUND is just so...gripping and sad. I'm curious about this bobpompeii fella...
My Sweet Lord By George Harrison (Cover) by FreeEarCandy 3 months ago
Yeah, it was always pretty obvious to me that George kinda borrowed this tune... smiley He HAD to know.

Anyway, ya done good on this, amigo! I'd certainly be kinda daunted by trying those backgrounds too. Your guitar(s) does sound like a 12 string - i think that worked just fine.

My first guitar was a Hondo and I had a little Crate amp with it. I kinda remember what happened to the guitar but not the amp. I'd love to have them both back again!

brown guitar by irok 3 months ago
Quite epic, irok. Doesn't really need vocals does it? A touch of sad in there...
The Vicar of Dreams (Release 2014) by Tony2008 3 months ago
You make a lot of really interesting music, Tony...this rocks quite well, my friend. smiley
The Request by Art 3 months ago
I like that melotron sound that comes in kinda on the left about 1/2 way through. Lots of different ingredients here! Well-done.

Road of Desire by gepo 3 months ago
Nice playing, gep! Really pleasing tone there. smiley
Happy birthday to me by mikerocky 3 months ago
Happy B-day, Mike! Cool rockin'!
Muladhara by dirigent 3 months ago
THIS is what i love about icomps! I've had the idea of making a whole piece with just...well...burps and farts...but have never done it. I mean I'd do that in a serious way (1/2 way serious anyway). Roger Waters made an album with Ron Geesin called "The Body"'ve probably heard it...that's kinda along these lines.

I find this really cool...I may not rock out to it in my car though. smiley