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Peace To This World by mikebms 2 days ago
Great mix too (especially the bass)!
Peace To This World by mikebms 2 days ago
smiley Big smile! I needed this.

You under-rate your singing, Mike. You captured something on this...a happy groove. I dig that organ blastin on the right, the hand claps...great lead tone too.

You're the shizzle, man.

Don't let the devil do your thinking. by uncle808us 2 days ago
Now, this is different. Kudos for that!
The Idiot by Neumuzik 2 days ago
As in Prince Myshkin?

I like the stripped down feel to this...changing moods...
Cotton Club Blues by pharmakeus 6 days ago
You tryin' to start MORE race issues here in the states, Chris?

When'd you get an arch top?

Great break in style for you! I enjoyed this (kinda a tribute to BB?)

Pretty Day I think by markeaux 6 days ago
A markeaux post?! That's more rare than seein' a yeti ridin' a dinosaur!

Great singing on this, Marcus!
Over the Moon (Luna Tunes Remix) by Neumuzik 10 days ago
That is a GREAT sounding recording, man! Impressive touch on the mix, I mean.

The bass almost sounds like a stand up doctored up?

The part with the keys reminds me a bit of Rush...

Really well-done.

Preguntas 2 by sammydix 10 days ago
I dig the chord changes on this above all else still but i DO dig the keys...

Very natural-sounding, Sammy...well-done.
Fouls of the Air by Tony2008 10 days ago
You freakin; ROCK, two ways about it! This would demand some Chris Cornell like vocals to do it justice. smiley
He Hit Me & It Felt Like a Kiss ( cover) by Little_Hooligan 13 days ago
Weird song, Joyce. My wife and I watched 50 Shades of Gray last night...i just can't see the appeal of mixing sex and violence so much...

This reminded me of:

Your production is great though...very appropriate period sound.
Decisions by Tony2008 13 days ago
Builds in an epic way, indeed. smiley

This has a very sincere sound to it, Tony. Well-done.
Punting on a Pea Soup Canal (Track 9 of Los Hombres Pasados) by JimTheObscure 14 days ago
Damn, ARE obscure! I LOVE this. How freakin' original! It has a strange beauty to it...

I'm gonna get all up in your backlog now...
Foolish Games (Jewel Cover) by Cinderella 14 days ago
Somehow i always thought Jewel was under-rated...

Nice restraint on this, Cindy. Well-done, well-done.
Preguntas by sammydix 14 days ago
You are versatile, Sammy. I too dig the lizard-ness of solo in 'dere too.

Muy bueno, Amigo!
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) by mikebms 14 days ago
Goin' in the mikebms folder. This is kind of a cleaner mix somehow...the instruments are separate-er sounding...but it's a great, freakin' performance and mix, man.

Well-done! (and I'm glad you threw some falsetto in 'dere too). smiley
FADE INTO YOU by SISTERS 14 days ago
Damn! What a sexy voice! Yer pretty good too, Anne. smiley

It does kinda have a 70's vibe to it guitar-wise...dig the strings too!

Willow Weep for Me by Vixen 21 days ago
Really nice touch on the singing, Vix! Sounds like you're back further from the mic or something... you're there but not in the listener's face too much...great ears on that.

Beautiful emotion here, ya talented bugger!

Dear Prudence [cover] by eagle 22 days ago
My 14 year old son is just getting into the Beatles and the White Album in cool for me cus i love them. The other day he was like..."Dear Prudence is the ****, Dad! It proves Lennon was such a more serious artist than McCartney and his 'Martha My Dear' and all that other rocky racoon granny music bull****..." I almost had a good cry i was so proud. smiley

This is really well-done, man...i know from experience that that opening guitar is confusing to play...this is SUCH a beautiful song...well-done, Amigo...well-done.
Influenced by waveman 26 days ago
Well-done, man! Very Jan Hammer-ish! smiley
A Mother's Prayer (Finale 2015) by Mike_Lynn 26 days ago
Pretty song, Mike (like that key change near the end) but i'd expect nothing less from you.

Well-crafted tune!
Dirty Paws ( remixed) by Little_Hooligan 26 days ago
I agree with Mark...this doesn't sound looped at all. It's a really fine mix then, Joyce 'cus it's sounds like you're just right there with a zydeco band belting it out.

Give Me A Reason by tomdevine 26 days ago
Well-done, Tom! Good to hear you.
ER ZIJN ZO VAN DIE DAGEN (Days like these) by KCsGROOVE 26 days ago
That's really cool to hear the singing in your language, Cees...icomps can be so educational! smiley

Great lead tones from Bing.
London Snarling by pharmakeus 26 days ago
That's really imaginative, boys...LOVE that riff in there!

It's kind of an 80's vibe but not really...
To Love Somebody With Words by ScottHorwath 26 days ago
Doood! I've been listening to the Burrito Bros version of this everyday for months...LOVE this song.

Great interpretation of it...more mellow and gentle...beautiful guitar!
west side east side story suite by Narananda 26 days ago
Now THAT'S impressive, man! Very imaginative and visual. I'm in awe...
What if? by Dadanaut 26 days ago
gentle...but disconcerting...
Country Stomp 2nd Version by sprkymrt 26 days ago
That's rowdy, man! Is it okay if i jump on this maybe?
You Don't Know How It Feels (Tom Petty cover) by Dyl 27 days ago
Oh, i like this more driving treatment, Dyl. Well-done and completely radio-ready.
Neon Lights by KennethLavrsen 27 days ago
This is a great production, Ken.
COVER...No Expectations-The Rolling Stones by JimTheObscure 27 days ago
Dooood...I've playing the **** outta this album lately! Great recording!
We're Chasing our Robot Home by jibes 27 days ago
That's so sad... dang little guy... smiley

This made me smile. Reminds me of the classic dog-left-home tune "Shannon."

FOREVER YOURS by Lagusaya2 27 days ago
That's really classic songwriting, Stan! I use GB so if you ever have a question i may be able to help.
Sail Away by RubyDubidoux 29 days ago
I'm just listening ony phone (at work!), but it sounds great! You know I love the waves but this also has a perfect rhythm/ a breeze blowing melody's deceptively complex with the minor strain in it?
Mighty, Mighty Fine by BigJimSlade 1 month ago
yeah, i know i could go back in and edit...
Mighty, Mighty Fine by BigJimSlade 1 month ago
err..."best-sounding", i mean.
Mighty, Mighty Fine by BigJimSlade 1 month ago
That's some saucy cajun stylin' there, Bocephus! Very creative!

You continue to carve out yer own niche and that's very cool in my libro. I can tell you whittled on them lyrics fer a bit too.

I think this is one of the best-spinding tunes you've done too so muchoskudos to Tom.

Keepin' 'em comin' THIS time of year (end of school) is also quite impressive; I'm freakin' spent and need some stress-free relaxin' time!
Modern Audacities by revoltington 1 month ago
Careful, man...this is almost accessible to us non-jazzer, 4/4 guys... smiley

Great drums and swimming almost!
Little Star by pharmakeus 1 month ago
Really Cool, Gents! I have stolen a couple irok instrumentals but have not completely finished any of them. smiley

This almost has a Robbie Robertson vibe to it?

Very visual.
Late At Night by Gadzooks 1 month ago
That's really great sound quality, Stan! I don't think I'm attentive enough to do instrumentals...if I just recorded a song and then turned off my singing...would that count? smiley

Cool up-dated 80's tune.
Once Upon A Time by RubyDubidoux 1 month ago
Excellent, excellent job, you two. Sad.
There's Nothing To Figure Out by WillCharles 1 month ago
This song feels good.
White Wedding - Billy Idol (cover) by ihussain 1 month ago
Steve Stevens is awesome! Such a gear-head!

This would've been on my "Top Ten Songs I Wouldn't Expect Iqbal from icomps to Cover." smiley

You're right though, is a great melody! SO well-played.
Don't say your coming then you don't--Remix by jibes 1 month ago
Hey! This is the very song that first got me into jibes!!! I still have it on one of my commuting mix tapes (well, finger drives).

This is definitely more trebly if that's what you mean by "dull"...I suspect you redid the singing too? It seems more spirited somehow? More lead fills too? I love the slow down part before the mailman... verges on gospel for a second or two!

I always imagined the package was socks from Aunt Martha or something like that...just to rub in the pain a little more. smiley

This is one of my all-time icomp tunes so it's WAY cool to get a reboot!

Fallin to Pieces by RubyDubidoux 1 month ago
"Crazy" is the one Willie wrote...not this one.
I'ld Be Surprisingly Good For You (Cover) by Deebeesea 1 month ago
I kinda remember the movie,,,I didn't know it was a musical though.

Really well-performed! You two should be on stage.

The Walk Around by maestrodog 1 month ago
Cool to hear ya again, Marcus!

Jesus Christ Super Star_Heaven On Their Minds_(Cover) by FreeEarCandy 1 month ago
Hey, really nice job! I like the harmonies on "every word you say today"...this tune always really struck me. I know that the dude who sang this on the brown album was the same Murray Head who later did the 80's tune "one night in bangcock." Jesus was, of course, ian gillan from deep purple.

I saw a production in salina, ks back in the mid 90's that had ted nealy from the movie on stage. my whole family loved the album and movie so it was cool to see him in the flesh (even though he was like 60 at the time!)

Great job throughout on this. Enjoyed! Now get on with the rest of the album. smiley
Fallin to Pieces by RubyDubidoux 1 month ago
Yeah, that bird sounds like he's caught in something...

Fallin to Pieces by RubyDubidoux 1 month ago
I believe Willie Nelson wrote this, right? SAD freakin' song really...

You have such a great round, clear voice, Ruby. It's absolutely perfect here (if not twinged just a bit with sadness).

Ballet of Catwoman & Robins Trist while Batman drives the Batmobile around the block looking for them. Alfred has a cold. by wescurry45nion 1 month ago
You funny, Wes. smiley

I could definitely see Robin doin' some desperate ballet runnin' around in those little green booties of his...Catwoman enters swishin' her tail...pretends not to see him...

Alfred in his chair by the fire...sippin' some chicken noodle soup...

Yup, this has it all.
Anymore by RubyDubidoux 1 month ago
Just tell me the name of the guy that made you blue, Ruby...I will seriously LEAN on him. smiley

Those are some really deft guitar tones in there with the raining-sounding brushes.

This is really a "less is more" thing - and so well-done you two. Very much enjoyed.

TIME STAY AWAY by SISTERS 2 months ago
Same thoughts here...wonderful all around. I like the little touches of delay (!) here and there in the vocals...that adds something.

Anne Murray had a song called "Time, Don't Give Up On Me" or something...kinda the same vibe but the instrumentation here is a lot better (as is the singing, of course).


Bwanafunkadelic by BigJimSlade 2 months ago
Sounds like yer surf sound got washed up on some strange beach there, JB...

Peace Above by sammydix 2 months ago
I LOVE the production, Sam! I was honored to do this with you. smiley
Back In Town by mikebms 2 months ago
I like what you're playing with the organ on the verses...the little stabs...that's cool!

Freakin' great p[laying, Mike!
A Good Beginning by GaryLester 2 months ago
I always like to hear yer stuff, Gary! smiley
As Tears Go By (Rolling Stones cover) by Cinderella 2 months ago
Nice job on those harmonies, Cindy! Those are kinda tricky on that tune, I'd opine.

This Dysfunction by Stephen 2 months ago
This is really COOL! I'd be interested in seeing the lyrics...

That guitar solo freakin' rips! I don't even know what genre this's almost like Jesus jones meets Tool or something... smiley

Really dig this!
Weight Of The Coin. by FreeEarCandy 2 months ago
Wow. Just Wow. This is the coolest thing I've heard in some time, Dean. I especially like the atmospheric sounds you got going (like in the break 3/4 through) and the slide/pedal steel sounds. I think it's a differently balanced tune in that the singing comes in so late and then gets back out... that gives a weird dynamic to the a good way, i mean...but it's certainly other-worldly...kinda like "the Stand."

Well-done, indeed.
IN MY DREAMS by Lagusaya2 2 months ago
Yeah, a beautiful girl indeed, Stan.

This is a lush production the strings and harmonies...

Well-done, indeed.

Think About It (6/8) by Mungo 2 months ago
Now THAT's a creative track right there!

This really gives me visions...good music does that...
"The Vic" by abzwork 2 months ago
Very chill...until it changes! smiley

My Love by toveco 2 months ago
I love Mellis's voice more and more...great sound to it!

Beautiful piece here, have great ears. smiley
A Jig For Mr Lavrsen by AlHughson 2 months ago
Ken might hurt himself dancin' to that... smiley

This kinda has a Game of Thrones vibe to it...a bit more edgy though.

I saw a cool Irish band here in KC a couple weeks ago that did some tunes kinda similar to this...they didn't have a guitar player (one that shreds anyway) but had a fiddler player instead. The crowd loved them though...I think there's a WIDE audience for this genre.

Great playing, Al!
Walk the Talk by dalerandle 2 months ago
That's bad ***, Dale! The horns are great! It kinda has a 70's Electric Co. feel to it?

Well-played, Sir.

Ménage à trois by AlHughson 2 months ago
That's some damn-fine playing, Al! Tight as a flea's a-hole. smiley
You Wanna Lick My Selfie Stick! by themodernorchestra 2 months ago
I'm not clear on the selfie stick? smiley
Into The Light by ShadowofNine 2 months ago
Dig those funky Gregorian monks gettin' down! Who knew?

I think it sounds fine as is, Dave but rearranging and tweakin things is half the fun.

Cool to hear you again, amigo!

When you're not around by RTe 2 months ago
Smoky and sultry...

Well-played, indeed.
That's The Way It Goes With Bass, no treble by RubyDubidoux 2 months ago
Well, I like it just fine before (but I'm often accused of over-doing it with effects smiley ).

One can understand the lyrics better now though so that's a plus.

Great job on this, RDD!

Open Dream by Wes_McClintock 2 months ago
Now THAT's a cool song, Wes! I especially dig the fade out vocals at the end and the ambient sound effects...kinda floydish but not so predictable.

Well-done, man.
The God Particle by voodooheadguy 2 months ago
I enjoyed this...very chill...
Bad Bad Blues by sammydix 2 months ago
THAT was nice, Sammy. The blues fascinate simple and yet so many things go into make them "good" as opposed to just "meh"...

So Blue it's cobalt. smiley

This is slinky-good (especially the backgrounds).

Cabral Ole by ffej55 2 months ago
If I said, "Great playing!" it'd blend in with all the other comments...but that's really what it is.

I wish i could play HALF as well as this.
Freedom by Xolv 2 months ago
very mellow vibe...tub draining...

I Don't Lie by mellis 2 months ago
I always dig me some Mellis and look fw to your posts. You really are unique, man.

Cool song!
Sittin' Alone by BigJimSlade 2 months ago
This has a really cool vibe to it, JB...very chill...sunsets and the open road...i LOVE the 12 string sound so much too.

I enjoyed playin on this un fer sure.
She and Him by ClayPotts 2 months ago
Nicely=done, kids! Is that original, Clay?
Pigment Of Imagination by Little_Hooligan 2 months ago
This kinda has a 1980's kate bush vibe going on, joyce...especially with the imaginative theme and melodies...

I Love me some kate bush. Great job.
I sure did her In by Telemetry 2 months ago
I echo sisters on made so much with just a few elements.

Really well-done!
Glimpse Of A Time (Cover) by KennethLavrsen 2 months ago
Yeah, and she's a hottie too! smiley

Very well-played, Ken...delicate and sensitive... that takes skill.
Song of a Bounty Hunter West of the Pecos by pharmakeus 2 months ago
This is kinda disturbing, Gents. I listened to it last night and I think it gave me bad dreams...

Well-done though.

Glittering Arrow by jibes 2 months ago
Jibes with a new age sound?! I've heard it all now...

That's The Way It Goes Part Deux by RubyDubidoux 2 months ago
Bachtoven should post more songs...he's really good.

Ruby, you singing is classic on this...just flawless and so round and clear-sounding (even with the vintage effects).


Mystic Meltdown by WarrenD 2 months ago
Nicely=done, man! I could hear some cool vocals with that, indeed...
Hell On Wheels by Neumuzik 2 months ago
Rockin'! That's s right plump bass sound, mate!
Treetops by Komit 2 months ago
I like it...kinda has a Velvet Underground violin sound thing goin'...
For Danby by Mike_Lynn 2 months ago
I always dig your compositions and your singing style, Mike.

Music and songwriting's great cus of the time travel it allows, huh?

Believe In Angels by JeffMcCaskill 2 months ago
Reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot or Dan Fogelberg a bit...kinda has a 70's vibe to it?

Great performance!
IT MUST BE LOVE (2) by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
Great recording, KC! It's a little more pop-ish than some of your stuff arrangement-wise?

Bing's a tele-god.

Sometimes, Recriminations Fester by revoltington 2 months ago
I'd still be lost tryin' to play with you... "Wait...wha'? Is that chord in spanish or something?" smiley

I guess it is a little more mainstream than some of your stuff.

Mental floss for us 4/4 guys.

The Masturbator by Bachthoven 2 months ago
WHAT were you doing in the elevator?! Be don't want a Ray Rice type video surfacing now... smiley

This is awesome, man! Great to hear a new one!

OH NO! by SISTERS 2 months ago
Aint nothin' wrong with recycling a good lyric, Anne! If there is, I'm in trouble too... smiley

That's some stank funk right thar!
Only a fool would say that (S.Dan cover) by jibes 2 months ago
Really well-done, you two. I imagine this had to be kinda complex?
If Jordan Had A Million Dollars by RubyDubidoux 2 months ago
Apart from the lyrical idea, this is just beautiful singing. smiley
Dumb idea by starseedz 2 months ago
Damn! This is really profession-sounding...great playing and singing.

Well-done, indeed!
Better Man (Clint Black Cover) by Shadownight5150 2 months ago
Wowza! Really great performances and production here. Sounds great!
Don't Count Me Out by Gadzooks 2 months ago
I think you shoulda been in Average White Band, Stan... smiley

Freakin' excellent, man.

Raindrops by jibes 2 months ago
"GRAT" would = "GREAT" of course...sigh...