Art Colony - Profile of the Week
March 27, 2014 | 5:13 pm

My art on display at The Art Colony this week with a Q & A interview

As some of you know, I'm also a visual artist and photographer. I draw, paint, carve and print my own stamps, do fabric art, and I'm a mail artist.

The Art Colony is one of the online sites where I upload visual art and I'm being featured there in Profile of the Week.

Come have a look at some of my artwork and read the interview to find out how I work.





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I've seen your artwork and i think its great Carla...!
Especially loved your "womanpower" madala...

Very nice work.

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Just thought I'd let you know I looked at your web site and will comment tomorrow when I have more time to look at it. I commented on one of Cinderella's paintings and told her there are quite a few painters on here and maybe we should have a song for us. See you tomorrow.
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Cool I didn't know you were a visual artist, I'm checking it out smiley
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I just checked out the link. Wow. Beautiful work you do, ALSO as a visual artist
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I like your use of color and design. Great article and nice explanations of your work and painting style and instruments. I have some watercolors and pastels and though I have some colored pencils and watercolor pencils I haven't gotten around to doing much with them yet.
I didn't do very much drawing or artwork in school, but about 20 years ago we were in a hobby store and I decided to get a watercolor set and have been interested in art ever since. Even though I hadn't painted much earlier on, I always wished that I knew more about painting. (His blue period, the use of light and color, etc.) Well, I learned more about painting then doing the actual act, but when an art museum here had 70 of J.M.W. Turner's watercolors here I was in heaven. In 2005, I went to London and stopped at the museum there, where they had a 25-foot painting in a room, but next to it was a lady in blue--I could tell from across the room it was lapis lazuli. My first chance to see the real thing. Guess I should quit now. I'm saving my novel for later. Thanks for sharing your art with us.
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Thanks for the comments, my friends!

Yes, Joe, it's so true. I can think of at least 10 musicians at iComp (off the top of my head) whom I know also paint, draw, or do other visual art and/or are sculptors. I've always loved to see the work people do in other areas from how I already know them - actors who sing or dance particularly well, musicians who paint, authors who write symphonic music, etcetera.

I love how you got into painting! That's truly organic. I can imagine seeing Turner's work in person would be wonderful. And the first time you realize you have such intimate knowledge of paints as to know the name of the color when you see it is definitely an epiphany. I love that kind of moment.

Arend - I love that one, too - it took me on a journey! It wasn't straight back to the 60's but I did feel it reminded me of how I felt then. Full of hope and feeling like we could change ANYTHING.

Thanks so much Kenneth - I really appreciate your comments, here and everywhere. It means a lot.

Ultra, I have a new nickname for you - U Beast. smiley Have other people already thought of that!? lol Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the site.
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