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April 13, 2014 | 1:48 am

Used to be called Improv Friday...

Several years ago, I did an online live Ustream show called Carla's Friday Improvs as part of a larger event called Improv Friday. The people who were behind that have changed the name to SoundIn.

Every Friday there is an event where we can listen to, respond to, add to, and/or create improvisations on a specific theme (or no theme at all). It lasts from Thursday through Saturday now, though the majority of activity still takes place on Friday.

It's really quite interesting and fun, as well as inspiring sometimes. My most recent upload here at iComp was Kirya and Going Native, which is a piece I did using my voice, my Voice Live Touch, and a rain stick. I did it for the SoundIn event on March 27-29. Several other people used my piece in mashups and/or remixes in interesting ways.

If you are into improvisation and/or neo classical music composition, you might find it worth a look and a listen. Most fun to come by on a Friday. smiley

Last week's theme was Madness and some really cool things grew out of that. This week there isn't any theme but, as usual, a very diverse group of pieces were created.

I created a piece called Undertow (using the heels of my hands on the piano since I'm injured at the moment, with some vocal stuff) and added to other people's pieces as well. Here are the links:

Undertow -

From Galway to Graceland - Her Response (with Jim Goodin) -

I Broke Something Further (with Steve Layton) -





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I'll have to check Soundin out sounds interesting. I like that I can chord with both hands not sure about with my heels though smiley
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LOL - I made sure it was only the black keys! smiley

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My current upload here was created for SoundIn today - it's a spoken word collaboration with Steve Layton's "Ring of Bronze".

It's called Generation Ship.
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