Just my instrumental music...
April 18, 2014 | 3:43 am

… for those who might be interested.

As of 04/18/14

Original compositions and improvisations only:

Elizabeth In Chains (Loops, Bowed Bass Viols, Celeste)

Memories of Life (String Ensemble)

Windy Hollow - Farewell to Jessica (Omnisphere VIs)

Jellies Respendent - (Music for a video I made at the Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Love and Desire (Experimental piece using sound effects and Celeste for Small Birds VI)

Rediscovering the World (Pan Pipes and Cello with Celeste for Small Birds)

The Boys Own Lament (Boy's Choir VI only)

Concerto Mio (Created with Thumbjam for iPad)

Cellos Sing to Me at Night (cellos)

Blue Days in Heaven (2 Harps, a viola section, a solo bassoon,
and a solo cello)

The Happy Inebriate Makes His Way Home (flute, sax, electric piano)

Carla Prepares for Autumn (Piano, bass organ, and choir VI)

Late Night Dreamscape (Timpani, Koto/Sitar, Barking Spiders, and…?)

The End of the Universe (Electric guitar, choir/strings)

Snake Gods (drum loops, barking spiders, and …?)

A Trip to India & Back Again (Alto Sax, tablas, other percussion)

Piano Improv 3:54 AM

More to come in the future! smiley

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