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What Are You Listening To Today? 3 months ago
I've been listening to Glass Animals a lot lately - especially their album from 2014 Zaba (I listen to Gooey, Hazey, Pools and Cocoa Hooves over and over again in that order for some reason) - but all of their stuff is good. Check out this video for Hazey - it's SO good: or the video for Gooey (my favorite for those who love diversity like I do):

Also Yoshikazu Mera, My Brightest Diamond (aka Shara Worden), and a lot of Son Lux.
Seeking Japanese native speaker to help with lyrics! 7 months ago
I really want to thank Kira001 for her help finding and then pronouncing a couple of Japanese songs I have been wanting to work on! I hope to have one or both of them up soon to share with all of you. smiley
Seeking Japanese native speaker to help with lyrics! 8 months ago
Thanks... will go check it out now. smiley
Seeking Japanese native speaker to help with lyrics! 8 months ago
I studied Japanese in college but never had a chance to live in Japan where I probably would have gotten a lot better at understanding song lyrics I hear. smiley Are there any native speakers of Japanese (people who grew up in Japan, whether Japanese or not) who would be willing to help me figure out some song lyrics?

You can hear me sing in Japanese here at iComp:

I would also like to sing some more popular songs I've heard but which I can't find lyrics for. I can't even find sites which have Japanese lyrics on them if I look where only Japanese is spoken. It's truly frustrating. I'm certain it's something I am missing, not that they don't exist.

Anyway, any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.
Favorite Apps for Making Music or Recording 9 months ago
Hardware: Mac Mini with a 1T SSD (solid state drive) and expanded memory (16 GB on the chip) running OSX El Capitan (Version 10.11.6) - processor: 3GHz Intel Core i7. I have it plugged in to my 52 inch Toshiba TSB TV with Dolby speakers built in. An MXL USB.006 mic for input and an Akai MPK mini keyboard controller (sometimes also a Novation Launchpad Mini).

Software: GarageBand and Logic Pro X, Spectronics Omnisphere, EastWest's Hollywood Brass, RA, Symphonic Choirs, Goliath, Silk, Stormdrum 2, Symphonic Orchestra, Ministry of Rock, Gypsy, and Hypnotica. I also use SoundConverter and Audacity, as well as an old version of SoundSoap, for routine tasks. I love the Bolder Sounds instruments I've got.

Real musical instruments: My voice, My mind, an alto recorder, a weird digital guitar, "mungiga" (blues harp...?), soprano and sopranino recorders, erhu (Chinese violin), Percussion Stick (makes the sound of the ocean or sand moving or...), Del Rio Mini Sax, other handmade instruments when I have access to them.
RIP Chris Cornell 9 months ago
Ditto that, @Neumuzik.
Official Song Plugging Thread 9 months ago
New song up - an improv of course - come have a listen! smiley

Traveler of the Dunes with Camomilla
Are you at WikiLoops, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc? 1 year ago
Good overview, sweetie! I agree on most points. I have to keep my SoundCloud account for the stuff from (experimental/improvisational stuff) and I haven't yet put anything into my Bandcamp account, though I think that's a great way to support artists. I still want to make a go of E-jamming, if I can - it's the only real time collaboration site I've ever found.
Official Song Plugging Thread 1 year ago
Since spending a few days in the hospital unexpectedly, you'd think I'd be down but, au contraire mes freres! I feel better than I have in YEARS. This is the first song I've done with a bit more lung capacity and, therefore, control. My diaphragm listens to me now. smiley

It's an improv, of course, a cappella, and I'm singing with myself again. Hope some of you like it! There's some really interesting stuff in the last third, by the way...

I Am Here
RIP Prince 1 year ago
This year sucks. And it's only April.
Official Song Plugging Thread 1 year ago
My second piece inspired by the recent events en Bruxxelles... all of my improvs right now are coming up with something connected to that.

It's somehow quite a beautiful song nonetheless - I guess that's what my creative unconscious thinks is needed in the face of such ugliness and violence.

Open Your Eyes
What Are You Listening To Today? 2 years ago
BB King: The Life of Riley (his birth name was Riley B. King) - a documentary on American Masters (PBS) - check it out! I always loved the way he sang and played and so did just about everyone else on earth... just as it should be.
R.I.P. Paul Kantner 2 years ago
Paul was nice and never messed with us underaged girls, something I respect about him now. Berkeley and San Francisco in the 60's... it could be so many different things, good and bad.
Official Song Plugging Thread 2 years ago
New spoken word piece over music I made with my new toys... an Akai MPK mini mkII (midi controller) and a VI from Kontakt 5's freebies. Come have a listen if you're free...

Speak My Name
What Are You Listening To Today? 2 years ago

Leo Kottke and Chet Atkins at Lake Woebegone in 1988
David Bowie 1947–2016 RIP 2 years ago
I feel so sorry for his family and friends. A world without Bowie in it is bad enough for his worldwide fan base but way too sad to contemplate for the people who loved him in person.
The "new" GarageBand 2 years ago
Hi, guys - I only just 'upgraded' and it's one of the worst mistakes I've ever made. Good thing I still have the previous version on one of my older computers. I think they've gutted GB so more people will buy Logic. Thing is, I've always had Logic - it's just not good for quick things. GB had a very specific and wonderful place in the musicmaking landscape and now that's all but gone.

Why aren't more people upset about it!? I am dumbfounded by that.
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
Come have a listen to this a cappella treatment of a traditional Japanese lullaby…

Takeda no Komoriuta
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
An interpretation of Be My Light by Carla JP
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
Come hear the soundtrack to my latest video and/or click the link to the video itself on YouTube. smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
My Halloween thing this year - thanks ant!

Halloween (Alone in the Dark)

Other, more Halloween (scary and/or silly) songs I've done:

Thriller with Bampot:

Do You Believe Me?:

The Vampire's Lament:
Vox collab on existing instrumentals? 3 years ago
Nice to hear your music. smiley
Jack Bruce R.I.P. (1943 – 2014) 3 years ago
How I loved Cream! Still do. One of those bands that couldn't last forever but shone brilliantly while together. Each musician so incredibly talented and in synch with the others, at least for a while. Life be like that. smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
Had to interpret the poem which inspired iHussain's beautiful composition - come have a listen!

A Daughter of Eve
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
Finally able to, and feeling like, singing again after a head/chest cold. Woohoo. smiley

@Axelbreeze You should like this - I used Autotune as an instrument (and on my instrument) in this! smiley

@DjevAsnew You were my inspiration to try using Autotune as an instrument and I have taken it in my own direction now - finally! Thanks for that and everything you are. smiley

Where Do You Go?
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
My translation of a classic into Swedish - not saying what song! Let it be a surprise. smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
A short a cappella 3 part harmony piece.

Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
My first spoken word collaboration in a long time - a science fiction piece which was inspired by Steve Layton's piece "Ring of Bronza" at SoundIn.Org.

Hope you like it!
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
A vocal improv done using ImproVox on my iPhone…

Sounds from the CarlaVerse:
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
A classical piece with the feel of a traditional folksong by Videoscore and myself - come have a listen!

The Mariner's Lament
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
Really happy to upload this improvisation I did to RabaqueDirge's beautiful music this morning… come have a listen!

Runaway Daydream
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
One of the simplest and loveliest improvs I've done at SoundIn - You Complete My Heart with solo piano by Shane Cadman.
New Mac Pro...WOW 3 years ago
Apple has definitely gotten bitten by the MUST SELL MORE NOW bug and it has put them into a category I hate to see them in. We are going to try upgrading to Mavericks on a virtual machine instead of on the actual Mac since I know a lot of my current kit won't work with Mavericks. OTOH, I'd like to see what Mavericks brings to the table, if anything that I'd be interested in.

I won't upgrade to the cylinder - or any laptop which can not be upgraded. That's just folly.
Amazing is the Grace in Music - site wide collaboration…? 3 years ago
Sure, no worries - I always get impatient when there are no comments… a small foible of mine. Hope the move went well!
Amazing is the Grace in Music - site wide collaboration…? 3 years ago
Cool. smiley That all sounds good to me.
Music selling and promotion and the details in between... 3 years ago
I think the really sad thing is that, as in my case, there's no way I can tour due to allergies which are debilitating if I am around a lot of people and/or venues I can't control (ha! that's every possible venue!), so there's no way for me to have people know my music or me well enough to sell that way. When I could sing in clubs and travel, I had no trouble selling and even word of mouth was enough to keep me afloat. Now, I have to actually SELL people on my BRAND (man, do I hate that kind of terminology) to move CDs and MP3s and that goes against the grain.

I was never doing music to get famous or become a millionaire - I just wanted to be taken seriously by other musicians and singers. Now, though, I spend so much money on equipment that I wouldn't mind making back expenses for this 'hobby' of mine… even though, of course, it's not a hobby, it's a vocation. I am totally invested in myself and what I do and can afford to have these tech toys but a lot of people won't take you seriously as a musician unless you have CDs out and/or sell your tunes. It's a real conundrum for me. Luckily, I've found that if I work with people who are outside the US, my music is taken seriously because I take it seriously and whether musicians are making their living at it or not, they take you at the worth of your music rather than your reputation or image. That has been a major factor in my enjoyment in collaboration and sharing what I'm doing in the past 6-8 years. Just being able to get outside of the constraints of what it means to be a musician here in the States where image and popularity based on trendiness, looks, or sounding familiar often score higher than how good the music itself is.
Amazing is the Grace in Music - site wide collaboration…? 3 years ago
Well, I guess it's nay since there aren't even any comments! lol
Music selling and promotion and the details in between... 3 years ago
One thing to keep in mind about Ian's friend's case, though, is that he must have had the funds upfront to cover all of those expenses and most don't.

Ian - I love the Kickstarter model and have seen many people have success with that, though I haven't really known any musicians who have. Good to know some musicians are trying it, too. The people I've seen have success with it so far were photographers and visual artists, or people with causes who were trying to, say, fund clean water or education for groups who didn't already have access. Why not musicians, too?

Moses - The TOS is often the stumbling block, isn't it?
Amazing is the Grace in Music - site wide collaboration…? 3 years ago
In 2009, Igor Ciotta sent me a great instrumental version of Amazing Grace to add to and I came up with an altered lyrics version which is an ode to music and musicians. When Geo (Fat Chance) Couts heard it, he suggested we make it a monster collab with musicians and singers from all over iComp. That never happened while he was still with us, but I often think that it would make a great tribute to him for all of us who remember him with fondness and miss his presence here.

Here is a link to the song from 2009 (the lyrics are in the Lyrics box) - if any of you would like to be part of a remake of that song, perhaps with some more instrumental interludes and with different singers singing different verses and/or in groups of 2 - 6 (lead and backup or multiple leads), please post in this thread. If there's enough interest, I think this could be really something. I've always felt it was a sort of musician's anthem in spirit.

Let me know what you think, yea or nay!

Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
Have I mentioned that you've just got to hear my friend Slava play the blues??? Well, here we are, he and I, and another friend on the drums, with Dandelion Seed. Check it out!
Music selling and promotion and the details in between... 3 years ago
I'd say CD Baby for the ability to have on-demand physical CDs available to people - it's the best known of the three. But, having said that, we all need a website, or a dedicated 'band/artist' page on FaceBook (or other social media - it's just that FB is the biggest - over a billion members worldwide) because it's all about having a presence that attracts people to your music which then gets them to think about purchasing. The best would be direct links to purchasing options (CD Baby and iTunes, for example - or my actual favorite, BandCamp*) from your social media page or website so that there's no delay in converting 'maybe I'll buy this sometimes' to 'hey, this is cool, I can buy it right now!'.

One's own website would be ideal if it weren't for all the hacking (realtime by people and 24/7 by bots) and the cost (either in time and effort and/or to hire someone else) of selling things from your own website.

*BandCamp is my favorite because of its philosophy. You price your songs and/or albums however you like but you can also check the 'allow customer to pay more' box and your fans can help support you through purchasing the song or album at a higher price than advertised. So, since you want to have a competitive price point (e.g. 99 cents to $1.29 - like iTunes - for individual songs, $4.99 for EPs of 4 or 5 songs, $8.99 - $9.99 for albums, you can do that but not lose out on a higher price from your hard core fans who just want to make sure you'll be able to keep making the music they love. Also, BandCamp lets you hear an entire song before you buy it, counting on people there (who believe in the philosophy) buying songs and albums they like rather than just using it as a cheap form of Pandora.

People who are touring and/or have gigs in the real world (or online, for that matter), have that as a great way to sell CDs (physical OR virtual) because they have people's attention while they're in the moment and loving what they're hearing/have just heard. But, even bands with that going for them need some kind of webpage to give out the address for so people can find out more about you, etcetera.

One of my artist friends (a painter) tells me that his sales have finally become enough to live on now that he is active on FaceBook and has his own dedicated page. But, he makes more sales when he shows himself painting, or includes photos of himself AND the paintings than when he shows the paintings alone. It's not called FACEBook for nothing. smiley He even got an agent through his FB activity.

I think that would be the same for musicians and, especially, singers.
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
Some experimental vocal improvisations with a rain stick, my voice, and my voice live touch.
Keep or lose Popular Songs This Week list? 3 years ago
Yep, yep, and yep. (To Anne, Dave, and Moses)

And ditto Xolv's query about what reforms might be voted for in option 2 of the poll.
Audio To Transcribe (Chords) detection Software 3 years ago
Thanks Soul! smiley
is iComp dead ? or dying ? 3 years ago
This thread has been very interesting - lots of good humor in it, for one thing! Many of you have posted my thoughts.

I'll just add that it seems to me that there is plenty of good music being uploaded and there is plenty more which is on people's pages waiting to be heard. In times when there are fewer new things (if that's the case), I like to go back through people's archived songs and see what I've missed.

Arend - so often you say what I'm thinking! Thanks - saves me the typing, my friend. smiley

One thing I will add is that I think iComp is the best place to have my musical 'home' on the web. That's why I pay the pittance asked of us in support and use my page here as a calling card - it's a great place to point people to so that they can see the breadth of the music I do and where they can explore it for free. It's also great as an alternative to Pandora, for example… I'd rather have iComp's musicians as my radio analog while driving or doing things around the house. That's often when I find musicians here I have missed for whatever reason.

One other thing no one has mentioned is that it's easier to be in the Top Songs list when it's a little slow. So, that should make some people pretty happy! Just because one isn't always in the Top Songs doesn't mean one's music isn't worth listening to and this is a chance to be heard more often.
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
Just another summertime - but this one is ethereal and mellow… check it out if you have a few moments to chill out. smiley
Movies with the best (in your oppinion) soundtrack! 3 years ago
I agree about Donnie Darko - the sound track was instrumental (sic!) to the film being as good as it was.

Directors who love music, especially Indie music, are my favorites. Luc Besson, Julie Taymor, and Wim Wenders immediately come to mind for their lifetime contributions to the musical edification of their audiences.

Paul Wes Anderson used music brilliantly in Magnolia.

A recent film which really struck me in this regard is Sucker Punch.
Official Song Plugging Thread 3 years ago
A cappella 4 part harmony version of Tumbling Tumbleweeds by me, me, me, and me. smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
A wonderful guitarist named Lutz Foerster, whom I became aware of through WikiLoops, put up a lovely piece which I added to for this song:

All the Beautiful Things I See In You

Please come have a listen. Thanks!
Chordal Theory Lessons Thead 4 years ago
To me, too, SS… I am glad you're doing this. Hopefully, other people will get on board, too, and share things they find.
WISHLIST: Upgrading in the summer 4 years ago
I agree with Cee... Also, though they're pricey, I love EastWest QuantumLeap VIs from Sound Online.

Congrats on the job and the pay rise! You deserve it!
a little cello, anyone? 4 years ago
OMG! That is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen or heard. BRILLIANT!
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Okay, this link should actually work!

My first song in Hindi with the wonderful music by iHussain:
Are you at WikiLoops, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc? 4 years ago
Dave - Kompoz sounds a lot like WikiLoops - it works exactly the same way. So far, everyone I've collaborated with there has been great.

I wondered where Ravens was!

Except for iComp, which is my home online, I seem to be drawn to European sites, it seems. SoundCloud and WikiLoops are the only other sites I use a lot. I have stuff at MacJams but mostly just duplicates of what I have here (and only a small percentage at that).

Someone turned me on to BandCamp - I really like that site but haven't gotten up to speed with it yet. I do think that it's nice to have someplace to sell things that's not gouging you. It seems to be just that.

My pleasure, Tor!
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
A new song in Swahili (hadn't written anything in Swahili since the 80's!) with Fingerstylefrizz - come have a listen:
Backing Track Requests 4 years ago
Oh, and Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd! I'd really like to work with someone on that. smiley
Backing Track Requests 4 years ago
Awesome Tom. smiley


BTW, I am looking for some jazz tracks so I can cover some standards, especially:

After Hours (as sung by Sarah Vaughn)
Black Coffee (ditto)
Spain (as sung by Al Jarreau)

PM me…?
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
It's Valentine's Day again and the song I did for Graham this year is an a cappella improv based on Aqualung's Brighter Than Sunshine.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Another musician I met at WikiLoops who is also here at iComp and I did an interpretation of Besame Mucho which we hope you'll enjoy…
What Are You Listening To Today? 4 years ago
In the past half hour (in order):

Seagulls Cry by Eagle and Blueprint Orchestra (Wow!)

Shenanigan by Soulima (Again, wow!)

Tori Amos - Jamaica Inn

Dr Elvis's brilliant I Love You, I Have to Leave You
Glee app in iPhone (or iPad) 4 years ago
They mostly do songs that are already famous from other sources so no problems there. I haven't used the app since 2012 - I ought to see what's going on with it now. smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
I'm happy to report that my twin Carl is back and in wonderful voice on this new collaboration of ours…

Atonal Lullaby
Are you at WikiLoops, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc? 4 years ago
Oh, and for the record, SoundIn and some of the other classical-oriented sites can be snooty in the extreme and really picky about what you post. I find that detestable but, then again, I've met some of my best collaborators (for example, Gérald DeGroote) there so I keep showing up in spite of the attitudes I don't like.

Every site where there are human beings involved has its dark sides - even good old iComp, as many of you know who come and go here. But, we always come back, right? Because it's unique in its combination of size, ways of connecting, and the lack of pressure in terms of promotion and that kind of thing.

For me, as in my offline life, I need more than one way to express myself and connect with people. There is nowhere that is perfect on its own - and I'm certainly not perfect so it goes both ways. smiley
Are you at WikiLoops, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc? 4 years ago
Actually, I disagree that none of the other sites are as communal as here - both MacJams and WikiLoops are good in terms of community. For one thing, MacJams has so many of us iCompers there that it's hard not to have a similar feel! lol But, for me, WikiLoops is hugely rewarding. It's really positive, there is a lot of jamming and I like the way songs get built there. Perhaps it's just more my style.

I will never love iComp any less but I love WikiLoops a lot, too, for different reasons. Sometimes it can feel pretty cliquey here at iComp and, so far, I haven't experienced that at WikiLoops at all. Once you're a known quantity here, it's great but, in the beginning, it can be really daunting. Also, if you're not one of the big hitters here, you can get lost in the crowd and never get any listens at all. Harder for that to happen at WL at this point. That may change as it gets bigger, don't know.

I like SoundCloud for it's European feel and the fact that I can have music playing in the background while I'm browsing - also, a lot of us iCompers are there, too.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Come hear my altered version of Oh What a Beautiful Morning if you want a laugh! smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
For Graham's birthday in December - and, yes, it's a bit late! smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Late night jazz - my first jam uploaded in 2014! Music by hurzel at WikiLoops - lyrics and vocals by me.
all your christmas songs! 4 years ago
This is an interpretation of Comfort & Joy which includes every religion (and lack thereof!) with rewritten lyrics for us global citizens to enjoy… Thanks to Jeff Mahoney (Filmscorz) for sending me the music to work with that year. It was to be part of our Christmas/Solstice album but we never got all of the songs done and life, as it does, got in the way. I really love how it turned out…
Are you at WikiLoops, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc? 4 years ago
True dat, Laps.
Are you at WikiLoops, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc? 4 years ago
Mike - can't find you on SoundCloud - what name do you use there?

I've followed all of you who've listed SoundCloud (if I hadn't already). Thanks to those who've followed me. smiley

Now, I'll look into some of the other sites listed. smiley Raz - you are at sites I've never even heard of! Fantastic. smiley

By the way, now that I see how cool it is that some (most) of you listed clickable urls instead of just names of sites, I will do the same:






Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Ian (aka Babbazitt) turned me on to the original, female-centric, folk song known as House of the Rising Sun. Not the version done by The Animals (though I adore that one also!)… come have a listen.
Backing Track Requests 4 years ago
Some songs I've been wanting to cover in a new way:

Human Behavior (Bjork)
Blackbird (Beatles)
Never Be Mine (Kate Bush)
Te Amo Corazon (Prince)
Si Buscabas (Gruppo Guardabarranco)
Listening Wind (Talking Heads)
I Grieve (Peter Gabriel)
Who Wants to Live Forever? (Queen)
Are you at WikiLoops, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc? 4 years ago
Please join me in making a list of all of the online music sites where you post your music and what name (if different from here) you use there…?

I'm Carla J. Patterson or Carla JP at:

Composers' Forum

If we know who else is on these sites, we can network and give each other support.


Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
OMG! The final mix of my WikiLoops collaboration:

Goodbye to the Blues

One of the WikiLoops guitarists in the mix now has an iComp account also - please show him some love! His name is Babbazitt.

Logic Pro X 4 years ago
Ah! Thanks Becs. smiley
Logic Pro X 4 years ago
Yes, please! I want to know, too. smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
by Carla J. Patterson, Hurzel (piano) and Reiko (saxophone)

An improv from WikiLoops.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
It's been a long time in the making but aren't all amazing things like that? Come hear the latest (and greatest, I think) collaboration between Axelbreeze and myself:

Your Word Means Nothing
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
For Graham, as always, but also Happy Birthday to Me! smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Late night orchestral improv - good before bed!
What Are You Listening To Today? 4 years ago
Thanks to Palladia, I've discovered a bunch of musicians I really like - most recently:

Bloc Party (Check out this video - it's really cool.)

Josephine (This woman is really good - and fun to watch.)

Vince Gill and Sting on Crossroads performing Fields of Gold (it's an amazing combination - I've always been a fan of Sting but wasn't into country so missed how great Vince Gill is):

Keith Urban and John Mayer on Crossroads performing
Till Summer Comes Around (what a talent Urban is - I already knew about John Mayer but hadn't a clue about Urban till I saw this show - so glad I caught it!):
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
For my old friend Bill.
Singer in need of help to cover a song!! 4 years ago
This sounds like a great idea. I wish I could help! I only have a commercial backing track of that song. Hopefully someone will step up to help soon.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Please come have a listen to my latest very heartfelt experiment, made possible by AngeloA and the lovely Adele. smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 5 years ago
More and more I'm able to express myself through my hands as well as my voice - in this case, only the hands. smiley It's my Steinway enhanced VI and it feels good to be able to get the moods and feelings inside out into the keys.

Piano Improv 3:54 am
Looking for lyricist or Songwriter 5 years ago
Would love to hear something you've written. Why not post something you wish you had lyrics/vocals for as an open collab? That's what a lot of people here do. It's amazing what can come of that.
The Chain Collab 2 5 years ago
Official Song Plugging Thread 5 years ago
Finally able to sing again after a couple of weeks' forced rest and this is the first thing I wanted to upload. It's an art song by Henri DuParc to lyrics by Charles Baudelaire. Come have a listen!

L'invitation au voyage
No longer relevant. Can't delete the post it seems. 5 years ago
I tried to leave you a comment but I was told something was wrong with mysql on the server. I think you are broadcasting while I'm still asleep as I rarely get going before 11:00 am these days!
The Chain Collab 2 5 years ago
It's great how this is really moving! smiley
The Chain Collab 2 5 years ago
Crap... just read the first chain callab thread and realize I've done this wrong. That's so me. smiley

Okay, I'll start over - though what I ended up doing is AWESOME. Too bad you guys will never hear it. hahahaha

(well, maybe Chris will - he puts up with my madness...)

So, only one instrument - I used three. Only 30 - 40 measures - I added stuff wherever it felt right over the whole song. So, I'll try to choose a single instrument and pick a spot to add things for that number of measures or less. What I don't like about that second rule is that it means there will be no place in the song where everyone who participates is on it together. That's possible and pretty cool (have you heard Baboon's Feelin' All Right? that's a perfect example of what I'm talking about).

Okay, I've got that off my chest - I can stick to the rules, I really can. smiley (As a sidebar, I was kicked out of the Brownies because I wouldn't follow orders. lol I'm an adult now, though, and can act responsibly. smiley

Not to worry.
What Are You Listening To Today? 5 years ago
Thanks so much for posting that link to Andy Allo's video, Chris! She's amazing.

And speaking of amazing - thanks for posting the link to Happiness here Gary - I would probably have missed it and that would have been an art crime! I absolutely love it, Becs.
The Chain Collab 2 5 years ago
I was just thinking the same thing about Lappie... gotta get him on this. smiley

I like what Chris did - looking forward to doing my part.
The Chain Collab 2 5 years ago
I'm so excited that I'm after you, Chris! smiley @A1K3M1
Official Song Plugging Thread 5 years ago
First collab of the new year for me - with iHussain - on a very melodramatic Phantom of the Opera. smiley
The Chain Collab 2 5 years ago
I would like to participate. I'll msg you also. smiley
The Chain Collab (mass artist collab, one by one) 5 years ago
I'm game.
Official Song Plugging Thread 5 years ago
A little bit jazzy White Christmas in collaboration with the wonderful Sylvia (lilmom):
Official Song Plugging Thread 5 years ago
Something for Graham's birthday - just as it passes into a new day.

Some Breaks Just Never Set Right
R.I.P. Ravi Shankar 5 years ago
He will be missed but I'd like to celebrate his long, full, universe-touching life as well! RIP.