I'm a Violist that Plays in one of the best High School Orchestras in the East Coast, The Lake Braddock Symphony Orchestra.

(I'm in the back of the Viola section, hopefully this year I will be moving up, at least to the middle of the section smiley)

I also work with quite a bit with computers, and with Windows and Linux...though I still wish for a Mac smiley.

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Its been awhile August 4, 2006
I'm actually back from life, gaming, and other things...
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Upcomming Music February 4, 2006
What my current thought are on my next piece
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Music rss


Title Genre Released Plays
Blackbird (iComp collab - all together now) Other Feb 7, 2006 2354


Title Artist Genre Plays
9/11/01 MCP Classical 4473
Time Joanna Folk 1527
I Would Be Anything For You (feat. enicholsIC & anstellar) sideburnsbob [+2] Country 1667
Improv No. 3: Fractal MCP Classical 1276
Where You Go (I Will Follow) Baboon Alternative 6770
Mama, it's raining again fromano [+1] Rock 2750
A step in to Electric Jazz RAMZAR [+2] Jazz 3420
E-Motion (Live) sideburnsbob [+1] Folk 1632
Marmalade & Honey (Live) sideburnsbob [+1] Folk 1052
Clayton (Live) sideburnsbob [+1] Folk 1252
Blue Horizons MatGyver Jazz 878
Leaving on the first Train MatGyver Jazz 1349
While My Guitar Ungently Weeps RiGee Inspirational 2517
August 10 fnkywht40smthng Jazz 570
me playing live drums Uplink Other 1426
The Loneliness of the Rush Hour Driver MCP Folk 2375
The Second Time Baboon [+1] Rock 1867
Part of the show fromano Rock 2841
Regret (ReMaster) sideburnsbob Alternative 990
Learning (ReMaster) sideburnsbob Alternative 1299
Chapter One (ReMaster) sideburnsbob Rock 937
Shine (ReMaster) sideburnsbob Alternative 931
Way home fromano Rock 2172
Stebbe LIVE Combo Blues ssstebbe Blues 1347
Sleepless Love sideburnsbob Alternative 1723
Start Over silversurfer09 [+1] Alternative 1557
Bedside Capers sideburnsbob Other 1331
If This Morning Never Comes [In Progress] sideburnsbob Rock 1008
Roundhouse Blues sideburnsbob [+1] Jazz 1213
electric guitar vs russian violon yole Alternative 1469
russian viola yole Classical 932
Salinity jayman [+3] Rock 6822
me and you2 j0j0 Rock 5336
You Will Know [Long Edit] sideburnsbob Rock 1003
Greensleeves "Mediaevalis" maestro_skillz Classical 2113
Léopold yole Classical 745
The Boarding Line Baboon [+4] Rock 7090
Sweet little daughter of mine - NYC mix tomtomR Rock 8272
Experimental [Finished] sideburnsbob Rock 1118
New York State Of Mind etgilles [+1] Rock 3322
Rock on me E blues sammyboy [+1] Blues 1222
When Lauran Smiles jayman World 3216
How About that Blues Thing Dallas Blues 1199
Jayman Blue jayman [+1] Jazz 3512
Tales Of You And Me sideburnsbob Other 1050
Sweet Revenge Dyl Folk 4868
A Little More High Baboon [+4] Rock 5050
Where Do You See Me aarondr Rock 903
InterMiSSion ...007... woodguy32 Surf 1687
TRYING TO FIND powermac Wallace_Landreth [+2] Electronica 5176
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