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What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
10 days of my tutor talking!
Roll Call! Where In The World Are You? 8 years ago
The north of Ireland,15 miles from belfast.
Excuse Me! 8 years ago
My best wishes to you Geo!!!
The iCompositions Flag 8 years ago
Nice pics doc!! smiley i can see a film being made about this flag!!
Translators needed please! 8 years ago
Amhrán AMHÁIN!


"Lámha a lán, lán GUTH"

Translators needed please! 8 years ago
Един свят,
Една общност,
Една песен!


"Много ръце, много гласове"

This is Bulgarian, i studied it for a while.
Translators needed please! 8 years ago
ah right i see.
Translators needed please! 8 years ago
Why not use Goggle Translate, it will translate it for ya!
Someone Need Help With Remastering Your Song? 8 years ago
Thanks Tom!!! i was beginning to stress until i read this post and tom came through for me,i recommend him to anyone else needing help, thanks again Tom smiley
The iCompositions Flag 8 years ago
Can i have the flag next?
Electro Show 8 years ago
BOLLOCKS!!!! i feel asleep before hand!!!!
Electro Show 8 years ago
nice one lappy, ill have set my alarm, i can feel a lazy monday coming on!!
Time Out! 8 years ago
Amen smiley
Time Out! 8 years ago
True, ill be doing lots of smiling when i get to grips with things inside out smiley
Time Out! 8 years ago
Really enjoying the learning side, learnt a lot of new things already and starting to sound good in all areas, why did'nt i do this before??? back to the tutorials and books i go!!! yep he!!!
iCompositions or iCovers 8 years ago
this thread still going.....
Time Out! 8 years ago
Cheers Geo! smiley
Time Out! 8 years ago
its been on the cards for a while blade, in my own head, i wanna learn logic and ableton inside out,well try to, i just need to find my style and sound, ill still be here but not posting anything for a while..
Time Out! 8 years ago
Cheer laps, ive a plan in my head,just gotta put it into practice,i want to learn the ins and outs of logic and ableton and take it from there,i wanna do an in depth learning process big time so i am not posting anything for a while, but.... I AM STILL HERE!!!! smiley
Time Out! 8 years ago
I feel the time has come to take (Time Out)I feel i need to put my head down for a bit and devolop a different style and technic,to be honest i am not happy with my tracks,sound,levels,arrange ect.. so ill put my head down and hopefully revamp ConorCorbett.

Ill still be here,just taking a break..

A big thanks to you guys and icomps for your kind comments that has inspired me to keep going!! smiley ive arcived my tracks for the mean time if you want them opened give me a shout!
Logic pro/studio/express producers 8 years ago
Most of my work work is done in logic,i am still coming to grips with it slowly but surely.
icomp charts 8 years ago
Same here..
icomp charts 8 years ago
This may sound like a stupid question but where is the charts on icomp? is there one?
Snow Leopard killed the Music 8 years ago
i was thinking about upgrading to snow,not now of course,sorry for your loss man..
icomp messages lagging? 8 years ago
i have the same problem, when i am on icomps i see ive got a message but takes like 12 hours before it shows up in my inbox.
Who wants a Really Nice New Year Kiss? 8 years ago
Ill take two!! and three for a friend of mine, are they going cheap??? lol
Karaoke For The Deaf 8 years ago
Very funny indeed vicky, he performs very well!! smiley
Dear Santa 8 years ago
Dear Santa, can we please have world peace???
Friday the 13th - 8 years ago
i raised the spirits from the dead,had a chat about old times,terrorised my village by running naked down the street along with my poltergeist friends:P
Please recommend ID3 tag software for Mac 8 years ago
iam not really worried about piracy anyhow,i mean who would want my crap!! lol
Please recommend ID3 tag software for Mac 8 years ago
when i bounce a tune in logic it automaticly asks if i would like to tag it,so i think all mac apps should have this.
40 Millionth Play??? 8 years ago
smiley smiley smiley
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
My inner self telling me to get a job! oh shut up conor!!
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
The little white mice running around my head playing basket ball i think.
Electronica Cadavre 8.. 8 years ago
Go lappy go lappy....
Harrison MixBus software 8 years ago
iam working with it,its pretty user friendly and what ive been after in terms of layout,sounds pretty good too! though iam sure theres a lot more it can do,ive been at it for a week.
copyright question. 8 years ago
The data in which you wrote a track on GB or Logic should be proof in its self,just dont delete your work and always keep the arrange.
Carla's Friday Improvs (used to be Improv Friday West) 8 years ago
Take whatever you need from my page smiley
Success Stories 8 years ago
not looking good,trying to find contacts is hard and the right sound, wobbles 303 on icomp seems to be doing well in this area,theres top UK artists that have remixed his stuff and put them on their album.
Need good dance tracks for rave 8 years ago
check out my page.
Electronica Cadavre 8.. 8 years ago
got my tracks ready!!! smiley on there way to laps now!! glad this subject a rose ive a lot of unfinished stuff laying about, its about time we put it to some use!!! smiley
The iCompositions Flag 8 years ago
send it to me shifty!!!!
Garni taking it easier in music production 8 years ago
All the best garn,good luck in the future buddy,take care.
icomps flag 8 years ago
regarding the issue to our super flag which i would love to put my stamp on,i was thinking how about a duplacate flag being made and passed around europe,keeping in mind the US as a home base for both flags,i know theres artists from OZ and Middle east and Aisa.The europe flag will be sent them,and then back to US,i would like to see everybody getting their mark as such,the flag idea rocks!!! what you think?
The iCompositions Flag 8 years ago
for henno, iam in the north just outside belfast.
A Brief Message From Lapskin to his Friends at iComp 8 years ago
get back soon,drop me aline if you wanna yarn.
photo design or banner. 8 years ago
can someone make me a banner or jazz up a pic for my profile page,i have no idea how to go about,i see so many cool ones here and was wondering could someone help me out with one. ill send a pic if you want. thanks conor.
The iCompositions Flag 8 years ago
how about ireland?
The iCompositions Flag 8 years ago
is the flag coming to the UK???
Lost in songs... there are too many ideas! 8 years ago
iam no expert,but i would tend to drop back on old stuff of mine,take ideas and so on the put them together,just trying to see what happens.well thats what i do.take care
Electro show 45 8 years ago
nice 1 laps
Best Decade For Music? 8 years ago
for me i would say 80's early 90's to present,but again its all good!!!
WHO inspires you? 8 years ago
What are you drinking right now? 8 years ago
buckfast tonic wine lol!!! or liver killer with cider. oh why do i do this to myself!!! lol
Electronic Music duo 8 years ago
sounds good, iam not sure what i could bring to table as such,but check out my stuff and if there is any thing i can do drop me a line.
Kontakt with logic 8 years ago
i am having problems with this application,i am glad you brought this issue up.
Skypenames 8 years ago
skypename: conor.corbett
how many icompers are left handed? 8 years ago
i had problems playing turnables cos of being left handed. it seemed to be more in control and the right was not as quick or something,like a mind of its own,strange...
how many icompers are left handed? 8 years ago
just for fun,how many icompers are left handed? ive heard people who are left handed have hidden talents lol. i cant find mine!!!
What is your favorite Virtual Instrument ? Why? 8 years ago
native insturments are always good so to rob papen (blue) and camellon 5000
MUGshot Presents: 8 years ago
sorry to all the folks who tuned in and not finding me there and a big sorry to JL for the time and effort.not realising EST stood for eastern seaboard time i mistook EST for eastern standard time for some odd reason,thanks to JL for uploading my tracks in the end and sorry again.
where is randolf??? 8 years ago
i heard from him,he hasnt been well lately,just taking it easy.
Opinions on Headphones 8 years ago
at moment iam using "acoustic sound" and have for years!!!,still going strong!!!!
Opinions on Headphones 8 years ago
if i had a choice i would go with senheissr's! my bro in law is alway banging on about technics which are not too bad,but everyone is different,senheissr would be my choice. get what ever ever you feel comfortable with,feeling and sound ways. theres lots of good models take your pick!! smiley
offline 8 years ago
cheers guys! it sucks living in a rural area theres hardly a telegraph pole lol,as say ill try to get as much done now,finish up collabs ect... so hopefully ill have a bag of goodies when iam back to full power which means the job market better pick up soon i hope!!!!
offline 8 years ago
iam trying to get done what i can now then upload when i get a chance which wont be often. ******!!!!
offline 8 years ago
due to money problems ill be offline from the 8th of june,hopefully i try to get access to the net now and again but ill not be around as much smiley
New iComp Band (OneVox) 8 years ago
nice 1!!!
Electro show 41 8 years ago
nice 1 laps,just got it,cool show!
where is randolf??? 8 years ago
hes always around icomps,ive tried emailing him but to no reply.
where is randolf??? 8 years ago
anybody hear from randolf lately???
Where do you come from? How many countries are on iComp? 8 years ago
a little town just outside belfast,
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
big beat electro.
logic difference 8 years ago
thanks,i recently got express and see no difference really.
logic difference 8 years ago
can anyone tell me what's the difference between logic pro and logic express?
logic 8 8 years ago
macbook OSX i think it just gets over loaded sometimes,iam just curious too see if anyone else has any problems with logic 8,ive heard its full of bugs and maybe this is one of them.
logic 8 8 years ago
has anyone had any problems with logic 8? ie: freezing and crashing.
Cannot move recorded inserts or scroll up and down 8 years ago
Eidolonia is right forgive me its been a while since i used GB,if that doesnt work iam out of ideas iam afraid.
Cannot move recorded inserts or scroll up and down 8 years ago
have you by mistake froze the tracks? check them to see,it happened to me once. i froze them by mistake,if so simply unfreeze them.
Can't see JamPack Instruments in LogicExpress8 8 years ago
you may have to re-index your loop browser,hopefully it will help pick them up.
ICompositions Compilation CD 8 years ago
how many songs will be on the CD?
ICompositions Compilation CD 8 years ago
no,ignoramus in this discussion.
What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
lapskin!!!! the advent and slam are pretty much up there with me.
ICompositions Compilation CD 8 years ago
i agree with ignoramus.
Post your best song for the iCompositions Compilation CD 8 years ago
reason logic problem 9 years ago
ok,thanks for the help,ill try and let you how i get on,again thank you smiley
reason logic problem 9 years ago
thnaxs for the replie smiley i tried removing the rewire folders and propellerheads app from my libaray as i was told to by other forums, ie: reason freaks and logic help,and reinstalled it again as they said,but still a nothing,i thought logic might have interfered with reasons rewire system,the other forums suggested taking out logic and installing reason first the reinstall logic,but iam afraid ill lose all my work and samples.whats my best bet???
reason logic problem 9 years ago
hi all,iam using logic studio & logic express,all is good with these programs,but decided to get reason 4,the idea being to use both programs together.but when i try to install reason 4,after the installation process i get the message or error saying"cannot open rewire 2 system.please make sure you have the right rewire version installed.ive been on a lot of help forums,they told me to delete all history of rewire in my system which i did but still it didnt work,iam thinking it has something to do with logic???? pls help!!!!! iam out of ideas and at the end of my nerves!!!!!!
problem changing tempo for loops,logic express 8 9 years ago
is there any way of changing the tempo of all loops in the loop browser? i want all my loops to be 130 instead different tempos here and there,ive tried dropping them into the sample editor but cant change apple loops?is there anyway around this?? some help would be great,thanks conorc. smiley
My Loops Contest 9 years ago
iam with ya