dame64 is my iCompositions name for my (mostly) solo home efforts in Garageband and ProTools but I play my songs regularly as part of THE LOVED ONES. These songs form a loosely collective set I like to refer to as An Ecstasy of Fumbling and are basically the initial rough demos for THE LOVED ONES. Most of them have subsequently evolved into quite different live songs. If you live anywhere in the north of England then drop me a line with your email and I'll keep you informed of gigs. And if you don't, well just enjoy the music I post here on this wonderful website....and PLEASE let me know what you think. I must say a HUGE thanks to fellow iCompositions member 'clockdoggie' (or me old mate TIM, as I know him) for supplying some inspiratonal bass lines and keyboard bits to some of these songs. Go and listen to his songs - they are FANTASTIC! - Thanks - Damian aka dame64 aka THE LOVED ONES.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
A World Without Mirrors Rock Apr 16, 2006 3369
But Not Divine Rock Apr 17, 2006 1125
The Best Song I Never Wrote Rock Apr 17, 2006 1310
The Land of the Loving Rock Apr 17, 2006 3593
Snow Upon The Beach Rock Apr 17, 2006 1423
Sold Them To The Man In The Moon Rock Apr 17, 2006 1197
I Hear Your Voice On Broadway Rock Apr 17, 2006 1048
A Skin Too Few Folk Apr 18, 2006 2224
A Penny For Your Thoughtlessness Rock Apr 18, 2006 1142
Jesus Green Rock Apr 18, 2006 1791
A Cobalt Out of the Blue Rock Apr 18, 2006 1414
Feeling The Draught Rock Apr 18, 2006 1058
The Best Song (Neumuzik mix!) Collab Rock Apr 18, 2006 2049
Lilac Feelings Rock Apr 19, 2006 1975
Running on Sunshine (Cruizin' Mix) Other Apr 22, 2006 2331
Lovliness Rock Jul 12, 2006 1356


Title Genre Released Plays
The Best Song I Never Wrote Rock Apr 18, 2006 1888
feeling the draft [remix] Rock Apr 19, 2006 1018
snow upon the beach 07 Folk Jun 6, 2007 1093