I'm Dan Bailey, 42yr old adventure/travel photographer by trade, but music was a part of my life long before I bought my first camera. I discovered my uncle's Led Zeppelin records while in elementary school and the electric guitar in high school, and I've been hooked ever since.

I'm primarily a rock and blues player, but I enjoy writing and recording many different styles of music, as I have an appreciation for the intricacies and feel that each style offers, whether it's all about crunching high energy guitar music, exotic rhythms and instrumentation or classic songrwiting and production. Recording my own music as been a long road of battling inspiration, motivation, self criticism and equipment, but due to recent advances in affordable computer recording technology and the realization that I ain't getting any younger, the original music that's been locked inside me for all these years is finally beginning to see the light of day.

My influences include Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, Mark Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chris Duarte, Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page, The Rolling Stone/Keith Richards, Soundgarden/Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, John Hiatt, Jesse Cook, and pretty much any other good music that I hear, of which there is an endless amount to be listened to, whether it's rock, blues, jazz, flamenco, world, electronica, funk, etc...

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Santa, What's in Your Bag? Holiday Dec 23, 2016 245
Whad'ya Gonna Call It? (Needs vocals) Rock Jul 20, 2010 1329
Friday Night in Anchorage Folk May 18, 2009 1029
Black Dog Blues Blues Nov 16, 2007 1465
Stomping Through the Rain Rock Nov 14, 2007 1177
Clouds on the Pika Glacier Music Videos Oct 3, 2007 961
Angel Oak Rag Folk Aug 24, 2007 1270
41 Bottles of Beer Blues Aug 13, 2007 1471
Christmas with a Big C Holiday Dec 11, 2006 1473
Sevillana Copla Traditional (Flamenco) Other Dec 11, 2006 2708
Shower song Collab Punk Sep 27, 2006 1562
Funker (Guitar remix) Collab Funk Sep 25, 2006 1270
Who's Your Daddy Now Collab Blues Mar 17, 2006 1753
Seven Years Rock Feb 10, 2006 1768
Sawblade Rock Feb 1, 2006 2294
The Junkyard Blues Jan 30, 2006 1468
Wanna Be Loved By You Collab Rock Jan 28, 2006 1868
Big Back Baby Blues Jan 27, 2006 2045
Daytona Rock Jan 26, 2006 1212
There and Back Rock Jan 23, 2006 1385
Get Off Your A** Rock Jan 20, 2006 2350
The Fugitive Metal Jan 20, 2006 2502


Title Genre Released Plays
What A Woman Wants Alternative Mar 21, 2017 526
Sea Circle (Video) Music Videos Sep 27, 2009 1318
Sea Circle Rock Sep 27, 2008 2283
The Unseen Rock Jan 8, 2008 2097
99 Bottles Collaboration Other Oct 8, 2007 11924
Formula 4 (collab for Oxjam!) Alternative Oct 29, 2006 2516
Look What You've Done (Remixed) Country Mar 17, 2006 1258